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If You Want To Keep Her – Treat Her Like You’re Still Trying To Win Her

She’s not like any other girl you use to chase. She’s more like a butterfly. If you put her in a cage, you will take away her freedom. But if you let her fly, you will not be able to stop her.

The only way to keep her is to keep chasing her even though she’s already yours. This girl, just as a butterfly, likes to live a colorful life.

If you don’t pay her attention or make her feel appreciated, she will run away to someone else. But, don’t confuse her with being needy.

Understand that her wild nature won’t let her stand for less. She knows her worth, and if she senses that you’re taking her for granted, she will instantly spread her wings and fly away to where you’ll never find her again.


If you want to keep her, treat her like you’re still trying to win her.

Don’t think that once you’ve caught her, she will be forever yours.

If your intention is to keep her, make an effort to make her feel special in the days that are about to come. Win her love all over again, and she will be the best girl you’ve ever had.

Even though you know she’s yours, that doesn’t make her unavailable to others.

Show her that you care.

Hug her when she least expects it. Buy her something cute that reminded you of her, and her heart will melt with joy.

Show her your gentle side, and don’t be afraid to share your deepest fears. Treat her everyday like you’ve just met her.

Don’t think that you know everything about her because you don’t. Her smile hides the deepest, sweetest secrets that you’re about to discover.

You just have to show her that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Give her attention even when she’s rejecting you.

Don’t ever leave her alone when she tells you so. It is exactly when she needs you the most.

She is just too stubborn to admit that she is allowed to feel down too. Kiss her and tell her how beautiful she is from the inside out.

Hug her even if she starts pushing you away. Tell her that everything will be fine, and she’s not alone.

If you want to keep her, tell her that she doesn’t have to try hard because she’s already perfect the way she is.


Surprise her.

Surprise her like you used to when the two of you just started dating. Send her a rose when you’re at work to show how much you miss her.

Don’t think that once you win her attention, you don’t have to bother maintaining it.
You have to keep surprising her, so that she feels entertained and nourished.

If you don’t fight for her attention, you’ll make her feel neglected, and you’ll lose her. Be creative in everything you do, and she’ll recognize your effort.


Treat her with respect, even in the toughest moments.

If you treat her with respect even when she thinks she doesn’t deserve it, she will stay.

It’s easy to respect someone for something good that they’ve done, but it takes a real man to treat someone with respect even when they know that the person is not right. If she tells you something insulting, tell her how much you love her and that you know she’s just tired.

Don’t think if something bad happens, you should immediately stop fighting for her. If you want to keep her, find a way to understand both her sides and not just the good one.

If you want to keep her, tell her how much you love her.

Don’t ever miss a chance to wish her good night and tell her how much you love her.

Don’t think that once you’ve said it, she’ll know that it is so. You can never overdo it. Don’t miss a day to show your affection, and she will stay.

If you want to keep her, fight hard for her because if you don’t, know that someone else surely will.



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