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If You Really Want To Keep Her, Give Her A Reason To Stay

You have to do things differently. You have to think things through and look into the future. You have to be smarter. Because, if you go on doing the same things, you’re going to lose her. Don’t allow yourself to lose a true chance at happiness. Don’t lose a woman like her because no one will love you like she does

You’re taking her love for granted.

You probably think that she is going to be here forever. You think that her love will be eternal. It will be, but only if you start appreciating her and snap out of whatever scenario is going around in your head. She will love you forever if you show her that you care. I know you do, but you fail to show it. You are too selfish and it can get you to a point where you don’t want to be—without her.

You don’t appreciate her.

You fail to see all her attempts to humor you. You fail to see how much she is trying to keep this relationship alive. You go deliberately blind whenever she does something for you which you haven’t deserved. Stop for a moment and open your eyes! Show her that you respect and value all her efforts for the two of you to make it. Show her that you want your relationship to last, too.


She won’t be there for you always.

If you continue acting like this, she’ll come to her breaking point and she’ll snap. She won’t be able to take it anymore. She won’t be able to put up with you and your inconsideration. Although she loves you, she will be forced to leave to save herself. She will have to let you go. It will hurt her, but she is strong and because she is strong, she’ll leave. She has the capacity to go through another heartbreak rather than stay in a loveless relationship.

You keep taking second chances as if they were infinite.

She won’t do this forever. You’ll come to a point when she’ll walk away and turn her back on you. You keep asking for so much and you don’t give anything in return. That is exhausting and she can endure it—but only for a while. Then, she’ll take back control of her life, she’ll leave you and you’re going to end up hurting. Do you really want that? Do you really want to lose her because you’re being inconsiderate?


You’re just playing with her emotions.

Why do you have to be so reckless? You’re being hot and cold while she is tip-toeing around you, making sure she doesn’t hurt you, making sure she doesn’t say something wrong despite the fact that she is hurting even more. Her heart is fragile. It’s full of love she has to give. Why can’t you see that? Snap out of it and see what a beautiful woman you have by your side. Someone who gives you so much more than you deserve. Someone who is honestly too good to be true. Instead of appreciating that, you’re taking it for granted.

If you leave her, she won’t have any choice other than to leave you to take care of her broken pieces.

Then it will be her time to be selfish and you won’t have the right to say absolutely anything about it. You won’t have the right to protest her decision. Honestly, if you go on treating her like this, you had it coming. If you don’t know how to respect something you have, then you’re not worth it in the first place.

Wake up! This is probably your last warning. She won’t love that selfish you for too much longer. She will run out of patience and time. She’ll get tired waiting for you to react, to show that you really care. Come to your senses and do something!

Don’t let the best thing that has ever happened to you slip away. Don’t let her become broken. If you love her, you’ll fight for her. You won’t stand seeing her sad and disappointed. If you love her, you’ll give it your best.



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