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The Memories Each Zodiac Sign Has To Make, Or Else They’ll Regret It 

You only live once; while it’s totally a cliche, it’s a motto we often have to remind ourselves. Since we all have limited time on this earth, it’s only right that we do our best to make some awesome life changing memories while we’re here. Unless you’re content with how your life currently is, we recommend that you take some time to ponder if there are any experiences missing from your life.

Whether it’s a daredevil activity such as bungee jumping or skydiving, or maybe it’s going to some iconic parties that finish at sunrise. Perhaps it’s simply spending more time with your family and friends who you absolutely adore. Whatever it may be, each Astrological sign has that one memory they’re dying to make, or else they will completely regret it.

The key question you have to ask yourself is whether you’re scared to live this one particular experience, or whether you just couldn’t find the time. If you’re scared, then it’s absolutely critical that you break out of your comfort zone and try something new. If the experience is as life-changing as you’ve always predicted, then you will feel yourself growing into the person you’re meant to become.



If instead you simply haven’t found the time to live your dream, it’s time for you to make some serious changes and make it happen. The only person stopping you from making these spectacular memories is yourself!

As a Sagittarius, you often follow your inner intuitions and vibes. That’s why you perfectly connect with your favorite music since it puts you in a whole other dimension.

You’ve been eyeing a few iconic concerts and music festivals, it’s only right that you grab your best friends and go!

We promise that you will feel so incredibly happy when rocking out to your favorite band with your besties. This is a memory you totally have to experience once, or else you’ll completely regret it. If this means saving up a ton of cash to road trip or fly to that one concert, you better get ready to work hard and make it happen!

Sagittarius Man: Living Life To The Fullest (Even If That Means Traveling Halfway Across The Planet)

You have always had an internal calling pushing you to experience new things. You’ve always envisioned yourself living the life of your dreams. You simply need the push to leave your past life behind and get ready to travel the world and seek out these iconic experiences you’ve always desired.

It’s time that you let go of anything holding you back, and make a promise to yourself to live life to the fullest. You have your own definition of what this means, and we’re positive you’ll be able to achieve anything you put your mind to. Stop holding yourself back simply because you’re scared to take the leap. It’s time that you show the world everything you have to offer it in full force!

Pisces Woman: Going On Beautiful Exotic Vacations

As a Pisces, you feel perfectly at home in the water, your official happy place. You have endless dreams of being able to swim in every ocean across the earth. While you’ve definitely come to terms with the fact that it isn’t as easy as you’ve hoped, you totally know that it’s still more than possible!

With all of those social media models constantly posting their vacation photos, it seems like it’s only right that you throw in the towel and take your own.

Do whatever you have to do to finally be able to experience these iconic memories that you’ve always dreamed of. We’re positive that you will feel incredibly full-filled once you realize that your dreams are completely realistic when you put the effort into making them a reality.

Pisces Man: Spending Quality Time With Your Friends

It’s safe to say that Pisces love nothing more than being surrounded by their friends. You feel absolutely on fire being around your favorite people that just put a smile on your face. While we agree that life can get a little busy, you can always squeeze in time with your friends.

While your family is definitely the number one priority for you, the memories that you will truly keep close to your heart is those with your friends. Spending more having fun with them and getting a little loose. While we can’t promise you finally won’t be busy, we can promise that you’ll regret not making some awesome memories with your closest friends when you had the chance.


Aquarius Woman: Going On Endless Adventures

The Aquarius is a free spirit ready to take on any adventure in front of them. You absolutely adore trying new things and are always ready to learn something new.

While you totally know that you’re obsessed with traveling, you don’t exactly travel as much as you should.

You’ll completely regret it if you don’t go on all of the adventures you’ve always dreamed of! If this is something you’re truly passionate about then you should make a promise to go. Stop putting off these special trips and jump in head first. We guarantee that you’ll make some awesome memories that are sure to change your life in endless ways once you finally take the leap and book that plane ticket. You never know what you’ll meet or who you’ll find on your adventure.

Aquarius Man: Backpacking The World With Your Friends

You’ve always had an inner calling pushing you to be a little more spontaneous and explore the world. If there is anyone who is meant to travel the world with their closest pals, it’s definitely an Aquarius.

Book a one-way ticket to Europe, pack your absolute essentials and get ready to hit the road. You’ll be absolutely stunned by everything the world has to offer you, especially all of the things that you’ve simply never realized. If you’re a little worried on embarking on this adventure on your own, that’s what your friends are here for! Together you’ll be able to come to terms with the world around you and continuously grow.

Leo Woman: Spontaneously Running Away With Your Lover

If you’re lucky enough to currently find yourself head over heels for someone special, it’s time to run away with them. Young love is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you want to make the most of! Whether it’s love or lust, having a little fun never hurt!

We promise that going on a spontaneous trip with your lover will be absolutely surreal and rival a romantic movie.

If you happen to currently find yourself single, don’t sweat it. The right man will eventually come along when the universe feels like you’re ready. Simply make a promise to yourself that you’ll run away on this special trip once you feel like you’ve found the one. If you instead happen to find yourself having multiple lovers, don’t be scared to create a romantic getaway for each one.


Leo Man: Swimming In Every Ocean
The last thing you want is to be filled with terrible regret that you haven’t gotten the chance to experience everything the world has to offer to you. Since Leos might as well be fish, it’s only right that you run away to every ocean in the world.

Take some time alone and experience these wonderful waters. We promise that at the bottom of the ocean you’ll be able to unlock all of those questions you’ve often pondered. These trips will be awakening experiences that are sure to impact you in more ways than one. If you don’t believe us, we at least promise that you won’t have live with the constant regret of not swimming in every body of water you’ve always dreamed of.

Aries Woman: Experiencing New Cultures
As a spontaneous Aries, you can’t imagine finding yourself one day being 80 and not having experiences all of those stunning places you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time that you pull through on your promise to travel and experience the life you’ve always envisioned yourself living.

Experiencing new cultures is absolutely critical as you’ll begin to grow into the person you’re meant to become.

You’ll come face to face with endless beauty and wonderful experiences. If you don’t make these once in a lifetime memories, you’ll totally regret it. You have to stop putting these trips off and instead make some rash decisions and run away somewhere new! If you’re freaking out that you don’t have anyone to go with, simply go alone!

Aries Man: Going Camping With Your Best Friends
Sometimes the best things in life are those all around you. That’s why what you absolutely need is to pack your car, pick up your friends, and go camping. There isn’t much to it expect to remember to bring a positive attitude (and mosquito repellent)!

Camping with your friends will be an awesome experience! You’ll also get the chance to reconnect with nature while you’re at it. You’ll be hundreds of miles from the city and will be able to experience the world in its natural form. Most of all, we’re positive you and your friends will get into some pretty crazy situations out in the wild. These memories will make some awesome stories to tell around the fire during your future camping trips!


Scorpio Woman: Going All-In On Your Passions
As a fabulous Scorpio, you’re constantly filled with endless creative ideas you dream of perusing. We know that you feel like you have way too many ideas to decide between.

It’s time that you stop pondering what to pursue and instead follow your one passion that burns an endless fire in your soul.

This is the only thing that will leave you completely fulfilled and happier than ever! You’ll finally feel like the world is coming together as you’re heart is in love with what you’re doing. While it might be scary to pursue that one dream you’ve always had, it’s absolutely what you need to do. Let go and follow what you love!

Scorpio Man: Partying Until Sunrise
Forget about anything holding your back and live your life. There is no point in living your life in fear since we only have limited time on this earth. Grab your best friends and do whatever it takes to have an absolutely amazing time partying until sunrise.

This doesn’t just have to mean dancing the night away. Play some games, listen to music, go night swimming, and have those deep conversations. Embrace the night time and everything the world has to offer once most people are asleep. You have to forget about any fears you might have that are holding you back and prepare to experience life without any light!

Cancer Woman: Dancing The Night Away
Sometimes all you need to do is let loose and have a good time. You’ve been under some immense stress lately where you feel like the whole world is collapsing on top of you. Forget all of those worries and instead have a little fun.

Grab your girlfriends dance the night away!

It’s time that you relax a little and focus on yourself. You’ll always find a new problem to stress about when instead you should simply have a good time. While we completely respect your constant dedication and hard work, you have to realize that it takes over your life at times. Make a promise to yourself to go out dancing or partying at least once a week as a well-deserved break.

Cancer Man: Going Swimming At Night During The Summer
Going Swimming At Night During The Summer
Sometimes we all need to go a little wild and have fun during those hot summer days. While it’s absolutely amazing to go swimming during the day, it might be time to switch it up. If you really want to make an iconic memory to look back on, we recommend heading night swimming!

It’ll be scary and exhilarating at the same time. While we can’t guarantee that there isn’t anything lurking beneath the water, but we can tell you that you will feel on top of the world. Grab your swimsuit (or ditch it) and jump into the deep blue unknown. You can make the experience even better if getting to the water involves jumping over some type of fence; now that’s a memory that you are promised to never forget!

Capricorn Woman: Ditching Your Fears And Trying New Things
You’ll eventually reach a point in your life where you’ll realize that your fear of being judged was ruining your everything you could ever do. In order not to come to that realization when you’re running out of time, it’s time that you forget about your fears, and, instead, do all of those little things you’ve always dreamed about.

Since you only live once, it’s okay to go a little crazy and have fun!

Make a list of all of the new things you’ve been dying to try. Then make a pact with yourself that you’ll achieve one of the things on the list once a week. We guarantee that you’ll begin to feel like you’re living a more fulfilled life when you let go of everything holding you back and instead follow your passions. Remember that the only opinion that matters is your own!

Capricorn Man: Adrenaline-Rush Activities Like Skydiving
The last thing anyone wants is to realize they never got the chance to experience all of their crazy desires. Since Capricorns are willing to do absolutely anything to get their blood rushing, it’s only right that you throw in the towel and set some new limits for yourself.

Jump out of your comfort zone and experience something absolutely insane. This might be an activity like skydiving or bungee jumping. While there is a 99% chance that everything will be okay, maybe you need that 1% to truly test yourself and feel alive. Do you the mental strength to try something crazy and fun? If so, you’ll completely regret it if you never take the time to actually try these awesome things out!


Libra Woman: Endless Summer Festivals With Your Friends
We’re almost positive that you’ve seen those trendy Coachella Instagram shots all over your feed from time to time. We’ve all envied those adorable outfits, and more importantly the awesome time they had.

As a Libra, you adore spending time with your friends and having fun, that’s why you should spend a ton of time partying at outdoor festivals.

It’s safe to say that there is nothing better than listening to your favorite band play while you dance in the sunset. You’ll remember these moments forever and will cherish the time you spent with your friends. Don’t let anything stop you from having a good time!

Libra Man: Spending Time With Your Favourite Animals
As a Libra, you often enjoy being both the center of attention and then keeping to yourself. However, one of your favorite things is spending some one on one time with your favorite animals.

Whether it’s cats, dogs, or hamsters, maybe it’s time for you to finally get that cuddly friend you’ve always dreamed of. We promise you won’t regret having someone around you to give you that extra attention we all need. If instead, you’re more into wild animals, it’s time to travel to meet your long lost friends. Consider going on an African safari, or maybe even hit your local zoo. What’s important is for you to get the chance to truly interact with those fuzzy creatures. Remember that volunteering is always an awesome option!

Gemini Woman: Getting Artsy And Creative
As a Gemini, it often feels like you simply don’t have enough time to pursue everything you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s painting, writing, or any other creative pursuit it’s time to dive straight into all of them.

Instead of stressing over the fact that there will never be enough time to do everything you love, get started on something that makes you happy.

You’ll eventually figure out which input gives you the most fulfillment. Channel all of your inner energy to create some meaningful work that is special to you. Only then will you finally feel like the world is coming into alignment for you. Don’t be scared of your limited time on this earth, instead, make sure to take advantage of it and try everything!

Gemini Man: Doing Those Activities You’ve Always Dreamed Of
You’ve recently come to terms with how short life really is. The truth is you probably won’t be able to do every little thing that you’ve dreamed about. Instead, it’s time for you to truly value all of the time you actually have and make a plan as to what you’re going to do with it!

Make a list of the top activities you’ve dreamed of doing. Then pick one and make it into a reality. While some of them might be a little more difficult to complete, others are totally doable. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, start cooking, or ride a skateboard, it’s completely doable. Stop wasting your time stressing over your lack of time. Instead, make a promise to yourself to use every minute of it to the fullest!


Taurus Woman: Having One Of Those Movie-Like Romances
It’s safe to say that almost every woman dreams of living one of those movie-like romances. As a Taurus, you’re incredibly spontaneous and are a sucker for anything romantic.

While we definitely understand you need someone special for this, once you found the person make sure to go all out to make things as romantic as possible.

It’s not like love is beautiful fully on its own. Instead, it takes a ton of effort to grow it into something magical and life-changing. If you feel like you have that special someone in your life, then give them that movie like romance. There’s a huge chance that they will reciprocate the love in your direction as well. There’s no point in waiting around and hoping to live a movie like romance, make it yourself!

Taurus Man: Those Crazy Parties We’ve All Seen In Movies
Grab your friends and do all of those crazy things you’ve always dreamed of! If this is to attend one of those insane parties, it’s totally doable. While most people won’t be able to attend a Project X like party, even fewer people will host one.

If you’re truly passionate about recreating those movie-like moments, then do it! Host a wild party that everyone will remember for decades. If you don’t feel like that’s a great idea, then attend one! Music festivals such as Burning Man are known to get incredibly crazy as everyone parties well into the next day. Instead of spending your time thinking about these insane experiences, go after them!

Virgo Woman: Spending Your Days At The Beach
They say the best things in life are free, and they couldn’t be more right. Stop stressing over all of the little things keeping you down and instead live the life you want.

Forget about your priorities and responsibility and instead head to the beach.

Since Virgos adore nature, you’ll feel completely at ease spending your days rolling around in the sand and swimming in the water. Grab your closest friends and let them in on your special beach trip away from anything stressing you out. These sun-kissed memories are exactly what you need to feel alive and fulfilled!

Virgo Man: Truly Connecting With Nature

This is something we for sure have to do or else we’ll totally regret it. If you’ve been feeling a little more stressed than usual lately, it’s the time for you to head into nature and truly relax. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is spend some time on your own coming to terms with your thoughts.

We promise that you’ll feel even more fulfilled and reconnected with nature if you spend some time on your own. Perhaps go hiking, or read a book under a tree. These little moments to yourself will allow you to connect to the outside world and recharge. You’ll come to a few realizations that will be absolutely key in living the life you’ve always wanted!



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