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The 3 Biggest Attention Seekers According To Their Zodiac Sign

Whether you are on this list or not, you have to admit that having attention seekers around you can get very annoying and frustrating. They don’t really understand what boundaries are, they’re needy and more often than not, they embarrass themselves. They struggle with social difficulties caused by a number of reasons, mostly insecurity. It can get very hard to deal with people like that, and if you’re not sure whether are you one of them, astrology might help. Here are the 3 Zodiac signs that are the biggest attention seekers.

1. Leo

What a surprise, right? No, not really. Leo’s are known for having an incredibly dominant personality, so it’s very hard to ignore them. Leos will go out of their way to grab attention from anyone, often with a lot of drama. If you are not giving them enough attention already, they will make you pay attention to them by any means necessary. This doesn’t mean a Leo is a bad friend. On the contrary, they are good and caring friends which is a double-edged sword. They are like that to improve your thoughts about them. Whether you see that or not, it’s the truth. In conclusion, a Leo is the ultimate attention seeker amongst all other signs, and by any means possible they will take the spotlight wherever they are.

2. Scorpio

Maybe not the biggest attention seeker on purpose, but you for sure will never be able to ignore a Scorpio. Without much effort and without actively seeking attention, they will stay in your mind. Again, this doesn’t mean they are passive people, it’s quite the opposite. They usually don’t go out of their way to make an impression, but if shit gets real, they are able to easily get the attention of a room and they are sure to get their point across. A Scorpio is genuinely a happy person and gets along with all of their friends, but they can also get a bit overdramatic when something bad happens to them—and their friends are the first ones to know that.

3. Gemini

A Gemini absolutely loves to have all the attention. As genuinely sociable people, living their lives with a lot of fun and friends, Geminis will be the ones that are surrounded with others at a party talking about how crazy their weekend was. If you started a conversation with a stranger while waiting for the bathroom in a club, chances are that you just met a Gemini. Having a Gemini friend can get a bit annoying because they tend to get frustrated if they notice nobody is paying attention to them. Getting attention back is not a problem for them, and they will do it one way or the other—the easy way or the hard way.



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