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The ONE Habit She Should Hide From Him, According to your Zodiac Sign

We’ve all had those moments in middle school where we discovered the term “astrology” for the first time. Whether it was through a section of Seventeen magazine or on an AOL site (the nostalgia is real), we were immediately enchanted with how well a stranger seemed to know our traits.

Even more so, it was immediately a <gasp> moment when our horoscopes actually came true the following week—in some aspect, anyway.

So where’s the bad in that, right? Except that when it comes to real astrology, there must be some good with the bad otherwise, there is no true balance. Each sign has its counter as well as its partner and this is all dependent on the traits each sign exhibits.

There are many wonderful things about each star sign, but there are also not-so-great things that highlight the fact that we’re only human. And it’s these traits that sometimes come out at the worst times and seem uncontrollable, simply because they’re ingrained within us.

For believers in the stars, these qualities embed themselves in habits that we might not be so fond of. Even worse, they masquerade as habits that our partners may not be so fond of.

So how is anyone supposed to stop the endless cycle of something we can’t control? We happen to have the answers.


24 Aries: The Fire Fuels You To Be The Best, Obnoxiously So

Aries! You’ve got some explaining to do… But of course, with such a temper, chances are that you won’t. Most Aries signs have one thing in common: passion and feistiness. Additionally, the number one negative characteristic of a classic Aries is the idea that everything revolves around them. We’re not just talking about the “me” generation, we’re talking about a bit of narcissism.

This does propel you to be number one in nearly everything you take on, but at the same time, it forces people away from you. In relationships, this trait can come across as uncaring and self-centered, something that is obviously not conducive to trust-building.

23 Work On: Realizing The Sun Doesn’t Revolve Around You

Aside from the slightly conceited tendencies, Aries can be an incredible person to have on your side. It is totally plausible to get this quality under control with a bit of work. Try taking a step back and realizing that yes, you will get a turn to speak. Yes, you will be able to speak your mind. And, finally, yes—everyone is still paying attention to you if their eyes aren’t on you constantly.

It may sound harsh, but an acknowledgment of your sign’s poor qualities is the first step in not becoming a stereotype of your sign. If you haven’t already, giving back to the community and genuinely caring about another’s person day are great places to start.

22 Taurus: Stubborn Can Sometimes Be Boring

Oh, Taurus. Often a misunderstood sign because, in truth, you are very much like the bull that represents you. A Taurus will be famous for the mind-bender and will insist that things go their way while, likely putting little to no effort into actually making it so.

To make matters even worse, they’re famous for being sweet at the most random times, generally making those around them forget how truly passive-aggressive they are. Much like the bull, they refuse to budge and are quite lazy to a certain extent, making it a bit of a challenge to feel any type of excitement or adventure around them.

21 Work On: Finding Some Adventure Instead

It’s going to be tough and it may seem like a chore, but Taurus, just ram through it with that outgoing side that we all know you have. Bulls might be slightly lazy and passive but they’re also feisty and strong. These are two great traits that can easily outshine any tendency to park inside on a perfectly gorgeous day rather than venture out.

It’s not fear that keeps a Taurus in their comfort zone, but simply the lack of desire to explore or find an adventure. By finding something that makes them happy, they can successfully leave the house for more than just errands.

20 Gemini: Constantly Searching For Greener Grass

Gemini might be the most misunderstood of all the signs. While many are slightly hesitant about becoming involved with a Gemini because of their ‘two-faced’ stereotype, this is simply just not true. It’s more the fact that Gemini is prone to being a bit scattered, interested in everything, and both talkers as well as being a bit temperamental when it comes to tough situations.

They can get frazzled and say the wrong thing (or say too much, period), but might also try to cover their tracks or backtrack to keep things from going downhill. In the midst of this, they’re constantly striving for more, unable to decide what is truly good enough.

19 Work On: Not Entering A Serious Relationship Until It’s What You Want

A Gemini will need a period of personal growth during which they take the time to love themselves before they can love another. Being in a relationship can be a challenge for them simply because their wants and desires are all over the place at times. They can also come off as a bit untrustworthy because of the fact that they’re constantly fast-paced.

In order to successfully combat this, a little alone time can be good for Gemini. If not alone time, then a way to channel their creativity and natural desire to learn and be more social can be a great outlet before getting into an intense relationship.

18 Cancer: An Emotional Force Who Needs To Be Involved

Poor Cancer is so prone to emotion that they can actually make themselves sick if they’re emotionally invested enough. Figuring one out can be like trying to decipher a code, as their emotions can change so frequently and often do. Because of their emotion-based fuel, they can often hold grudges with the best of them and don’t take badmouthing lightly, about themselves or those they love.

This fuels their need to be included, which can often be misunderstood by those who don’t realize. For their partners, it can be an up and down fight to soothe or cheer them up. It can also be tough to find alone time when a Cancer just wants to be around people.

17 Work On: Calming Techniques, Patience, And Your Own Passions

The best thing for a Cancer to do is to find a way to channel all the emotion they constantly feel. Whether this is through something creative or a relaxing technique such as yoga, it will greatly benefit all those involved. As a Cancer, it will help to take a step back and acknowledge a situation for what it is, not what it’s made out to be in their head.

Additionally, it helps to remember that not all problems are their problems—having their own personal interests and identity can help allay the need to be emotional about everything, including things they’re nowhere close to.

16 Leo: If Praise Doesn’t Become You, Then Rage Will

Yikes, Leo, you have some work to do. A true Leo is the embodiment of the lion—proud, prideful, and merciless. The ferocity will only get you so far, though, as many people either feel inadequate or intimidated when standing next to someone who is so proud all the time.

In their fervor, Leos can often lose track of reality and get wrapped up in their own desires, as well as that of those close to them. They’re fiercely protective but can cross the line quickly when it comes to drawing in their temper or cold nature. Because they’re constantly forging a path for themselves, they often forget that there are others who might like to travel down it with them.

15 Work On: Boosting Your Own Confidence As Well As Others’

If a Leo can channel the bold energy she feels on a daily basis into something healthy, then she could be unstoppable in a relationship. That same fierce nature that makes her so intimidating can be turned into something protective when it comes to caring for someone else.

Leo, use your pride to notice the faults in another person. If you can turn half the amount of pride you have for yourself into praise and encouragement for another person, then you’ll be golden. Not only will people look to you to lead, but they’ll know you’re capable of building someone up, too.

14 Virgo: A Constant Critic, Of Yourself And Of Others

Most Virgos will be given away simply because of their perfectionist nature. It’s no surprise that of all the signs, they’re the most critical… of just about everything and anyone. It’s just in their nature, which can be a pretty hectic one. While they’re busy critiquing, they’re also busy worrying about 300 things in the back of their minds.

A Virgo girl can easily be misunderstood as being cynical and self-centered, but this is only because she’s busy worrying about what other people are thinking, she’s untrusting of kindness, and she’s constantly trying to perfect the situation. Obviously, these qualities can easily bring a chaotic nature to a relationship.

13 Work On: Enjoying The Little Things And Trying To Find The Bright Side

As hard as it is, Virgo, you may not have a choice but to take a chill pill. Your critical nature often gets in the way of making personal connections, and while being a loner isn’t the worst thing in the world, it can be, well, lonely.

By realizing that not everything in life is out to get you and that yes, it’s okay to not be in control all the time, life might just seem a bit brighter. Worry will only be more fear of the future and the sooner this habit is let go, the sooner you can work toward having a healthy and wholesome relationship.

12 Libra: Indecisive To A Fault That Can Be Annoying

Libra, Libra, Libra… how troubling your traits can be sometimes. Indecisiveness is truly the least of your worries as the apprehension to ruffle feathers and go along without questions asked can get you in a bit of trouble. A Libra may have even been referred to as ‘wishy-washy’ because they’re so unsure of what they want.

Interestingly enough, they do like extravagant things and will work hard to make sure things are appealing to the eye. A Libra may also be prone to working things up in her head such as a fight; even if their partner isn’t yelling, they may perceive it as such.

11 Work On: Pros And Cons Lists, If You Have To

A simple thing to get out of the Libra rut is to practice writing things down. Making a pro and con list about major (or even minor!) decisions can do multiple things. For starters, it will give Libra a safe space to calmly think out what they want, without the influence of anyone else. Secondly, it’ll help them process through how they feel as well as giving them a way to see it visually on paper.

Overall, Libra should learn to take control of their own lives a bit more and be confident in who they are. Also, a differing opinion never hurt anyone and it is, in fact, what makes us all unique.

10 Scorpio: Those You Can’t Envy, You Try And Control

When people hear that someone is a Scorpio, they’re usually partially intrigued and partially nervous. This star sign relates most to a scorpion as it does match up with their nature quite well. This doesn’t mean that Scorpios can’t be loving and kind when the situation calls for it, but it’s not as likely to as other signs.

The trouble with Scorpio is that control and envy both come naturally to them. Their icy nature can be released on any person at any time simply because they’ve gotten a bit jealous. Alternatively, they have a knack for sensing the weaker prey and will attempt to control those who will let them.

Work On: Loosening The Reins And Being Less Of A Witch

It’s the harsh truth, Scorpio—you’ve gotta just let go. There’s an entire life waiting out there for you if you can allow people to control themselves. No one has the upper hand on you if you don’t give them the power to do so, and getting in a power struggle is a bad way to start a relationship.

There can be good in a person and if a Scorpio happens to find one they connect with, finding common ground can be a good way to keep the walls down. Finding someone who will allow a Scorpio their space while accepting their independent and occasional icy nature will be the best pairing. Also, realize no one is perfect, nor should they be.

Sagittarius: Letting Words Fly Without Thinking Is Your Specialty

Everyone loves a Sagittarius until they let the wrong thing slip. A unique sign, Sagittarius is often optimistic to a fault. Their desire to learn keeps them striving to explore and gain as much knowledge as possible, but this also makes them fairly social beings.

In the process of being social, they’re unintentionally honest in saying whatever is on their minds. By doing this, it’s not unheard of that a Sagittarius has unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings, including their partner’s. Their optimism is a cushion and allows them to be comfortable and relaxed—but they should also be aware of their speech.

Work On: Thinking A Bit More And Talking A Bit Less

It’s important for a Sagittarius to consider what they’re saying carefully before just letting anything fly out of their mouth. We know it can be a challenge, but we’re confident that you can do it. By taking a breather and calmly thinking out whether or not what you’re going to say can be offensive, you’ll spare many feelings and even improve relationships.

It’s not your fault that you can occasionally be a bit of a spaz and not exactly graceful, but if there’s anything that can be helped, it’s avoiding needing to put your foot in your mouth. Knowing the correct time and place is huge.

Capricorn: Ambitious Yet Not Prone To Sticking Around

Capricorn is one of the most confident and ambitious signs out of them all. This would normally be a great thing except when it comes to relationships. It can be a bit of a challenge for another sign to keep up with their constantly-moving partner, who is always striving to be better at everything.

Capricorns are fans of climbing the social ladder which means that some people may get left behind, relationship partners included. It’s not that being so cruel is necessarily in their nature, it’s that they strive so much for success that it completely overrides their need for human connection.

Work On: Not Taking Things To Heart And Using Your Powers For Good

A Capricorn will need to be with a fairly impressionable partner in order to keep her from wondering and having an ‘onto the next’ type of mentality. It’s not impossible and many Capricorns do find themselves in happy, fulfilling relationships, but it’s only because they’ve learned how to calm down and realize they’re not alone on this ride we call life.

They’re also not usually fans of PDA, making it challenging for their partner to show affection or any type of mushy love. These are both things that you can work on, Capricorn, and you might need to do a bit of adjusting rather than running.

Aquarius: Being Disconnected And Analytical Is The Norm

As intriguing as it is for a water sign, Aquarius—sign of the water-bearer—can be very disconnected from her fellow humans. Everything in their behavior will tell their partner that they’re not relationship material, although in truth it can be quite the opposite.

An Aquarius is drawn to anything different and out of the norm, making friends in both high and low places and just about everyone in between. They can’t stand conforming to social norms, which makes them stand out quite a bit, both socially as well as physically. Since they constantly need to be learning new things and engaging in anything that isn’t boring, they can seem hard to pin down.

Work On: Heading Back Down To Earth To Connect With Fellow Humans

The biggest struggle for you, Aquarius, is having to come back down to earth. Everything from your work to your personal space must be stimulating and distracting which can mean everything else falls by the wayside. Connecting with another person can sometimes be a struggle with your penchant for remaining distant, but sometimes, being earthbound can be a good thing.

A relationship that fosters uniqueness and adventure will be a great way to remain committed and interested. If you can overcome your love for all things diverse and interesting and find these qualities in a partner, you’ll be totally set.

Pisces: Martyr, Pity Party Of One Who Is Seeking Emotional Sympathy

Sad Pisces is sad, of course. Water signs are famous for being intuitive rather than grounded which isn’t always a bad thing, except when it comes to negative emotion. Pisces, in particular, gets extremely wrapped up in their negative emotions to the point where they use it as a tool.

Whether it’s intentional or not, a Pisces is often seen as the martyr, using their sadness to convey hurt for an unusual amount of time. Part of this stems from their constant desire to be kind and open-hearted, which often lands them in a world of hurt once they’ve been let down or used for it.

Work On: Grow A Thicker Skin And Be More Confident In Yourself

Sad Pisces, it’s time for you to be strong Pisces! Having the biggest heart in the room is a wonderful quality but it also calls on you to have the biggest will of steel. By protecting both your heart and your intentions, you’ll find that you can still be kind without being so vulnerable.

Growing thick skin is a tough thing to do, but as long as you remain confident and believe in yourself, you’ll quickly realize that with your intuition and creativity, you can do anything. In a relationship, this perfect balance will blossom into something truly beautiful with a partner who understands.


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