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How He Want To Be Commit, A/c To His Sign

We have all heard of the stereotype that “men are afraid of commitment”. However, the whole idea of a guy owing us his commitment would imply that he has some sort of commitment obligation. The idea of being tied down to one woman for an extended period of time can seem unnatural or daunting.

Many guys feel like they need to sow their wild oats before putting a ring on it. The willingness for him to commit is something that, as a woman, you have absolutely no control over. The best you can do is recognize that indecision is a decision and to cut your losses when you have to. It is never a good idea to allow a guy to string you along with lame excuses as to why he can’t have an exclusive relationship with you. It simply means that he wants to explore other options outside of you.

However, the willingness or lack thereof to commit in a relationship depends on what makes the individual man tick. It can vary depending on their personality, and especially their Astrological sign. Here are the reasons and level of motivation that a guy will or won’t commit to you, based on his sign.

24Aries – Will Commit Immediately If He Is Feeling It

The Aries man is highly instinctual and will act on his gut over his mind. He is certainly not the type that is going to string you along and make you wait for an answer.

You will know right off the bat whether or not you are his girlfriend, and it might hurt your feelings if he says that you are not in a relationship.

You might even feel like things are moving too fast, but you just have to find a way to keep up with him. The Aries dude makes fast decisions and doesn’t second guess them. Strike while the iron is hot is the mantra that he lives by.

23Why Aries Is Like This:

As one of the most masculine signs in Astrology, the Aries man knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Ruled by Mars (the planet of vitality and aggression), he makes his moves quickly and without hesitation. His willingness to commit will never be a problem if he knows that you are someone that he wants to be with. However, if he only sees you as something casual, there will be no changing his mind. This guy already has his mind made up about what he wants in a woman before he has even met you in the first place.

22Taurus – Needs To Take As Much Time As Possible

Much unlike the Aries man, the Taurus man is ruled by Venus (the planet of harmony and beauty) so he doesn’t see the rush in taking the big jump and getting down on one knee. This is a more cautious type of guy that needs to see things through before he makes any big decision.

Even if he is head over heels for you, he needs to know that you bring an element of peace and tranquility into his life.

Any sign of drama will have him running in the other direction. If he sees you as a domesticated and traditional woman that shares his values, only then will he be willing to commit.

21Why Taurus Is Like This:

Slow and steady is the Taurus’s MO. He doesn’t like feeling like he is being rushed into anything and nagging is the easiest way to send him running for the hills. Even if you have been dating a Taurus for a long period of time, you must be patient because he doesn’t like to make hasty decisions that he will regret later.

The Aries guy before him probably jumped the gun too soon and is now asking himself, “what did I just get myself into?” The Taurus avoids these types of situations by seeing you in a variety of moods and circumstances before he makes things official with you.

20Gemini – Will Go Back And Forth On His Decision

The Gemini guy has a dual personality and a childlike charm that keeps you on your toes. While he is entertaining you and making you laugh, you almost forget to even bring up “The Talk” because that is just too serious. Why would you spoil all the fun by pressuring him to commit? Well, that’s his game.

He wants to distract you while he takes his sweet precious time to make up his mind.

Then finally, one day you might bring it up. All of the sudden, he will change the subject or tell you “let’s just see how this goes.”

19Why Gemini Is Like This:

The Gemini guy has two sides to his personality: one that wants to commit and one that doesn’t. This is the inner turmoil that he deals with whenever he starts dating someone who vibes with him. One part of him wants to commit and be monogamous, but the other is his inner child that doesn’t want to grow up.

While he drags you along with this indecision, he might bench you while he explores other options. His curious nature makes him perpetually wondering what else is out there. Geminis are highly social and prefer the company of others, whether it’s you or other ladies.

18Cancer – Will Commit If You Prove That You Can Take Care Of His Needs

What a Cancer boy needs is someone who is warm and nurturing. This is because many of them are either mommy’s boys or they are seeking someone who is a mother-like figure in his life. Cancers are ruled by the Moon which represents the feminine cycle of life. Yes, you heard that right.

Cancers will want to keep you around for the long-term or even perpetuity if you can cook, clean and make a good home for them.

If you are the type that likes to go out, party, flirt and be social, then that might scare him off. Cancers want someone who is just as domesticated as they are.

17Why Cancer Is Like This:

At the end of the day, the Cancer man is quite a simple one and just wants his basic needs to be taken care of. He is emotional and needs that reassurance from his partner that everything is going to be okay. What he wants is a woman who will take care of his physical and emotional needs. Although it can be draining, the payoff will be that he will commit to you without hesitation if you can prove yourself in this regard. If he sees you as someone who is reckless or a loose cannon, he won’t feel like he owes you anything.

Leo – Will Commit To Only That Special One

The Leo guy is charming, charismatic and lights up any room that he walks into. If you are going to be his main girl, then he wants to know that you make him shine when he is in the spotlight. Leo men typically go for the glamazons, or the hottest girl that they can possibly find. This is because they like to aim high and want to know that their partner is going to contribute to their high opinion that they already have about themselves.

If a Leo guy is on the fence about you, then watch out.

You are pretty much asking to be played at that point.

Why Leo Is Like This:

Leo is ruled by the Sun, so that means he believes that the world revolves around him in the same way that all the planets rotate around the Sun. People tend to initiate things with him unless he feels the need to take charge (but that will always be on his own terms). Remember that if a Leo decides to commit to you, it will be on his terms whether you like it or not. There will be no negotiating or ultimatums with this guy because he will simply dismiss you out of his life. If a Leo is looking for something casual, you better believe that it will stay casual.

Virgo – Needs To Know You Have That One Thing He Is Looking For Before Committing

A Virgo guy is practical and is looking for someone that he shares the most common interests with. You might find that he is asking you all these questions about what you like to do, what your favorite type of music is and so on and so forth.

This is because he is probing you to see whether or not you are his type or not.

In other words, he is trying to figure out whether or not you are worth his time enough to commit to. If you get rejected, it will definitely be because you didn’t pass his series of tests that he set out before you.

Why Virgo Is Like This:

Virgos don’t always know exactly what they want, but they definitely know it when they see it. Their dating life tends to be a big trial and error for them. Since they are ruled by Mercury, they are the masters of communication and know how to ask the right questions. They know that if you give your honest answer and it bodes well with them, then they definitely will be willing to commit for a longer term relationship. Virgos always have the amazing ability to learn what did and didn’t work out for them in past relationships. Therefore, they know which types of girls to not date long term and which ones to commit to.

Libra – Notoriously Non-Committal Unless Given An Ultimatum

Libra men are ruled by the poetic and artsy side of Venus so that means that they are in love with the idea of being in love. When they are single, they like to play the field as much as possible. To them, all these different flavors of girls are like trying out different flavors at an ice cream shop.

The more variety that is in front of them, the longer it will be for them to make a decision.

If you are seeing a Libra and it is not official between you and him, you almost always have to assume that he is seeing someone else. Usually, a Libra only ends up committing when whoever they are seeing puts their foot down and says, “so…are we doing this or are we not doing this?”

Why Libra Is Like This:

Because of their romantic and flirtatious nature, Libra guys know how to tell girls what they want to hear in order to win them over. To them, flirting comes as second nature where some guys tend to struggle with it. This is why they tend to have more than one option when it comes to girls that they can potentially date. Not to mention they are an air sign so that means that they can blend into any social situation seamlessly. This gives them more opportunities not only to make new friends but to meet new girls. A Libra guy can string you along for up to a year and still be dating other ladies.

Scorpio – Will Only Commit If He Feels That Deep Connection

Scorpio guys can come off as aloof, reserved and mysterious. You can spot one of these fellows with that piercing stare of his that will either intimidate you or lure you in wanting to get to know him more. At first, their attraction to you will be purely physical but it will take some deeper connection to get them to want to commit.

If you are just a cute girl, he will see his attraction to you like something that is superficial and just call it a fling.

However, if you can get him to open up and talk about his deep secrets, then you are in like Flynn. However, that is a lot of work and not too many accomplish that.

Why Scorpio Is Like This:

The sign of the Scorpio embodies the phrase, “still waters run deep.” Though they aren’t always the most talkative in a group of people, they are always paying attention and analyzing what others are saying. Without knowing it, he can analyze you and figure you out faster than he will ever be given credit for.

After he breaks you down and sees who you really are as a human being, it is only then will he decide whether or not he wants something long-term with you or not. If he decides to reject you then you will feel the pain of his stinger.

Sagittarius – By Far The Most Non-Committal (Seriously, Don’t Even Try)

The Sagittarius guy is a wild-horse that is a free-spirit and just wants to do what he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. He has a hard time staying in one place for a certain period of time, much less with the same girl.

Sagittarius love to get to know different types of people from all walks of life.

When it comes to dating, he just wants to test the waters as much as possible, especially if they are still in their twenties. It will be hard getting a Sagittarius to commit because they value their freedom so much, and relationships can get in the way of that.

Why Sagittarius Is Like This:

A Sagittarius man doesn’t really take anything in life seriously, even when he should. Since he is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and luck, he depends on fate to carry him through life without much consequence. He believes that life should be all about fun and excitement. Unfortunately, relationships by their very nature can be boring and uneventful, and getting stuck in the same routine can make him restless. This isn’t the type of guy who can just call on every night for Netflix and chill. He will always be thinking about where his next adventure will take him.

Capricorn – Needs To Know You Share His Values Before Committing

Capricorns are the strong and silent type who prioritize their career ambitions first before their love lives. At the same time, they are traditionalists and sometimes you find them in relationships simply because that’s what one does.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he sees you as long-term relationship material.

To him, having a woman around is what completes a man even if he isn’t in it for the long haul. The good news is that he is a serial monogamist and typically only dates one girl at a time. Capricorns tend to get married later in life since they want to have their ducks in a row before making a serious commitment.


Why Capricorn Is Like This:

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn which is the planet of wisdom, discipline, and restriction. This means that they are not the types that lose themselves in a relationship, no matter how “in love” they are. They have their priorities together and they know when it’s time to get down to business. If you are dating a Capricorn guy, chances are that he is focused on school, pursuing a law or medical degree, or just focused on succeeding in life. Like the goat that symbolizes the sign, they want to climb the highest mountain. They also have high ambitions when it comes to women because they want the best possible partner for them. This means that they won’t settle for less.

Aquarius – Sees Commitment As Something That Is “Old-Fashioned”

If you are dating an Aquarius guy, chances are that you two started out as friends. Either that, or he approached you in a casual fashion and asked you to hang out with him in his element. Ruled by Uranus (no pun intended), he is unpredictable, rebellious and a revolutionary at heart.

This means to date him will mean you and him against the world.

He doesn’t like to conform to what society expects of him, and yes that includes monogamy and commitment. He values his independence over anything else and if you try to get in the way of that, he will become resentful. He is innovative and believes in progressive relationships like polyamory and open relationships.

Why Aquarius Is Like This:

Aquarian always see their romantic relationships as extended versions of their friendships. If you are dating an Aquarius, they will treat you the same way that they treat everybody else. In fact, it might even seem like they don’t see you as anything special. Don’t take it too personally. Chances are, their exes have felt the exact same way. Think of Aquarian as aliens among the human race. Sometimes, they have a hard time understanding basic social norms (such as commitment) because they are non-conformists and march to the beat of their own drum. The best thing you can do is follow their lead and just see where it goes.

Pisces – Lives Up To The Term “Slippery Fish”

When a Pisces is in love with a girl, he will dedicate his commitment 100%, but it might take a while for him to warm up to you. This is because he is a water sign so he can be sensitive, even if he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. During that time when he decides whether or not he wants this serious relationship with you, you might find him wandering around in places he shouldn’t be.

The sign of the Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of dreams and escapism.

If he feels conflicted in any way, he might trail off and unknowingly sabotage the relationship, so be careful with that.

Why Pisces Is Like This:

Since Pisces are not leader or self-starters, they often look to others to decide what they want in a relationship. In other words, you will most likely have to be the one to initiate “the talk” or the “define the relationship” conversation. It is not uncommon for a Pisces to not know what they want so when it comes to decision making, they would rather just have someone else do it for them. It just makes their lives easier this way. These guys are the most chill, “go with the flow” signs so it will really depend on the vibes you give him for it to work out.


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