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A Man Should Accept A Woman For Who She Is, And Not Change Her To Suit Himself

A man should accept a woman for who she is, and not change her to suit himself.
When we are young, many of us believe that we can control everything. This is true but with one caveat: none of us can change another person.

Getting married and thinking that your husband will become different from you is a disastrous idea. If you have thoughts that he is somehow different, but you try and change him, this is a sure sign that there is no need to rush into marriage.

A man should accept a woman for who she is

When starting a relationship with someone, we must understand that the person next to us is who he is. If he is used to, for example, eating in bed and throwing socks all over the house, no matter how hard you try, you are unlikely to change him.

He lived like this all his life! Why, for the sake of someone’s whim, should he change his habits, even if, in your opinion, stupid?

To understand his indignation, imagine that your partner is demanding that you stop doing what you love so much. For example, you like the “army” of cosmetic jars in the bathroom, and he suddenly demands to remove them.

How will you feel? Most likely, indignation, indignation, resentment.

Of course, you shouldn’t commit your life to a partner who, in turn, is trying to change you. A serious reason to think is if he constantly criticizes you, your weight, your habits, hobbies, and weaknesses.

It is unlikely that this man truly loves you; he is attracted to something else. This is probably an opportunity to increase their self-esteem at your expense.

True love is unconditional. If he loves you, he accepts you completely and completely, without trying to change you. Have you gained excess weight? So what, you remain the same!

Want to completely change your style? Your right! A loving person will only support you, and if your idea seems crazy to him, then he will express his point of view directly, calmly, without criticizing.

In a healthy relationship, there is no place for blackmail, ultimatums, insults, and endless quarrels. Each partner is a separate, accomplished individual, where both understand that they may have weaknesses and shortcomings, but do not make a tragedy out of it. They respect and value each other, protecting the relationship from omissions and misunderstandings.


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