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The Mistake Each Zodiac Sign Will Never Forgive In A Relationship Vs. They Don’t

Love is the most unique, flexible, and diverse emotion ever. That’s why it’s perfectly fine to follow your heart when it comes to figuring out your feelings for a particular person. Since there is no rule book for love, there are no set principles for what’s okay, and what’s not.

When someone’s partner makes a mistake, it’s their decision on whether to forgive them or not. Who knows, maybe they won’t see their fault as a big deal, or maybe it’s a complete deal breaker. Whatever it may be, it’s a personal decision to make since love is too complex to have guidelines for.

However, while everyone is completely in charge of their love life, they shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the universe. If you’ve recently found yourself pondering whether your partner crossed the line, our article will definitely help you decide. Instead, if you’re single or in a happy relationship, make sure to keep this information in the back of your mind in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

While there is no point trying to trick your Astrological sign’s energy on what you’re okay with and what you’re not, you should at least make a promise to yourself to follow your heart.

Sagittarius It’s Over: Pressuring You

As a Sagittarius, you’re not willing to take any attitude from anyone, especially form a lover who you’re head over heels and completely dedicated to.

However, if your partner thinks he’ll be able to pressure you about something, it’s time for him to think again.

Your Astrological sign understands this behavior is completely unacceptable and you’re not going to put up with it. If you partner thinks it’s okay to pressure you, then he doesn’t know who he’s dating. Instead, you’re not afraid to put your foot down and part your ways. You know who you truly are and aren’t about to stick around with someone who doesn’t respect that.

Sagittarius Forgive & Forget: Canceling Plans

While it’s definitely annoying when the love of our life cancels plans that you were looking forward to, it’s sure to happen once in a while. The truth is that we’re all constantly busy and aren’t able to control all of the unsuspected things that come up. Forgive your partner for canceling plans that they were more than excited to do with you!

The truth is that we all cancel plans here and there. As long as your partner isn’t ditching you for someone else, we’re positive that they have a justified reason for why they weren’t able to make it. Simply make sure to reschedule the plans for a later time, rather than wasting your energy being mad at your partner for something out of their control.

Pisces It’s Over: Outbursts Of Anger

As a Pisces, you often put on a front that you’re calm, cool, and collected. While it might sometimes feel like the pressure of the whole world is on your shoulders, you aren’t about to make this known to everyone around you.

That’s why you demand the respect of your lover to keep their emotions, irritations, and moodiness in check.

You’re not about to deal with a partner throwing a fit just because something didn’t go their way. The last thing that you plan to do is stick around in a relationship where you’re being emotionally abused by fits of anger. You need a partner able to keep their cool when the going gets tough, rather than put you in a dangerous situation.

Pisces Forgive & Forget: Being Told Financial Lies

We all wish we could master a budget and be on top of our financial game. However, the truth is that we all struggle when it comes to controlling our financial. As a Pisces, you’re willing to forgive and forget a financial lie that your partner might tell you and we completely understand.

The truth is that we all struggle with finances, and the last thing you want to do is judge someone for trying their best. We sadly don’t all have endless disposable income that we’d like to be able to throw around. Instead, finances can get a little sticky, especially in a relationship. If you see things going long-term with your partner, it’s absolutely necessary that they open up to your on their current financial situation. But, don’t stress out if they lie a little about it at first.

Aquarius It’s Over: Snooping Through Your Stuff

If you catch your partner snooping through your stuff, they better grab their bags before you throw them out the door. As a grown-up, you’re not about to deal with anyone acting like an immature child going through your stuff.

There is absolutely no excuse that your partner can give you for looking through your things!

They were obviously trying to find something, and you caught them red handed. It’s time to part ways as they obviously don’t trust you. This moment simply shows that your relationship isn’t as strong as you thought it was since your partner doesn’t believe everything you’re telling them. Or maybe, they’re trying to catch you in a lie. If trust isn’t reciprocated on your partner’s end, then you’re simply wasting your time.

Aquarius Forgive & Forget: Breaking Boundaries Here And There

Love has no rules, and neither do relationships. All couples are kinda laying their own ground rules as they figure the other person out. That’s why if your lover passes a certain boundary you haven’t exactly established, it’s okay to let it slide.

However, make sure that this doesn’t happen again. If they break a boundary they weren’t aware of it’s totally understandable! Yet, if you made things clear and they still decided to cross the line, that is so not okay. Be flexible at the beginning of your relationship when you and your partner are laying the stepping stones. Simply make your rules clear and we guarantee that your partner will more than respect them!

Leo It’s Over: If You Aren’t Loyal, It’s Done

This is a complete deal breaker and there is no way around it whatsoever. If your partner isn’t loyal to you, then it’s time to let them go and be on their way.

The most critical element of any relationship is trust, and not being loyal automatically decimates any trust present.

Cheating in any way, whether it’s emotional or physical, is completely not okay in your books. Not only will you end up completely heartbroken, but you’ll also have emotional trauma that you might never overcome if you constantly keep this person in your life. If you ever think of cheating on a Leo is a good idea, think again. You’re strong enough to ditch your partner and focus on yourself.

Leo Forgive & Forget: Liking Another Girl’s Photo

While it might initially feel like a stab in the heart, it’s pretty understandable. You can’t expect your lover to never like another girl’s photo on social media. Especially if this person is one of his friends and isn’t just another one of Kim Kardashian’s selfies.

You might totally want all of the attention on you, and rightfully so. But if you think you can set some crazy rules on your lover’s social media use, think again. As long as there aren’t any fire emoji comments on other girl’s photos, we promise your relationship will be okay. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t exactly be cool with your man stopping you from ever liking another guy’s photo on social media. You have absolutely no interest in these people and are simply trying to be nice; so is your man!

Aries It’s Over: Revealing Your Secrets

As an Aries, you often dream of having a movie like romance with that special someone. That’s why when you finally find yourself in a relationship, you’re willing to put your complete heart into it.

If you instead you open yourself up to your lover, and they betray you, let’s just say they better run!

You’re so not forgiving your partner for revealing your secrets. You finally felt strong enough to open up on how you truly feel, and they completely backstabbed you. There is definitely no okay reason for you to forgive their mistake. Once someone betrays an Aries, they’re officially done to them. Find a partner who promises to keep everything you tell them a secret with no exceptions. If there is anything that you deserve, it’s trust.

Aries Forgive & Forget: Irritated Behavior

We all have those difficult periods where we feel crankier than ever. You should be well aware that your partner is guaranteed to have those moments too. Rather than completely trying to end a relationship over a little comment, consider letting it slide.

You’ll be the first person to admit that you’re not the easiest person to deal with. That’s why it’s only fair that your partner might get a little irritated once in a while when they feel like they can’t deal with your behavior. Simply tell your partner you don’t appreciate their attitude or behavior and we’re sure it’ll stop. If it doesn’t, then you seriously have some bigger issues that you just aren’t coming to terms with in your relationship.

Scorpio It’s Over: Making Fun Of A Part Of Your Lifestyle

It seems like you’ve been through what seems like absolutely everything. Thankfully you’re strong enough to rebuild yourself whenever things get a little tough.

If your lover thinks they can disrespect a part of your lifestyle that you’ve worked hard on creating, think again.

As a Scorpio, you have the inner strength to not let people get you down. But if the person you’re in love with thinks it’s okay to hurt your feelings, they’re way off. Keep on being proud of everything you’ve built for yourself when the going got tough. Never let your lovers think they can disrespect you in any way whatsoever.

Scorpio Forgive & Forget: Disappearing On You

We all go through those difficult times when we feel like we can’t deal with all of the pressure we’re under. As much as we wish this wasn’t the case, it’s guaranteed to happen to all of us. The secret is to keep trying to overcome whatever hardship comes our way rather than disappearing.

However, that doesn’t mean that your partner will always have the strength to get through every issue at hand. Instead, you might notice them completely shutting down as they don’t know how to deal with what they’re going through. While it’s not fair that they might disappear and go completely M.I.A., it might be something that will happen. If so, make sure to be there for your partner and don’t add any extra stress on them. Simply let them know that you’re there to help them get through whatever they’re going through.

Cancer It’s Over: Trying To Change Who You Are

As a Cancer, you know who you are and aren’t afraid to show it. That’s why if your lover thinks it might be okay to try to change any part of you, they’re way off. You’ve worked completely hard to become the person you are today!

If your partner thinks it’s okay to try to change you, even if they think it’s for the best, they’re completely wrong.

You are perfect the way you are and shouldn’t change for anyone around you. While you might be willing to forgive your partner if they’re genuinely just trying to help, however, if they instead think you’re not good enough, it’s them who aren’t good enough for you. You’re such a catch and another person would definitely give you the respect you deserve!

Cancer Forgive & Forget: Being Taken For Granted

The last thing anyone wants is to be taken for granted and not appreciated. It feels absolutely terrible and makes us question if we’re even good enough. However, this might sometimes happen in your relationship when going through rocky times.

Don’t completely throw your partner out of your life if you’re not getting the affection you deserve. There might be a huge problem going on that’s causing them to act a little different than usual. The key is to let them know exactly how you feel to hopefully figure the situation out. If you instead decide to keep to yourself and not express your emotions, nothing will happen.

Capricorn It’s Over: Talking To Their Ex Behind Your Back

In your eyes, there is no justified reason that your partner should be talking to their ex behind your back. Even if something totally reasonable comes up causing them to communicate, your partner should at least let you know about it.

If they’re keeping this information behind your back, then something is definitely up!

That’s why it’s only right to part ways immediately before you end up heartbroken. The last thing that you want is to end up distraught that you didn’t see something coming. This is a complete red flag and goes against any trust your relationship had. Time to run in the opposite direction and never look back!

Capricorn Forgive & Forget: Isolating Themselves From Time To Time

You’re not an expert at relationships, and neither is your partner. Instead, it’s only right that we mess up from time to time, even if it’s the absolute last thing we want. While you might be more than willing to spend all of your time with your lover running off into the sunset, they might not.

Instead, don’t be completely surprised if they isolate themselves to get some alone time. Not everyone is as extroverted and outgoing, Capricorn. The truth is that your partner might need some to time to themselves to digest everything happening in your relationship. We all need to take some time off to truly sit with all our feelings and emotions and digest what’s going on in our lives. This is the only way to really come to terms with everything happening around us!

Libra It’s Over: Making You Jealous

We can’t even think of one justifiable reason that your partner would want to make you jealous. As a Libra, you’re often overly sensitive to the little things, clogging up your decision-making process of what’s okay and what’s not.

You should know that if your partner is trying to make you jealous for any reason whatsoever, they’re not worth it.

If your lover feels the need to do this, then there are some major issues going on in your relationship. If instead of working on resolving issues your partner decides to make you jealous, then they’re completely off. You shouldn’t be with a person trying to viciously hurt you just because they’re mad. This is the last thing you deserve and you shouldn’t settle for it!

Libra Forgive & Forget: A Few White Lies Here And There

If you expect your partner to be absolutely truthful 24/7, think again. Instead, it’s only right to occasionally be told a white lie here and there. While it’s probably hard to admit, some of these lies might be exactly what you need to hear, rather than the truth.

This might include your partner complimenting you on your favorite shirt, even though they secretly hate it. Or telling you they adored your family get-together when it might’ve felt more like torture. The truth is that your partner cares tremendously about you and your feelings. The last thing they want is to offend you in any way that you don’t deserve. If you catch them in a white lie here and there, let it slide. They’re simply trying their best to protect your feelings!

Gemini It’s Over: Any Mistreatment Whatsoever

Gemini’s have the most mental strength out of any Astrological sign. While they often find themselves in some interesting situations, they’re usually able to get out of it.

That’s why you completely understand that you don’t deserve to be mistreated at all.

Even if you’re in the wrong on some issue, your partner shouldn’t lash out on you. A mutual respect and trust should always be present throughout the relationship. You know what you offer the relationship and you aren’t about to be mistreated by your lover. While some people might be able to let this slide, as a Gemini this person is already cut out of your life.

Gemini Forgive & Forget: Being Asked To Change Aspects Of Your Life

Once you and your partner have been together for what seems like forever, you truly begin to trust each other like a lifelong partner. Who knows you better than your lover at that point? They might have a clearer picture of everything going on in your life and what you should be doing to improve.

That’s why if your partner seems to be a little persistent in getting you to change an aspect of your life, they’re probably doing it for the best. They want to see you flourish and achieve all of the dreams you’ve ever had, which probably involves changing something that you keep doing. While you might be offended at first, figure out where your partner is coming from. If you disagree with your lover, simply forgive their bad judgment and continue doing your thing.

Taurus It’s Over: Disrespecting Your Family And Friends

Rather than being mad that your partner disrespected someone you love, you’re disgusted with yourself for ever letting such a cruel person into your life. While you might’ve given your whole heart to this person, if they cross the line, then they’re done to you. Your family and closest friends have been there with you through absolutely everything, so that’s why the last thing that you want is for your significant other to talk poorly about them.

Even if your boo disliked them, they should keep their own opinion to themselves as they know it would hurt you.

Unless you open up a conversation to discuss an issue you may have with your family member or friend, your boo shouldn’t be commenting. While some people might be able to get over these hurtful words, you’re completely over them!

Taurus Forgive & Forget: Using You To Show Off To His Friends

You definitely don’t want to be used as a prop, but this probably isn’t what your partner is trying to do. Instead your significant other is just so head over heels for you that they’re desperate to show you off to the world. If this means showing you off to their friends, so be it.

As long as you’re not being taken advantage of, it’s all fine. Don’t stress over your lover simply wanting the world to see the amazing partner they have. It’s a normal part of any relationship when one person is so overly proud. You should actually see this as the compliment that it is. If it instead becomes super annoying, simply talk to your partner about it. But until then, feel like the queen you absolutely are while your lover flaunts you to all who can see!

Virgo It’s Over: Flirting With Anyone Whatsoever

While it’s incredibly difficult for you to open your heart up fully to someone, you’re strong enough to put yourself out there and at least try. That’s why if you catch your partner flirting with someone else, you’re officially done with them and there is no going back.

When you give someone your heart, you expect them to be respectful of it.

Flirting with someone else is completely unacceptable. Your trust is completely gone and there is nothing you can do to rebuild it once it disappears. You don’t deserve to be taken advantage of and aren’t willing to put up with it. While someone else might just see flirting as a warning card, in your eyes everything is over. Stick up for yourself when it comes to love!

Virgo Forgive & Forget: Lying About His Past

We’re all a little embarrassed about the life we used to live. We all make mistakes and aren’t constantly living up to our potential. That’s why if you happen to catch your lover in a little lie here and there, it’s only right that you forgive them.

It’s not like they purposely tried to deceive you. Instead, they were simply super embarrassed by the person they used to be and wanted to paint themselves in a better light. You’ve definitely repainted your past a little here and there, so you shouldn’t be too bummed out to see your lover doing the same thing. As long as your partner is authentically themselves now, that’s all that matters!


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