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See How People Cheat On Relationships Based On Their Zodiac Signs


Based on the Zodiac signs, some people are most likely to cheat than others. This statement can, of course, be contradicted in that not everybody is the same; there are definitely other factors that may decide whether or not one would cheat in a relationship. But, most importantly, keep in mind that cheating is never justifiable, no matter what the reason. If you are not happy in a relationship, end it.

Here are the few of the reasons how each Zodiac sign cheats:

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Capricorns cheat just for fun—they are physical in nature. Most Capricorns live by a set of strict rules in their lives, and when they cheat, it is to fulfill their carefree nature. While it is unacceptable that they cheat, if they get caught they will only put on a sorry face. Their justification: no strings attached as the form of cheating is only physical in nature—there’s no deeper attachment.

They live by the rule that any physical relationship outside the main, more emotional one is not a relationship and the fact that they cheated does not seem to be cheating at all. For them, having sex outside of a relationship is just another adventure. If you try to make them feel guilty, they will simply gaslight you. And till one can actually make them feel guilty, in their hearts, they will stand by the fact that their actions are not wrong


Aquarians have a tendency to get attached too soon; they can fall for another person without thinking about it too much. In the later stages of a relationship, when they realize that their emotions are unfulfilled or that they have fallen for the wrong person, their tendency to cheat comes out. When they cheat, their emotions are invested in the second person. The best way to explain it is as if they just want a new toy to play with; it is doubtful if they will hold on to this interest for long either. An Aquarian cheating wants to let go of the tension associated of being caught, so it is highly likely that they will allow themselves to be caught by their partners—they are the most eccentric of the signs after all.


Pisceans are one of the most skillful cheaters from all the Zodiac signs. They will simply cheat on a person for selfish reasons or simply because they are bored. They are skillful because they will be able to love their partners with the same amount of passion and dedication without showing any signs of disinterest, all while having other interests. Trust us! They have plans and are not easy to catch—they are the fish after all!


Aries try their best to stay committed to a single person; but, when their sense of freedom takes over, all hell breaks loose and they will cheat on their partners. They may feel pangs of remorse but, that is easily taken over by their free-spirited nature. But there are times that if caught in the act, they would rather blame their partners and deep down inside, the adventurer in them will just say that they were exploring life.


Taurus is known for being a very loyal Zodiac sign. They are often considered to be the rock of their partners. And unless they fall in love with someone else—or fall out of love with you—they do not cheat. A Taurus gives 100 % in their relationships. If these efforts go unnoticed or if they feel that they are not emotionally fulfilled, that is when they will cheat on their significant other. This would also mean that the relationship has ended because they fall for someone who values their emotions. A typical Taurus would feel very guilty after cheating—they often beat themselves up after the act.


Geminis have very chaotic eyes and even slippery hearts—this is the sign that will cheat on you with your best friend (if your so-called best friend was ever your friend at all).  Since they are willing to cheat within the circle and because they aren’t careful, a Gemini is the Zodiac sign most likely to get caught cheating. When they do, they will be disappointed not for you or out of regret for their actions; rather, they will be disappointed because they got caught. It’s a huge blow to the ego that they have.



Similar to Taurus, Cancers are also very loyal in nature. Folks born under this sign are sensitive and empathetic; they will not cheat because they will put themselves in your shoes and think twice. If they lose interest in the relationship, they will indirectly tell you. If they feel that they have been taken for granted, they will slowly walk out but give subtle hints along the way, waiting for you to change. And if nothing else works and they still feel incomplete, Cancers may cheat or simply leave you.


Leos love attention; if they don’t get the attention they are looking for, they will cheat. They do not feel any sense of regret or remorse when they get caught. On the contrary, they will love it if you take the blame for their actions. It’s possible that Leos may hold themselves back from cheating because they do not want to face the unnecessary fights as a result of cheating. So just to keep the peace, they may stay committed to a single person, but it has nothing to do with loyalty.


Virgos have a very serious attitude in life and are known for being very meticulous. On top of that, their perfectionist nature and pragmatic actions make it impossible to find out if they are cheating. They usually take a long time to commit to a single person, but if their needs for perfection are not met by their partner, their eyes will wander. Their significant other will have no clue what is going on in their mind because of their suspicious nature.



Libras are considered to be dangerous cheaters. Much of this can be attributed to their charms, deception, and lies. They will cheat on you because they may feel entitled as if it’s an art. If caught, they will never take responsibility and will never miss a chance to claim their innocence and blame their partner.


Their relationships mean a lot to them and as passionate as they are, it is very difficult for them to cheat on their partners. They usually take a long time to fall in love and have a tendency to put their partners through tests. When they finally commit to a relationship, they will not cheat. In the event of infidelity, they feel very bad about it and will generally make a confession to their partners.


For the Sagittarius, cheating is a mode of stress relief. It is like a little game that they play from time to time in order to feel a rush and shrug off the stress of the work week. For a Sagittarius, cheating is like enjoying the weekend after a stressful week at work. They are capable of feeling guilty if they get caught, but no matter how many times they promise their partners they will not do it again, it is highly unlikely that they will stick to their words. The tendency to cheat is a natural urge that they cannot get rid of.



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