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The Type Of Woman He Absolutely Wants & The One That Just Won’t Do It For Him, Based On His zodiac Sign


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Modern astrology has evolved over time, but its roots stretch deep into the past, according to Time. More than 2,000 years ago the ancient Greeks developed the 12 signs that most of us know best. While strictly speaking, astrology isn’t a science, it has served as a useful and enduring mode of interpreting who we are and how we move through the universal problems of life and love.

Knowing the astrology sign of a potential partner can help to assess how best to approach a relationship. Each sign tends to have different characteristics that affect how they behave with regards to the sign of the person they’re thinking of dating. A new relationship can be so confusing, and after the initial spark, many couples are left with the task of finding out who their partner really is.

A gal might check her horoscope every day for guidance as to how to approach the day but may not consider learning more about her astrological sign or his when entering into a new relationship. Many of us may not be willing to admit it, but we often tend to have a preference for certain personality traits. Find out what type of woman he wants and what type that won’t do it for him by looking at how his astrological sign measures up.

Gotta Have It—Sagittarius: Fun And Free Francis

The lady who is most likely to catch the Sagittarian man’s eye is confident, intelligent, and has a kind word for others.

She’s always got a smile at the ready- something a Sagittarius guy appreciates.

Although she’s up on current events and well-read, she isn’t easily discouraged and loves to support a good social cause, as per Horoscopes. The woman most likely to capture the Sagittarian man’s heart is able to balance her love for freedom with a clear commitment to the relationship.

Just Won’t Cut It—Sagittarius: Personal Space Pamela


Sagittarian men expect a clear commitment but will quickly look for an exit strategy if they feel stifled. They prize independence in their partner but also demand their own personal space from time to time.

The only thing Sagittarian men dislike worse than a clingy partner is one who also nags, according to Horoscopes. He may see the nagging as a sign of insecurity. He also sees gossip as a further indication of an insecure partner and this will send him running fast and far.

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Gotta Have It—Gemini: Variety Show Vicky

A woman who can not only fly by the seat of her pants but enjoys the constant change is an ideal partner for the Gemini man.

When getting into a relationship with a Gemini guy, a lady who can hold her own in deep conversation with intelligence and humor will find success in love. 

Despite this changeability, his best relationships begin as friendships so his ideal partner is ready to take her time so they can really get to know each other first, according to My Astrofame.


Just Won’t Cut It—Gemini: Rigid Routine Rachel

A quiet homebody who needs the safety of routine is never going to last as a good partner for the Gemini man. He’s also not tradition-bound, as per Horoscope Compatibility. Emotions won’t keep him down for long as he is naturally light-hearted, so a partner who tends to dwell on things is going to rub the Gemini guy the wrong way.

Geminis don’t exactly go with the flow- they’re not patient enough and prefer to move of their own free will.

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Gotta Have It—Cancer: Needs You Nichole

Cancer men want to share their feelings and thrive best in relationships in which they feel needed by their partner.

A Cancer guy loves to play the role of protector and will be a steadfast guardian.

So the most compatible partner enjoys someone who will decide how best to nurture the relationship, as per Sign Astrology. Cancer guys also want to know their partner can be emotionally present for them also and cuddling up with their sweetie at home sounds like a fantastic evening.


Just Won’t Cut It—Cancer: Hard-Hearted Hanna

A Cancer guy will never feel at ease in a relationship with someone who is emotionally distant or closed off. He loves security and safety, and while he may be cautious at first, once he begins to fall in love he’ll want to explore those feelings.

A partner who doesn’t have the patience to delve into matters of the heart won’t be able to connect with a Cancer guy. Cancer men don’t like too much change or adventure, according to Sign Astrology.

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Gotta Have It—Capricorn: Success-Driven Susan

Capture a Capricorn’s eye with a competitive drive and keep him interested with stability-bringing success, according to Ganesha Speaks.

Capricorns will look for partners as intelligent as they are who have the drive to do better in the world but the good sense not to take too many risks.

Capricorn men are at their best when they are in sync with their partner but prefer to be the plan’s mastermind. A woman who is focused with a long-term plan is the most attractive to a Capricorn.

Just Won’t Cut It—Capricorn: Laissez-Faire Liza

A laid back lady will drive the Capricorn man absolutely nuts. He can’t stand a woman who can blow wherever the wind may take her. If she doesn’t have goals, she’s gone, as per Ganesha Speaks.

Capricorns themselves are far from mellow people, and too much mellowness in a partner can rub the Cap the wrong way. If his partner isn’t on board with actively working towards improving the family’s stability — then he could feel like the partnership is too unequal.

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Gotta Have It—Taurus: Tina Tells The Truth

A Taurus man isn’t very complicated and deception will put his back up quickly, so a woman who is straightforward and honest holds the key to his heart, according to Astrostyle.

Taurus guys don’t change direction easily, so a good partner is patient, but also ready to move when Taurus has finally decided to charge ahead.

Nothing lights the short fuse of the normally grounded and stable Taurus like a lie from someone they have learned to trust- honesty is necessary for a long-term relationship with this guy.

Just Won’t Cut It—Taurus: Subtlety Sabotage Sarah


Taurus guys will get frustrated quickly if he thinks someone is playing with them. When the Bull isn’t sure-footed, he’s uncomfortable. A woman who thinks she can send subtle hints to a Taurus and get her message across is in for a huge disappointment, as per Tarot.

A partner who gets hung up on the little details is going to clash with the Taurus who craves dependability. A Taurus might like things simple, but he’s not stupid, so mind games will only enrage him.

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Gotta Have It—Scorpio: Cool Confident Cathy

Scorpios are never simple and always complicated, so an ideal partner has the confidence and self-possession to handle the drama of a Scorpio partner with aplomb, according to Your Tango.

The Scorpio might be simultaneously moody and closed off, so a good match will have the patience to wait him out without falling into the trap of catering to his whims.

Scorpio will fall in love with the woman who can let him know how important he is to her without letting him walk all over her in the process.

Just Won’t Cut It—Scorpio: Insecure Isla

It’s a fine line between adoring and being a doormat, but Scorpio makes a clear distinction and won’t tolerate a partner who is too needy. It can be tough to fine tune the right approach when the Scorpio is moody and likes to be in control, as per Your Tango.

He also will struggle with free spirits and partners who don’t show what he considers to be enough drive to succeed. Insecurity and lack of motivation are weaknesses, and Scorpio can’t abide by them.

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Gotta Have It—Aquarius: Out There Ophelia

Weird is wonderful for the Aquarian man. He loves a wacky woman who shares his interests and enjoys his own little quirks, according to Metaphorical Platypus.

In fact, in several studies, Aquarius men most often married Aquarius women, indicating that they feel most comfortable with a partner who has a lot in common with them.

They’re not the type to have long conversations about deep feelings, focusing their energies instead on unusual ideas. Of course, that’s no problem if you’re an open-minded and equally “weird” partner.

Just Won’t Cut It—Aquarius: Leave It Alone Layla


Aquarians are chaotic people by nature and their emotional detachment is off-putting for some signs. Relationships with Aquarius men will fizzle out for women who cling too tightly or remain too aloof.

Moderation is key, but only if tempered by an open mind. Jealousy will ruin the relationship because no Aquarian can tolerate feeling tied down to anything. Partners that need control or order will cause an Aquarian man to feel stifled, but a partner who can’t get close enough to engage him intellectually won’t work either.

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Gotta Have It—Libra: Hearts In Harmony Helena

Libras tend to be peaceful so a relationship with the right lady will tend to be harmonious, according to Astrology Signs. A Libra needs to feel physically attracted to a potential partner at least at first.

But once he has started to fall in love, a Libra guy will dedicate himself to making the relationship work no matter how difficult things get.

He’s not always self-confident, but he’ll move heaven and earth to keep balance and appreciates a woman who can communicate her feelings.

Just Won’t Cut It—Libra: Steam-Rollin’ Samantha

The Libra guy might have some down days once in a while, but he can’t be with a partner who is domineering or overly passionate. Conflict will produce no positive benefits in a relationship with a Libra man. He may agree just to get the fight over with, and then resent his partner later.

Because Libras love balance, they may appear indecisive and women who need more action can get frustrated with what feels, to them, like a lack of motivation as per Astrology Signs.

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Gotta Have It—Aries: Action Packed Annie

Aries men are the embodiment of energy, and any gal who can keep up is very attractive to him. Aries loves a good, passionate argument to clear the air and actually appreciates a rip-roaring shouting match, according to Astromatcha.

The ideal Aries partner can tolerate a flare up and give as good as she gets.

She’s not afraid of his energetic approach to their relationship and knows when to exert a calming influence, because an Aries guy can sometimes cause damage with his fiery nature.

Just Won’t Cut It—Aries: Passive Peaceful Poppy

While Aries might initially enjoy a passive partner who lets them lead, they may find themselves losing respect for someone they can just mow down every time they want their way. Women who are sensitive and emotional might find the Aries man is apt to completely dominate the relationship, and that’s bad news for both.

Those signs that thrive on structure and order might wash out as partners for the Aries man as well, according to Astrology. If a gal can’t let Aries lead and also hold on to her sense of self, she could get hurt.

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Gotta Have It—Pisces: Generous Giving Gigi


Because a Pisces man will allow his partner to make a lot of mistakes, it’s possible for a more dominating sign to potentially take advantage of him.

A woman who appreciates the deep emotional connection that a Pisces can bring while also being willing to take on a leadership role from time to time can get the most out of a relationship with a Pisces guy.

If he feels loved, he’ll move mountains to make it last forever.

Just Won’t Cut It—Pisces: Impersonal Pragmatic Isabella

A partner who has a selfish streak or is too emotionally detached will let a Pisces man down, as per Sign Astrology. He’s also going to struggle with a partner who is too buttoned up or married to a routine.

Pisces has to feel some movement or flow or he’ll feel trapped and confined. Pisces will work harder than anyone to make a relationship succeed if he thinks she’s The One–but he has no problem moving on if she’s not.

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Gotta Have It—Leo: Rank Reinforcing Rita


A Leo thinks of himself as prestigious, and he’s not uncomfortable with being treated that way by others. In turn, he’ll give his ideal woman the special treatment, too. Leos are very romantic, according to Your Tango.

Whatever amount of attention you give a Leo he will repay in kind.

So shower him, and he will put his all into the relationship. He’s a fiery, active sign that loves nice things for himself and the one he loves who will blast through any of life’s problems.

Just Won’t Cut It—Leo: Go Your Own Way Gina

A woman who wants to go off and do her own thing will certainly be able to, but when she comes back, the Leo man will be long gone. Leos also aren’t very private people, so more reserved signs might be unhappy to find that problems in the relationship get bounced off the Leo guy’s ten closest friends, as per Your Tango.

A laid-back lady might not keep Leo’s attention. A hard-charging companion who gets too competitive will also find their relationship fizzling out quickly.

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Gotta Have It—Virgo: Order Lovin’ Olivia

Virgo men love law and order in their lives and this extends to their relationships as well.

Little details in the relationship never go unnoticed by Virgos, and they are reliable partners that will be able to discuss any problems with logic.

They look for the same adherence to responsibility in a love match, according to Astrology Companion. Their excellent organizational skills may mask deep feelings, but partners in touch with their own emotions will be able to make a deep connection.

Just Won’t Cut It—Virgo: Mess Around Melissa

A woman who is unreliable in any part of her relationship with a Virgo man will quickly find him moving on, as per Astrology Companion. He needs to know he can count on his mate to be who and what she says she is.

It’s not that he’s inflexible exactly, it’s just that if she is always changing her mind or plans, or if she messes around behind his back, he’ll end things to protect himself. A Virgo guy needs an agenda to work with.

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