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How The Zodiac Signs Deal With Emotions

All the people in the world have their emotions, and some of them don’t prefer showing their emotional side in this world in which they live.

Sometimes, the vulnerability they have could be a scary thing; therefore, they believe that the best thing they could do is keep it only for themselves. But, hiding their true feelings from others is not always good, especially when they do so because they are afraid of vulnerability.


Every sign of the Zodiac deals with its emotions in different ways, and these are the most common ones:


When talking about emotional wisdom, the people born under this sign are on the top of the list. In fact, when these people are too emotional, they are going to let those emotions out. However, they keep the cool frequently, and although they might become too emotional, they control themselves.



For the people born under the stubborn sign of Taurus, emotions definitely represent the top thing they find it hard to manage. Emotions can affect them profoundly, and when they get emotional, they show it. However, being emotional can never be something good in their lives.


The people born under Gemini believe that true emotions are supposed to be private. These people are able to hide their emotions quite well, and they can even act in various ways, depending on the particular situation in which they are.


The people born under Cancer embrace their true selves, together with their emotions, and everything else. They don’t have the ability to hide emotions. Moreover, they cannot lie properly, because lying will reveal something more related to their emotions. They can’t control their own emotions when feeling sad or angry.



When the people born under the proud sign of Leo expose something or do it, they do not think about how other people will feel. They want to be unique because they are aware of the fact that nothing will stop them when it comes to showing their true selves to this world. Expressing emotionally is a type of strength for them.


As Virgos are busy with their own lives, they do not feel the necessity to display their secrets. They think that keeping the secrets inside of them is better, and they do not care much. However, they can reveal something more about those secrets when they are in dire situations.


Libras are cold, and without vulnerability. However, that’s just what they believe. The inner and outer side of Libras is quite different. They usually overanalyze and over-think, and although they never show it, the thoughts and emotions inside them fight continually. They could open up in front of people they feel comfortable with. 


The people born under this sign keep their most profound emotions profoundly in their hearts. They are able to hide behind the masks. Even when you understand that there is something wrong, Scorpios won’t trust you sufficiently to reveal something. They believe that if they expose their vulnerabilities, they will feel weak.



Sagittarians were said to be pretty open people. For them, vulnerability does not mean weakness – they believe it is the way in which they will grow. Many people open themselves but only in front of people they feel comfortable with, like friends. Sagittarians understand this differently – they know everyone was a stranger before he or she became a friend.


Maturity and control are everything for Capricorns. They aren’t people that want to act when it comes to their emotions until they are able to control them. That will look immature, which for them is the worst possible state. Even when they understand the reason why they feel in some way, they will not share their feelings with other people.



When talking about revealing their secrets, Aquarians keep people quite confused. They are quite friendly, revealing only selective information when they get to know someone better. Although they will look like being honest, they aren’t. Although you will feel that Aquarians trust you, the ones who are their closest friends are going to disagree.



Pisceans are connected to individuals and how they live. When it comes to controlling emotions, they are really good. They keep them hidden inside, but when something makes them upset or sad, they become quite open. Pisceans are intuitive, processing other people’s emotions more than theirs. They can also lose control and become vulnerable right when they feel other people’s emotions coming in their lives.


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