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What Type Of First Impression He Makes According to your Zodiac Sign

Meeting someone – or a group of people – for the first time can feel daunting. A first date can feel more like a job interview and for many of us, first impressions are how people will think of us for the rest of our lives. We always want to put our best foot forward, but sometimes we trip, stumble, and fall flat on our faces. Other times (perhaps only for the lucky ones), first impressions go totally smoothly! These people are the charmers, the social butterflies, the ones who everyone just has to meet.

While we have some control over the impression we make on others after meeting them for the first time, we can’t always determine how they’ll actually feel about us. Think of it as a game of ‘Telephone,’ where we’re sending out one message but it’s being received as something totally different. Even guys worry about it, too!

Our dudes may not know what kind of impression they’re giving off at first blush, because they may not have even thought much about it until now! Fortunately, by looking at their astrological signs, we can educate them on what foot they’re putting forward – and if it’s the right or wrong step.


24 PISCES: He’s Understanding

Pisces is the most empathetic of the Water signs. He has great intuition, which means he can usually tell what people really mean by the things they say and do, but he also tends to be quite understanding of them as well – a rare combination. This ability to pick up on others’ emotions makes him easy to talk to and get along with, because it’s like he already understands what we’re trying to say before we’ve even finished our sentence.

As a Water sign, the Pisces guy is adaptable and mutable, able to change to suit the needs of those around him.

23 PISCES: He’s A Slacker

Driven by creativity and a lover of all things artistic, the Pisces man can also find himself daydreaming his life away, conjuring up images of a better existence while not actually doing anything to change his real surroundings.

Combined with his love of the arts and his tendency to talk at length about it and how it makes him feel as well as its importance in personal growth, we have the first impression of a total slacker. He’s a guy whose head is in the clouds and he’s frittering his time away. This guy may be a sweetheart, but at first glance, he doesn’t seem like much of a hard worker.

22 ARIES: He’s A Doer

Aries is the sign that, without a doubt, will always get stuff done. These dudes can be a little bit rambunctious and are definitely impulsive, but that means they won’t spend their time waffling between two options, unable to make up their mind. For those who need someone decisive in their lives, Aries is the guy to call.

From the get-go, the Aries man comes across as determined and energetic. He will always get done what needs to be done, he just may not be doing it by the book. But hey, who said doers always had to follow the rules?

21 ARIES: He’s Intimidating

With all of their energy and bold personality, Aries men can be a little OTT at times. This guy is brash and loud and for the introverts among us, it can be overwhelming to be in the same room as him. While his take-charge attitude can be a welcome relief in situations that lack a real leader, it can also be daunting.

An Aries man likes getting his ideas heard, even if it’s at the expense of others. He doesn’t wait around for people to give him permission – he goes out and takes what he wants. It’s only once we get to know him that we learn there are more layers to an Aries man.

20 TAURUS: He’s In Control

Taurus is often like the patriarch of the family, the dude who enjoys traditions and slowing things down. He’s never in a rush to do much of anything, but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving thing up to fate.

Perhaps it’s because the Taurus man doesn’t like to stray too far outside of his comfort zone, but this sign prefers to be in control of everything at all times. Upon first meeting him, he’ll impress us with his calm, cool, and collected demeanor that puts us at ease immediately. This guy is the opposite of chaos, and is a welcome change of pace.

19 TAURUS: He’s Reliable

“Reliability” may not seem like the most attractive trait to associate with an astrological sign, but it’s very true in the case of a Taurus man. An Earth sign, this guy has both feet firmly planted on the ground. He’s always seemed like a bit of an old soul and we feel comforted being in his presence.

This is a dude who will call when he says he will and can be depended on at all times, from making Friday night date plans to being supportive during a crisis. He’s the strong, steady type who won’t throw us for a loop, and prefers being straightforward to playing games.

18 GEMINI: He’s Friendly

Chatty Gemini is the kind of guy who immediately draws a crowd. No, he’s not trying to get the attention, he just has a natural warmth and energy about him that draws people to him! This sign is instantly read as friendly, with a ready smile and a joke in hand.

He loves meeting new people, and being in a crowd doesn’t bother him. In fact, he thrives on it. He’s the kind of man who will have a congenial conversation with an Uber driver and make pleasant small talk with every member of our family when we bring him home to meet the parents. He’s just likeable!

17 GEMINI: He’s Hard To Read

While Gemini is undeniably about having a good time, upon first meeting him he can also be pretty tough to read. So much of a Gemini’s time is spent trying to learn more about the people around him that we never get to know much about who he is beyond what we see on the surface.

His innate curiosity drives much of his social interactions but he never pauses long enough to answer any questions we may ask of him. Being the sign of the twins, it can feel like we’re only learning about one aspect of the Gemini’s multifaceted personality, which can be intriguing and discouraging all at once.

16 CANCER: He’s A Good Listener

Another Water sign who happens to be incredibly intuitive is Cancer. Cancer tends to be a bit moody and melancholy, but that means he kind of loves hearing about our own issues, because it gives him a break from his. He is naturally caring and wants to make things better for others.

A family-minded sign on the astrology chart, Cancer, while remaining tight-lipped about his own problems, appears to provide some kind of calm reassurance to others that makes them want to open up to him. He’s a good listener, and can often give great advice. (Just don’t use him exclusively for this, because suspicious Cancer will definitely catch on.)

15 CANCER: He’s A Bit Of A Crybaby

With all those emotions so close to the surface, is it any wonder that Cancer can be considered a bit of a crybaby? This is the kind of guy who will pine over an ex months or even years after a split, the kind of guy who takes sensitivity to a whole other level and makes everything some traumatic situation. He tends to love the drama of life and love, but that can make him exhausting to deal with.

His sensitivity can be a strength, allowing him to empathize and communicate with others. However, it can transition into narcissistic navel-gazing and a “woe is me” mantra that makes the other signs want to avoid him altogether.

14 LEO: He’s Confident

A sign that doesn’t really rely on what people think of him, the Leo man comes across as confident immediately upon meeting him. He enjoys being the center of attention, and that’s not a nice experience for the faint of heart or introverted.

Confidence comes from loving oneself and being comfortable in one’s own skin, and that is the Leo man through and through. He has a strong sense of self, and that influences everything he does and all of his interactions. Being around a confident Leo man can actually make us feel safer, because this is a guy who clearly knows what he’s doing (or at least is good at faking it).

13 LEO: He’s Shallow

Since he enjoys being in the spotlight, the Leo guy does tend to be pretty interested in his own self-image. He enjoys the finer things in life and appreciates beauty, but unfortunately this means that he can come across as shallow at first glance.

While the Leo guy does care about looking good, it’s not really because he seeks the approval of others, which is something that can get lost in translation with this Fire sign. The Leo man definitely enjoys showing off, but underneath all that bravado is a sign with more depth than he is often given credit for.

12 VIRGO: He’s Shy

Virgo men aren’t usually the ones who demand our attention, and that’s just how they like it. This guy is much more shy and reserved, and it can take a lot of time and effort to get him to open up. This shyness can be endearing to some, but off-putting to others, who think that the critical Virgo is silently judging them.

In actuality, the Virgo man is just taking everything in. He’s analytical and pays attention to detail in order to properly respond to the situation and people around him. His shyness is just his way of getting to know people without having to open his mouth before he’s ready.

11 VIRGO: He’s Controlling

Known for being critical and extremely picky, even the first impression of a Virgo guy can seem controlling initially. These guys are, more often than not, total neat freaks, and if we ever happen to get an invite to their place, it’ll be evident at first glance.

The thing is, the Virgo guy needs things to be tidy in order to have a clear head, but it can come across as controlling and restrictive about every other aspect of their lives. This aspect of their personality usually only comes out in times of high stress or anxiety, so it really depends on the situation in which we first meet the Virgo man.

10 LIBRA: He’s Lovable

A total social butterfly, the Libra guy warms the hearts of everyone he comes in contact with and comes across as automatically lovable! He’s the dude who will go to a party alone and walk out with a bunch of new friends. An expert in all social situations, this guy knows how to smooth out tensions and ease negativity, making him a shining beacon of positive energy.

Since the Libra man never likes to bad-mouth others, he comes across as genuine and kind-hearted, which makes others think that they know him better than perhaps they actually do. This guy is an open book; he just wants everyone to be happy!

LIBRA: He’s Charming

Arguably the most social astrological sign, the Libra man is a natural-born schmoozer. He knows what buttons to push to make people feel good and at ease around him, and he radiates a kind of charisma that doesn’t come to many other astrological signs.

The Libra guy is all about ensuring everyone around him has a good time, often at the expense of his own comfort. He’s a giver and he knows how to work people to give them what they want while getting what he wants, too! His charm and affable nature are evident upon first meeting him.

SCORPIO: He’s Intense

Scorpio men are mysterious – it’s one of the hallmark traits of this Water sign. That mysteriousness can often seem intense to others, especially those who don’t know them.

The Scorpio guy tends to be quiet, taking in everything around him and surveying his surroundings. For many people, this quality can be unnerving, but it is rarely off-putting. Instead, they will feel the need to make a good impression on the Scorpio man, in order to earn his approval and interest.

His intensity is intriguing and encourages people to get to know him better, something this sign only bestows upon a select few.

SCORPIO: He’s Unimpressed

With the afore-mentioned intensity, Scorpio men can also seem aloof and downright unimpressed when they meet people. They don’t like having to work for someone’s approval, so they simply don’t bother! Instead, they will put themselves in a power position of not giving away too much, in order to make others work for them.

This guy is an expert at playing hard to get, and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to first impressions. His disinterested demeanor gets others interested in getting to know him, while he barely seems to register that people are totally captivated by him.


Sagittarius guys are all about having fun. They love experiencing new adventures and writing off everything – even the bad times – as part of their own personal journey. This guy is always up for a good time, and that’s noticeable moments after meeting him.

He’s a free spirit and pretty open-minded, which means that he’s rarely judgmental, so other people around him know that he’s not the type to critique their actions. Laid-back and relaxed, the Sagittarius man enjoys meeting new people, and this enjoyment is clear to everyone who meets him. He’s a great guy to have around and is always the one to suggest some new crazy idea if things fall into a lull.

SAGITTARIUS: He’s Standoffish

As a general rule, the Sagittarius man isn’t one who enjoys long-term relationships, or anything that requires more from him than he’s willing to deliver. While he is a very social sign, his mind is often pulled in many directions at once, meaning that his attention span can be a bit lacking. Owing to this, the Sag guy can come across as a bit standoffish at first.

Since he’s used to flying solo on occasion, he may not always jump at the chance to meet others, especially if he’s feeling a little drained. However, the complex nature of his sign is revealed once we get to know him better.


This sign is one smart cookie! The Capricorn dude can seem like a bit of a know-it-all at first glance, and that’s because he’s spent so much of his time absorbing all the information he can so that it can be trotted out when he needs to (like, say, during a first date, where he often feels uncomfortable).

This guy crushes it in job interviews but in the romantic arena, he feels a little lost. Relying on his smarts is a way for him to show off without straying too far outside of his comfort zone. Once you get to know this guy, though, he’ll reveal that he has a lot more to offer than trivia questions.


Unfortunately for Capricorn, he can seem mean when you first meet him. The Earth sign is a straightforward one who doesn’t believe in flattery and dishonesty. He’s been a hard worker all his life and being kind of critical comes with that territory. He enjoys the finer things in life but only because he’s worked his butt off to earn them.

This lends the Capricorn guy an air of snobbery that is evident from the get-go. While he may be a bit judgmental (a quality that has helped him to get ahead), underneath it all the Capricorn guy is a loyal sweetheart.

AQUARIUS: He’s A Rebel

He’s the guy who doesn’t play by anyone’s rules. He lives life in the fast lane and thinks of it all as necessary in order to discover who he truly is. The Aquarius guy is a rebel, a man who moves to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t care if the people around him are comfortable with it.

He needs to be independent, which is why he usually eschews traditional relationships – or relationships at all. He’s creative and interested in philosophy but he never lives his life the way he’s “supposed” to or expected to – and that’s just the way he likes it.

AQUARIUS: He’s Arrogant

With all that rebellious attitude oozing out of his pores, it’s natural that some people might find the Aquarius guy, well, arrogant. In all of his travels and adventures, he tends to meet a lot of people along the way, and he won’t hesitate to boast about how cool they are, or how awesome that experience in Bali was. And what, haven’t we jetted off to some tropical destination lately? Ugh.

He might not mean to be a bit of a braggart, but the Aquarius dude sometimes can’t help rubbing his accomplishments and adventures in our face as evidence of his version of “living life.”


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