It is never okay to use your zodiac sign as justification for your rude or careless behavior.

Yet when it comes to relationships and love, it would do you good to consider the personality types of the various zodiacs.

You can understand how each zodiac sign works and once you know which ones you’d be least compatible with, you can try harder with the ones you have some chances of success.


The secure and driven Aries needs people who would help them reach their true potential yet remind them to take breaks. If you don’t plan on supporting these hard-working people, just stay away.

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If you are not willing to stay committed, do not even bother wasting a Taurean’s time. They don’t like change and are very dedicated when it comes to relationships. If you are flaky with them, they will call out on your BS and leave you hanging.



Geminis are extroverts who love to party. Unless you can keep up with their fun energy, they will not warm up to you. If you’re too closed off, they will lose you in a heartbeat.


These caring, emotional, nurturing souls need someone who understands them. They know how vulnerable they are so they tend to be rather introverted at times. You can build a genuine relationship with these people only if your emotions for them are authentic.


They are always in the spotlight. Everyone loves them for their fierceness and you must be able to support them while they enjoy the attention. If you’re not up for it, stay far away from them.


This is one sign many others find it difficult to gel with. Virgos tend to be over-critical of others and people leave them too soon. When with the right person, Virgos can be extremely positive but you need to test the waters before jumping in.


Very fast in putting their guards up, Libras rarely express their true selves or emotions. You must be patient and willing to put in the hard work to get through to them.

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They are old school romantics and need to be appreciated. If you are not game, they will leave you stranded.


Sagi’s love adventures and make many mistakes on their way. But they run from them as fast as they can. Keep this in mind before you start going off to far-away adventures together.


They need calm and composure. They like to stay within their boundaries and if you are someone willing to stay there with them, you two would really hit it off!


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Always befuddled, they are trying very hard to make sense of their own world. You need to handle them very carefully and have an open approach to keep them calm.


These quiet romantics are always searching for love but not willing to accept it when it comes to them. They don’t want too much attention, just let them be in their dream world. They are not the ones for the rather pragmatic signs of the zodiac.



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