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So it will not be boring even in a longer relationship

Everyday life and routine often become a problem for any longer relationship. It is boring for many, as soon as the first tingling in the stomach subsides. It is not difficult to give the romance a new impetus with simple means. Some helpful tips can be found here.

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A longer relationship threatens to become boring if the partners take each other for granted. If both parties are suddenly sitting on the sofa, watching TV and having nothing left to say to the better half, it’s high time to act.

Refreshing a long-term relationship with small gestures

his dating method gives your relationship a new lease of life Avoiding boredom in a longer relationship often means work. Those who do not try hard often have a dissatisfied partner. So try to show your sweetheart with little gestures how important he or she is to you. That does not mean that you have to come home every day with a bouquet of flowers. It is also enough to remember that today’s partner had an important exam or meeting and asked how it went. With nice messages in between, it will not be boring even in a longer relationship, because a small “I think of you” has certainly harmed anyone yet.

Longer relationship and bore dom

If you are dissatisfied with something, do not pry on your partner. Just become active yourself! If you think you do not talk enough, think of a few topics that you would like to talk about in advance. Prepare a nice meal and shut off all the interference such as cell phones and TVs. Your partner will surely appreciate the effort. You have too little sex ? Then just surprise your loved one with a few new lingerie – who could say no?

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Enjoy your time-outs

When the longer relationship becomes boring and the common daily routine causes you to feel that you can not breathe, it’s time for freedom. Just spend a weekend away from your partner, with friends or drive without your sweetheart on vacation. Nice side effect: After the return, there is again new conversation.

5 things you should say to your partner on a regular basis

Express your love with the right words. Besides the most important sentence “I love you”, there are others that your partner will be very happy about. Small signs of  love  are good for self-esteem, they relax, they are positive and confident and they drive a bad mood. They say to the partner: I am glad and grateful that you are there. The five languages ​​of love are guaranteed to increase relationship happiness: praise and recognition,  togetherness , gifts, helpfulness and tenderness. We’ll tell you the words that best show your affection to your partner. 1. “You did a great job!” 2. “I would like to do something special with you, we have never tried it” 3. “I brought you something” 4. “Can I help you with this?” 5. “Let’s cuddle”

What holds partners together

What keeps you together as a couple? This question asked the online dating agency  about 500 people who live in a relationship. 55 percent of respondents consider mutual  support and support very important. This is followed by  respect and appreciation  (42%). Well, one in four states – completely unromantic -, one stays together, since one got used to each other very much and is a  well-rehearsed team  (28%).

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Interesting rush and pure passion, interestingly enough, seem to be rather insignificant for lasting relationship happiness: only 16 percent of the respondents claim to love their partner as euphorically as on the first day.    


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