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15 Swoon-worthy Reasons Why I Want To Kiss You Asap

Why wouldn’t we toss away all the words and start speaking through kisses? A kiss will tell us much more than all the words in the world.

I want to kiss you and see what happens, that’s all.

We could talk endlessly and go into philosophical debates about why us kissing would or wouldn’t be a good idea but in the end, we will never know if we don’t try.


If you are still not convinced, let me list all the reasons why I want to kiss you ASAP:


1. I want to kiss you because it all starts with a kiss

The only way we will know if this is real is if we kiss. We will see if these tensions between us can come to life. We will see whether these feelings are something imaginary or real.

Don’t you know that it all starts with a kiss? A kiss is the first step to falling in love. It’s the first step into a relationship. It could be the first step to forever.

2. It’s the perfect way in which you can tell me that you are into me as much as I am into you

I can’t read your mixed signals or body language signs anymore. I know that something is going on at your end too.

I know it’s not just me. But I want to know for sure. Either you are in or you are out. Kiss me and let me know.


3. I want more

I want more than a hug meaning we are friends. I want more than occasional pats on the back and accidental brushes as we pass one another.

I want to be kissed by you. I want to be cuddled. I want to be loved.

4. I daydream about that kiss

I already kissed you a million times in my mind. My imagination is so vivid that I could almost feel your lips pressed to mine.

I think about you even when there’s nothing there to remind me of you, when I haven’t seen you or your Facebook posts, when I haven’t heard from you but you are still on my mind.


5. To be completely honest, I find you irresistible

Everything about you is mesmerizing. I love the way you talk, smell, move. I like that little dimple on your cheek when you laugh.

I drown in you, both mentally and physically. I want to kiss your mind. I want to kiss your soul. I want to kiss every inch of your body. I want to be lost in you.

6. We share a chemistry that cannot be denied

It’s almost visible. That’s why other people tease us and tell us that we should hook up already. I blush and I change the subject but I have to admit I agree with them.

There is this force between us. We are connected in some way and I can’t explain it. But there is something there, something worth exploring.


7. There’s something about your cherry lips that makes me think that you are an amazing kisser

I don’t think you will need making out tips, I think you will kiss just perfectly. I even envy the women who were there before me.

But there’s no point in thinking about it. What matters is that one of us makes the first move with the first kiss. I have to admit that I can’t wait to taste those soft cherry lips of yours.

8. Even if it turns out a bit awkward, as long as it’s with you, it doesn’t matter

We might not get it right the first time. Our noses might bump into each other. Our expectations could be crushed because we have spent a lot of time thinking about it. I have, at least, as you can see.

But it really doesn’t matter what happens or how it all goes down; what’s important is that our lips meet already. I can’t wait anymore, this tension is killing me.


9. For me, kissing is the most intimate act

It’s just as intimate as making love. Two people become one when they kiss. It might sound cheesy but I really feel that way.

A kiss says much more than words. It uncovers the level of infatuation two people have for one another. It makes feelings surface and come out into the open. It tells you if your lips belong together.

10. I am intoxicated by your smell

I don’t know which brand of cologne you use but it makes my head spin every time you cross my path. It makes me wish you could linger around me just a bit longer.

And you know what? If you ask me, nothing is more attractive than a man who smells good.

11. You are kiss-worthy

I don’t want to kiss you just because you are cute and sexy. There is so much more to you. You are genuinely a good person.

You are kind, loving and attentive and I know that there are so many more layers to you that I wish I could get the chance to discover. I want to get to know you on a deeper level.

12. We could be a lot happier together than we are apart

“Happiness is like a kiss – it feels best when you give it to someone else.” ~ Unknown

Whoever said this knew what they were talking about. Kissing someone you are into is a form of instant happiness.

Maybe we don’t need any reinforcement as the feel-good hormones (like endorphins) will work their charms into making us feel better and by doing so, bring us closer together.

13. If we kiss, we might just stay together

Kissing will inevitably bring us closer. There is something in kissing that promotes togetherness. Something that bonds two people together. Something intimate and inexplicable.

And I firmly believe that people who kiss every day stay together longer. Would you help me test that theory?


14. Practice makes perfect

If we ever kiss for the first time, that’s something that will stay imprinted in our memories. But the first kiss will be just the initiation to the master skills of kissing we could perfect.

Like all good things in life, kissing becomes better with time. Also, as our feelings grow, kissing becomes more important and more loving.

15. Why not?

Really, why wouldn’t we kiss? Not having a good reason not to is a reason enough to go for it.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain from that one simple kiss I’ve been waiting a long time for.

I want to kiss you and I want to be kissed by you. I want to see that you reciprocate. I want to know that you crave me as much as I crave you.

I want you to kiss my forehead, my neck, my lips and every inch of my body. I want you to discover my body. I want you to kiss my soul.

This kiss might stop us, end us, before we even begin but it could also be the start we need to have something amazing.

In any case, it’s worth the risk.

If it does take us somewhere, I want it to be something real. I don’t want an almost. I don’t want to share those lips with anybody. I don’t want to see ‘love paragraphs for her’ on your phone.

I want your lips to be devoted only to mine. I want you to be someone I can trust wholeheartedly. Someone I can share my secrets with and confide in.

I want the love and kisses to feel safe and all mine.

I want it all but we have to kiss first. We need to discover that this isn’t all something make-believe. I want it all but you have to want it too because even a kiss has to be reciprocated, let alone everything else in a relationship.



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