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Life’s Too Short To Waste Your Time Teaching Him How To Be A Good Boyfriend

There are many definitions of a good boyfriend and every one of us has our own meaning for these words. But one thing’s for sure; a good boyfriend is someone who makes you happy. Period.

They have become really extinct, like some endangered animal, and once you find your own, keep him close to your heart because life’s too short to waste your time teaching him how to be a good boyfriend.

Life’s too short to waste your time teaching him how to make you happy.

Happiness shouldn’t be a privilege in a relationship. It is something you should demand from your partner and if he’s not capable of making you happy, don’t waste your time teaching him how to do it.

There are many guys out there who know how to take care of their girlfriend and how to make them feel special. Don’t think that you don’t deserve the same treatment. You’re worthy of someone whose priority will be making you happy.


Life’s too short to give your heart to someone who will take it for granted.

A good boyfriend will take special care of your heart and he will be happy to have you in his life. He will never think of taking you for granted because he’s fought so hard for you and he appreciates every second spent with you.

Life’s too short to not take care of your heart and not follow it. Follow your intuition. Follow your heart. Let your heart be your guide to a new, brighter future with someone who is worthy of being a part of it.


Don’t think that you’re asking for too much.

Because you’re not. It’s one thing to be needy and it’s completely another to know what you want and to respect yourself and your wishes. You’re not asking too much if you’re giving too much.

And you should never give more than you receive. Love is reciprocal. If you’re the one who’s giving constantly and not asking for anything in return, love will not survive.

Love survives in an environment where there’s mutual affection and mutual appreciation. And a good boyfriend will know it too.


If he wanted to become a good boyfriend, he could have done so easily.

Life’s too short to waste your time waiting for him to change or for you to change him. Don’t do that. You’re not his relationship teacher and you should never go out of your way to force him to do things he doesn’t want to do.

If he wanted to make you happy, he could have done so pretty easily. It’s that simple. Picking a flower or two on the way home from work or making dinner for you is easily done by someone who wants to be GOOD to you.

Holding your hand when you’re scared and defending you from others is easily done by someone who wants to protect you. Making you smile instead of making you cry is also easily done by someone whose priority is your happiness.

If his priority was your happiness, he would have made you happy a long time ago.

If his priority was respecting you, he would have made you feel appreciated a long time ago.

If his priority was putting your needs before his, he would have never made you an option.

And life’s too short to be someone’s option. Life’s too short to be waking up every day knowing that you’re not happy and hoping that things will change. They will.

Things will change when you start changing them. Happiness comes within yourself.

You are the maker of your own happiness.

You decide whether you’ll waste your time teaching him how to be a good boyfriend or you’ll let him go and make your happiness a priority and not an option.


You’re important. You matter. Your happiness matters.

You were giving all this time and now it’s time to receive. It’s time to open your eyes and follow your heart. Follow whatever makes you happy.

Open your heart to someone who will inspire you and show you that life’s much better when you’re going through it with someone who loves you the way you deserve.



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