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These Are The 5 Most Toxic Zodiac Signs

1. Taurus

This sign is obsessed with control and if they are in a relationship, they have to take care of every single detail. If you are dating a Taurus and you need some time to be alone, they will never let you. They simply need to be with you all the time so they can control all your moves. They know that you are fun and easy-going and that every man would like to be with you. Just because they are so insecure, they make life worse for the people in their lives. Their love relationships never succeed and in most cases it is their own fault. So if you date a Taurus, be careful about what you say or do in front of them, because they can form the most complicated scenario in their head and blame you for everything.

2. Gemini

Gemini is toxic for one reason only. They simply donโ€™t know what they want in life and when there is a problem they have to solve, they will choose the easiest way to do it. When they are in a relationship, they will pretend that everything is okay, even if it isnโ€™t, then in the middle of the night you will get an angry text telling you that you are guilty of everything that happened. They simply canโ€™t control their reactions and they do things impulsively. If you are dating a Gemini, they will probably make your life a living hell by constantly asking if you are cheating on them or if you have something going on with that handsome colleague from your office. Questions like that will make you lose your mind and you will have to leave them because of too much pressure. So, next time you meet a Gemini, think twice about accepting his suggestion to go on a second date.


3. Leo

Leo will always pretend that they are the only victim in your relationship and that you are neglecting them. But the real truth is that you need some time alone because they are suffocating you with all their questions about your life. And yes, all the questions have a negative connotation. When being in a relationship with them, they want you to only have eyes for them. They will be jealous of every man who approaches and says, โ€˜Hi.โ€™ It is because they are so insecure and they want to have you only for themself. Also, be prepared that they will be jealous of your co-workers because you spend more time with them than with your Leo (I must admit, this is a little bit creepy). So, it is up to you if you put them back on track or just leave them, because sometimes it is better to leave what is broken than to fix it.

4. Scorpio

DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE! Scorpio is seriously fucking crazy when it comes to relationships. They like to play mind games with their partners and drive them as crazy as possible. They are the ultimate masters in brainwashing, so after a couple of โ€˜sessionsโ€™ with your Scorpio, you will probably forget about your family and devote yourself only to them. They will never care about your needs or about the people you love. I just hope that you will realize in time that you are dating a fucking control freak and that you will get rid of them ASAP.


5. Capricorn

This sign is very intelligent when it comes to relationships. They show their real face in front of their partner but they pretend to be someone else in public. If you are dating one, never reveal all of your secrets, though, because they will use them against you. They simply canโ€™t accept the fact that you are more beautiful or more successful than they are. If something is not like how they want it to be, they will be uptight all day until they get what they want. All in all, they act like kids and it is really difficult to develop a stable relationship with them.



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