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The 6 Aspects Of Well being

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social and Financial cohesively form the Aspects of total well being. Aspects can be healthy or unhealthy. If they are healthy, chances are you’re living a productive life, you’re happy, possibly blissful, and stress-free.

If one or more of those Aspects are unhealthy, it’s very possible that you’re not enjoying life, feeling stuck and repeating the same old patterns of Being. There is no test or checklist to surmise whether an Aspect is healthy or unhealthy.  But generally, there are prominent characteristics observed in each category.

1.1 Spiritually Healthy Aspect

A person with a healthy vibrant Spiritual Aspect is easy to spot. They tend to feel a deep consciousness connection to All That Is. Most have discovered through a spiritual awakening ‘who’ they truly are, a Divine Light Being and ‘what’ they are truly not, thoughts/beliefs/body.

Inhabiting those truths has put their Ego on a very short leash in their thought life. They consciously go about their daily lives “tapped in, tuned in, and turned on” to the harmonic rhythm of their environments. There is a lot of smiling because they feel good, energetic, and positive most of the time.

There is allowing, and acceptance of the natural contradictions that present themselves daily because they understand them. There is a calmness, peace, knowing and ease in their words, actions, and deeds.

The majority have very little stress in their lives. You know them, the ones you have said you catch a good vibe from, the one whose energy is high, and their very presence can change the atmosphere of the room they enter.


1.2. Unhealthy Spiritual Aspect

A person with an unhealthy low vibe Spiritual Aspect is just as easy to spot. They tend to spend a lot of time thinking, over-thinking, and stressing over those thoughts. Most are unconscious, absorbed in their Ego and they think they are their thoughts, beliefs, and body.

Feelings are quick to be hurt, and offense is taken quite easily. There are plenty of excuses and blame to go around for their circumstances. If only this person had done, said, or been this…then things would have worked out differently in life for them. A good majority still hold resentment, albeit subtle, towards parents, exes, friends and even their grown children for their lot in life.

This level of unhealthiness didn’t happen overnight, it came from the same repeated patterns and years of conditioning through their experiences. You know when they enter the room as well, some of them suck the very energy out of a room. All carry a relatively low vibration. Their thoughts tend to be focused on past wrongs or future hopes. Very little if any time is spent focused on the present moment.


2.1. Emotionally Healthy Aspect

Emotionally healthy people navigate through a sea of emotions without becoming consumed by them. They are some of the most honest people you’d ever meet. Most live by the creed that whether in word, action or deed if it’s not kind, helpful, useful and true, it is not supported or spoken.

They recognize that although they are Divine, they are also having a human experience and feelings, be they good, bad or indifferent are felt, embraced, examined, and then released. They use their emotions as a guide to tune their vibrational energy. Much like tuning in to a frequency on the radio.

These people are brave, courageously facing the not so pretty truths about themselves and the motives that drive their behavior. Was that shade I just threw? Am I envious? Am I being petty? Am I truly wishing the best of outcomes for my family, friends, co-workers, and community? What insecurity am I feeling about myself, that I would intentionally say one thing…but really deep-down mean another?

Those are the types of questions an emotionally healthy person may ask themselves. Very seldom do emotionally healthy people over-react to negative circumstances in their lives. They practice intentionally looking on the bright side of given circumstances. Most have a meditation practice, memorized affirmations and mantras on the ready to help stay emotionally balanced.


2.2. Unhealthy Emotional Aspect

People with an unhealthy Emotional Aspect most often suffer from low self-esteem and are extremely insecure. Most are unconscious/asleep living much of their life from a space of resistance. In resisting they bring more of what they don’t want into their time/space reality.

They experience more and more of what they don’t want and can’t seem to get off the train, out of the maze, or off the wheel. Patterns are repeated and repeated until they are in an emotional rut. Life begins to just happen to them and not for them. Many experience depression and go through the everyday routines of life as if they’re on automatic pilot.

Others demonstrate self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors e.g. overeating, overreacting to situations, drug/alcohol abuse and acting out in other inappropriate ways. Nothing that they attempt to do in word, action, or deed is easy. They are emotional wrecks and emotionally unstable.

When any Aspect is out of balance it indirectly affects the other Aspects. Emotions are the driving force behind a person’s thought life therefore the reality they live. When the Emotional Aspect is unbalanced chances are extremely high that their mentality is directly affected. Balancing emotions is key to enjoying life and living the best version of oneself.

About the Author: Queen’s career in education spans over 27 years.  At the age of 52 she retired from teaching. At 54, she downsized 90% of her home, and moved abroad. During her first year abroad, she wrote a book about her experience of moving to Mexico in December of 2017.
It’s entitled Considerations: A Guide for Moving Abroad. It was never her intention to write a book. But, as a single, middle-aged retiree, she quickly came to realize more women were doing it and even more are considering it. 
Now in this next chapter of her life, Queen is studying, learning, and writing about Consciously Living. She aims to inspire people to intentionally go about life living their greatest and highest good.



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