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How Hard The Air Zodiac Signs Love

In astrology, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are the three air signs. The air element governs this trio, which is the prevailing energy present in their personalities and lives.

Air signs are usually intellectual, engaging, and sociable; they can even be flighty, scattered, and superficial.

In astrology, when in love, these air signs bring their airy intellectual energies with them. They enjoy being in a relationship and dating. They are able to find a new lover very quickly, because of their social abilities, and charm, and they want a person they can talk to or even stimulate his or her mind.

The sign of Gemini possesses an endless curiosity which they want someone else to match, and the sign of Libra possesses a pleasant and nice way for establishing communication, and it does not want some big fights. The sign of Aquarius may open others up to new perspectives they never would have thought of.

In astrology, these air signs may be committed and comfortable single. Each of the ways works fine for them, and what is the most important thing to them is finding a partner they will feel intellectually connected to.

Libra is a commitment sign, and it is the aptest one to commit of the other two air signs; however, Libras want independent relationships. Aquarius wants to be alone, without committing or dating, unless he or she finds someone that will intrigue him or her endlessly.


When talking about romance, these air signs may have quite an excellent appreciation for that matter; however, generally said, they don’t want to romance themselves, but to be romanced.

They tend to take more heady approaches to romance, which means that they will write poetry or love letters, or even songs for a person they adore. Although they appreciate romance, they may also hang out in some quiet restaurant and talk for hours.

Also, when talking about passion, these signs may appear quite cool on their outside. As they are intellectual signs, their foreplay may be talking.

When others would like to turn these signs on, he or she needs to talk to them. These signs want passion, not only a physical but also a mental one. When they do not feel turned on mentally by someone, they aren’t really interested.

They will also have an easy period when it comes to ending a relationship. They will rarely have hard times finding a new lover.

As a result of the intellectual approach, these signs may guard themselves on emotional levels by simply keeping a reasonable distance in order to protect their own selves. When people really want some of the air signs, they have to make them start opening up emotionally.

There will be times when they will be hurt after their breakup, but they are going to enter into something new fast with a new person, either trying to forget their ex or hurt him or her.

However, most often, when they are really into someone, they can cut themselves off on emotional level from another person for quite a long period.

For instance, ending up with some of the air signs in love means having someone you may share your perspectives and visions, or someone you may talk about everything, and someone that will keep your life varied, interesting, and who will open up some new worlds only for you.


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