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The Limit Of Love And Friendship Is Not Indifference, There Is A More Terrible Moment

The limit of love and friendship is not indifference; there is a more terrible moment.
Relationships that can no longer be changed…  The limit of love, friendship, kinship, and patience is not indifference. There is an even more terrible and final limit, although the word is good, positive.


The relief you feel after a person has left. He is not here. And it doesn’t matter where he is. If only he didn’t come back. Without him, it became spacious, fresh, quiet, and safe. It became much better when he left. You can live and breathe. And sometimes it’s a shame to admit it to yourself. Or wild. But that’s how it is.

This is what can be brought to by petty nagging, scandals, lies, complaints, whining, remarks – anything can be brought to this final limit of a relationship. Even the one who loved immensely. The one who was family and friends. The one who endured and fought for the relationship. It can be brought to relief.

When they close the door with relief or hang up. And they begin to breathe.

It was as if a weight had been lifted from your shoulders or someone had opened a window in a stuffy cell.

So one woman realized that when her husband goes on a business trip, she feels relieved. She begins to breathe and live. And the children begin to play and laugh. And the cat runs after the bow and purrs on its lap.

No one walks around the apartment with a gloomy face, nitpicking over little things. Don’t be afraid to talk – it interferes with your work! There is no need to endure offensive remarks and reproaches. Nobody lectures for hours. Don’t reproach or grumble…

She was so afraid of divorce. I was so hungry for drops of attention and rare good moments. I tried so hard to please, to avoid scandal, to keep her in the family. I was so tormented by jealousy…

And then one day I realized that I felt relief when the door closed behind my husband.

This is the very limit of a relationship – when they wait for the person to leave. And they accept his departure with relief. When it is easier without a person, he has become too heavy. Unbearable. And this is the absolute end of love…


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