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The Simple Trick That Will Completely Transform Your Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

  A man and woman holding hands and smiling happily in front of a lit window Aries (March 21st – April 19th) You’re incredibly straightforward and bold, which is a good thing — well, most of the time. But you also have a tendency to push a little too hard for what you want, even if it’s something your partner isn’t exactly on the same page about. You want things your way, which can sometimes leave your significant other unhappy or inconvenienced. Next time you’re inclined to push your partner into something and it’s met with resistance, take a step back and ask them what they want — and, you know, actually listen. Relationships are about compromise. It’s important you work on finding the middle ground, which will ultimately lead to a happier relationship.   Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) You’re a committed person, which is great for partners who seek some sort of stability. Unfortunately, you’re as stubborn as the bull that denotes you. You like predictability and routine, which can be nice for a while, but it’s going to become incredibly difficult when your partner is looking to compromise and you absolutely refuse to — and it probably leads to more conflict than you realize. Sorry Taurus, it can’t always be your way. Instead of being the unmovable boulder that you are, try being a little more flexible with your significant other the next time you fight over something, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Trust me, your partner will appreciate the change, and you’ll appreciate that they’re happy.   Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) You’re one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, which comes at no surprise — you love communicating and meeting new people. But unfortunately for your partner, your flirtiness is honestly just part of your personality, and it shows with each new person you connect with. If you’re dating someone who’s prone to even a little bit of jealousy, keep in mind that they might be upset over the connections you make — and if they are, it’s mostly because they’re hurt, not because they want to control you. No one’s telling you to stop being friends with anyone, but next time you want to start up a flirty conversation with your barista, consider how your partner would feel about it. It may seem harmless, but just that one small change may smooth things out in your relationship almost immediately.   Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) Ever since you were little, you dreamed of the perfect person to build a home and life with. You want a partnership, not a hook up, and you won’t settle for anything less. Your one downfall, however, is that once you start dating someone, you rush headlong into commitment without regard for any of the other stages of dating. Do you know how incredibly daunting that can be for other signs, even when they really do like you? Slow down, little crab. I know you’re looking for your forever person to spend your life with, but enjoy dating for what it is without planning your entire wedding by the fifth date. Worry less about the future and more about the now; instead of looking three years down the road, start with three weeks. It’ll put a lot less pressure on the relationship, which will give your partner the time to catch up with you so that you finally make it to the same page.   Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) You want to guarantee happiness in your relationship? Try taking a walk in your partner’s shoes. It’s not that you neglect your partner — you’re usually pretty attentive when you’re in love — but you don’t make much of an effort when it comes to understanding their side of things, probably because you’re too caught up in your own narrative. Take their words into consideration and try empathizing with how they feel. It won’t be easy, but even just knowing you’re trying might make your significant other appreciate you more, which will make everyone happier in the long run.   Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd) You know better than anyone how nitpicky you can be. Your standards might be the highest in all of the zodiac, but it’s not your fault that you refuse to settle, right? And while that might be fine while you’re living the single life, it becomes a lot more of a problem once you’re in a relationship. Your demanding expectations are a lot for anyone, and your partner might get to the point where they feel like they’re not good enough at all. Next time you feel the need to nag, hold back and try to find something positive to say instead. If you make an effort to make your interactions with your significant other more positive and uplifting than negative and critical, your love life will take a promising upward turn.   Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) You have a tendency to avoid conflict, which may sound like it’s a good thing, but it becomes your downfall in a relationship. You’re so afraid of confrontation that you’ll bottle everything up and pretend like nothing’s wrong, but you can only hide your feelings for so long before you explode and it becomes a bigger deal than it was originally. The best way to transform your relationship for the better? Start confronting problems when they arise and discuss them with your partner instead of being passive aggressive about them. You love harmony, Libra, but sometimes the only way to reach it is to wade through the rough waters first.   Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st) You’re pretty intense, Scorpio, and that isn’t for everyone. You’re known for your loyalty and, consequently, your possessiveness. Let’s just say jealousy isn’t anything new for you. Its your distrustfulness that’s going to get you into the most trouble in love, mostly because a lot of people won’t know how to handle it. Perhaps the most transformative thing you can do for your relationship is to find other outlets for your jealousy (creative ones, perhaps?) and learn to just trust your partner — seriously, just trust them. Don’t accuse them of anything without proof and stop assuming the worst. It may not be an easy adjustment, but you’ll thank me later.   Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st ) You’re slow to commit, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing — after all, once you do, you’re all in. The problem is, you have a tendency to throw aside the life you’ve already built to completely merge your life with your partner’s. That may not sound like a bad thing on paper, but in reality, it can make things increasingly tense between you and you and your significant other. Relationships need space or else they’re likely to fizzle out — and not to mention end with a lot of resentment. Make sure you keep up with your own life and your own goals and don’t get too caught up in becoming “one” with your partner. As long as you give them room to breathe, you’re likely to have a smooth-sailing relationship.     Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th) You want the absolute best for your partner, Capricorn, which is admirable — but sometimes, you get a little too caught up in it. You might be so busy pushing your partner to be the best they can be that you forget to express how much you love who they already are. And it’s not that you don’t love them, really, but you aren’t always great at expressing your emotions, so how are they supposed to know? Of course you should encourage your significant other to be the best version of themselves, but don’t forget to remind them how much you actually care about them and appreciate them for who they are right here, right now. You might be surprised how much your partner craves those three little words.   Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th) You can be a bit of a know-it-all, Aquarius, and while it’s likely that your partner fell for you because of your intelligence and self-assuredness, that doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest thing to bring into your relationship. Face it, you don’t always have to be right. Instead of doggedly arguing just to prove that you’re not the one in the wrong, just let it go — keeping the fight going isn’t actually helping anything but your ego, and at the end of the day that’s not going to be what makes you happy. Become more comfortable with being wrong, even if, well, you’re still convinced you’re not (just don’t let them know that, okay?). After all, isn’t a happy relationship a little more important than winning a pointless argument?   Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) For someone who loves expressing themselves through words and art, you’re not always great at saying what you want, Pisces. You often find yourself skirting around the subject or hinting at things instead of outright saying them. But the fact of the matter is this: no matter how deep your connection with your partner is (and even if you’re soulmates), they can’t read your mind, and you shouldn’t get upset at them because they can’t. If you say you’re fine, they’re probably going to believe that you are, and honestly, your vague hints only confuse them more. Next time, try putting everything into words, even if it means writing out a script first. You’d be surprised how much less time you’ll spend in murky waters when you spell out everything plainly for them to see.  


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