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How Easily Manipulated Each Zodiac Sign Can Be In A Relationship

Facing the fact that we’re all easy to manipulate isn’t easy. We are manipulated on some level whether we like it or not. Or whether we want to admit it or not. We exist under an umbrella of manipulation, so it’s hard to come to terms with that fact that relationships are another place where we can be manipulated. The truth is, it’s almost impossible to escape manipulation, inside or outside of relationships. But some of us are more influenced by others which can be a sensitive topic.

While some are in denial about their ability to be manipulated, others have no fears whatsoever. Those who cannot be manipulated tend to be fixed signs of the zodiac. They tend to be steadfast in their life’s mission that nothing gets in their way. Unfortunately, for mutable signs, manipulation is a reality, one that should be given attention so as not to fall too deep under a partner’s spell. All spells can be broken, but there are those that are stitched so close to the heart that pulling away feels like dying.


Aries –No Chance Whatsoever

The aggressive Aries female is not likely to get caught up in any manipulative scheme. First, because she’s too busy with herself, her wants, needs, and dreams to be held back by any partner –manipulative or otherwise. Second, because she is way too headstrong. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want and won’t let anything get in her way, not even love. Her pro-active nature will keep her moving forward, hardly ever stuck on stupid or in a relationship that serves no purpose. She is intense and even puts out a vibe of don’t f-with me. Aries females are also a built of Mars energy which makes her a force one that stops at nothing to manifest the life she craves. This fireball will burn her partner before she gets burned, it’s in her nature.

Taurus –Good Luck Trying

Yes, this Taurus female is stubborn, but that’s not why she’s not likely to be manipulated. She’s not just an earth sign, but she’s also fixed. This Taurus is not going anywhere. And should her partner try to move her, she is not going to budge. Actually, she’s prone to whip out the horns and teach fools a lesson. Don’t try and push a Taurus female if you’re not willing to take the horns. Steadfast in her life’s mission, she might not the fastest worker, but her slow pace and determination will get her there eventually. She’s in no hurry. No partner should try to rush her either. It would be not only disrespectful, but counterbalance her energies and prevent her from moving forward.

Gemini –Way Too Easily

Here’s a girl that’s not afraid to get manipulated. As a matter of fact, a Gemini female is likely to get manipulated not out of innocent, but because she’s curious about the experience. If it sounds promiscuous in nature it is, there’s no denying Gemini’s attraction for intimate liberation and expression. On one hand, she will be into being manipulated. But on another hand, she might not even realize what’s happening because she tends to be a little spacey, with her head up in the clouds, floating and not giving many f*$#s. Because she tends to more surface in nature, she will not see the deeper implications of being manipulated. With Mercury running through her mutable veins, all signs point to easy as pie to manipulate.


Cancer –Depends on Her Mood

Like you didn’t see this one coming. If the mood strikes Cancer, she’s liable to be manipulated, however, everything depends on her mood and that of her partner. More often than not, she’s the one doing the manipulating. Being full of empath energies, she’s reading her partner’s thoughts even before her partner realizes them. This also means that she’ll know if she’s being manipulated. However, as a lover of her own emotional state, she might be too blinded by her feelings which will give her partner the space in which to manipulate her. In time, the Cancer female will see what’s going on and start to work her own manipulative strategies to counteract those of her partner. This is not one to mess with because while she might get lost in her own feelings, she’s ready and willing to manipulate the hell outta anyone at anytime and anyplace.


Leo –For the Sake of Pride, Not Likely

It may not come as a surprise that the fierce Leo female would be too present to be manipulated, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. She’s aware of what’s going on around her at all times. Nothing slips by her because in order to succeed, she must be vigilant and observant. Basically, she’s got to protect her pride. Both in the sense of community and her ego. Being fixed fire means she’s likely to attack whoever wants to manipulate her before they even put their ideas into action. No, she’s not psychic, but she can read the signs and feel energies, even from miles away. Fire is all about intuition, but in a way that studies behaviors and thought patterns more than anything else. Leo females have also got too much drive to allow anyone to put her in a place where she can’t roam. She’s got a strong need to hunt and nothing will prevent her from getting her prey.


Virgo –To Boost Life Experiences

Unlike her Gemini Mercurial sister energy, Virgo females are very much aware of what’s going down. If she’s being manipulated it’s because she wants to be. And she will even get into character. No one will play the part like she does. She will shape-shift so seamlessly into a victim role that it will be authentic af. But behind the curtain, she knows the truth. She also knows that her partner is clueless. While she might appear passive, even delicate –a real earth goddess energy is brewing. With such forces supporting her, her phases for manipulation are short-lived. She will use those manipulative forces to delve into self-discovery, always on the hunt for improvements. She’s way too grounded to get carried away for long, but long enough to be manipulated and grow from the experience.

Libra –To Balance Energies

The queen of the balancing act, Libra ladies are prone to manipulation only because universe demands. Without the yin and yang dynamics, darkness and light –this world would be quite different. Both energies must exist together and Libra females are well aware of this fact. This means she is susceptible to getting manipulated in order to keep the world’s balance in order. If it sounds grandiose, it’s not. There is no hyperbole when it comes to maintain equilibrium of the universe and that’s why Libra females reign supreme. In addition, her indecisive nature makes her a prime candidate for manipulation. She can be spotted from a mile away as mild creatures who are both mentally and physically flexible. But once energies are balanced, she’ll disappear into the ether, without a single trace.


Scorpio –You’re Joking Right?

As if. Scorpio females are nearly impossible to penetrate. Well, emotionally that is. While they are down for intimate encounters that demand manipulation of the taboo sort, they will rarely, if ever, let anyone peek at their heart. Ready and willing to let the world gaze upon her body and even proud of her physicality, she is less confident in the emotional realm. This is why she has built walls around her. Her need to protect isn’t about ego, for Scorpio women –it’s about survival. Once hurt, she conjures energies to regenerate and it can take a lot of energy to heal from even half a heartache. So Scorpio is all about avoiding emotional disasters and erring on the side of caution. As a fixed energy, it’s not probable she will budge emotionally either. Once stuck in an emotion, there’s nothing anyone can do to convince her otherwise.

Sagittarius –Not to The Naked Eye

A Sagittarius woman will not want you to know she’s easy to manipulate. Instead, she wants to convince the world she is resistant and unaffected by massive displays of emotions. But she knows that we know she’s not just dramatic, but she’s both the manipulator and the manipulated. Expanding beyond logic, Sagittarius females push into territories that would otherwise seem dangerous or too far-fetched for other zodiac signs. She puts on an act, a show –ready to convince the world that she’s one tough cookie. And she is, no doubt about it, but behind her rough and rugged exterior is a sweet energy that’s not just looking to be loved, but looking for a love that pushes her towards her full potential, one that has her searching the world over. Constantly on the grind for a greater purpose, she is liable to get caught up in manipulative behaviors to see what this world is all about.


Capricorn –You’ve Got Zero Chance

The world knows the notorious cold shoulder of a Capricorn female. She doesn’t recoil from her ice princess title, either. As a matter of fact, she’s made amends with the world for judging her character. She knows it’s a device used to keep her safe and emotionally stable. Being able to create boundaries out of nothing is Capricorn female’s biggest talent. She might be the ice princess, but she’s also the boundary bae, looking for any misdeeds or negative energies that could slip by. And it’s not just about protecting, it’s about managing a stoic demeanor, one that allows her to do all the things she needs to do in this lifetime. Saturn never lets her forget there’s much to be done and getting manipulated would just be a waste of time, a distraction and an unnecessary emotional wound.


Aquarius –Better Try Your Luck Elsewhere

When the rest of the world is focused on categories, the Aquarius female is out there trying to be so much more. For her, life isn’t about where she fits in, rather, it’s about where she doesn’t fit and finding a way to make herself fit. Here’s an energy that’s set in her ways and pushing her an inch beyond her own expectations can have repercussions. She will bounce so quickly that anyone who tried her/his luck will think she was an apparition. Her ghosting skills are out of this world. Being of fixed energy, the Aquarius female is certain about what she wants to get out of her life. To be manipulated wouldn’t just go against her life’s philosophy, but it would hold her back. On the road of life, she’s bound to keep moving despite any obstacles in the way. Manipulation is a rock she kicks as she keeps things moving.


Pisces –If By Manipulated You Mean Transformed

Pisces female will even admit that she’s easy to manipulate. She’s not afraid to admit her weaknesses because inside of them, she knows lie her strengths. When it comes to being manipulated, one might call her a sucker. Time and time again, she falls for the same scams. And while it might look like she’s not learned her lesson, in fact, she has. One must be patient with a Pisces female. Her energies move slowly and she might even tell you something like, a butterfly isn’t made in one night. Being manipulated is just another term for transformation and she’s more than open to change. Pisces female has found herself as the end of the zodiac cycle, so not only is she full of other energies, it’s her duty to transform in order to start the whole zodiac moving again.


Signs that change are the ones who tend to be susceptible to manipulation. It’s not because they lack confidence or cannot recognize a manipulator when they see one, but their energies naturally allow them to shift –depending on the situation and the person. So here we have the four mutable signs who are likely to change, not because they want to, but because their job is to facilitate movement –Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mutable signs make the transition from one sign to the next as a way for transformation –they mark the end of one season and bring the world into another one. So even though their capacity for manipulation is high, we need to be thankful that such energies exist to show us that being flexible can bring about growth and realization.



Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius are not likely to be manipulated. Don’t jump to conclusions here. Fixed energies are not stubborn, but they connect the cardinal energies to the mutable energies, meaning they function as bridges and support the weight of many things, but only because they know they can. They also want to endure the weight as a proof of their capacities. Fixed signs are certain of themselves and it will take a lot for others to take advantage of them. In a fixed sign, there is a heighted believe in self and personal mission –no one can tell them who they are or what they want to do. They instinctively know. Integrity would be an excellent word to use to describe a fixed sign. They are sturdy and are the signs that others depend on as a result.


Mercury is the planet that brings fast-acting energies, travel, healing, and short bursts of energy. Related to learning, dexterity, and communication, it’s full of great potential for those who wish to heighten these aspects of their life. But the problem with Mercury is that it’s a bit too flexible and changes frequently. Mercury isn’t about being moody, but it’s about adaptability and integration. On the extreme end, it’s full of trickery. There is nothing constant about Mercury. The sign where your Mercury is placed can tell you how you will communicate, but also how easy you are to change or be changed. It can tell you if you’re easily swayed or if you’re the one doing the swaying. The house can offer details about which areas of life you’re likely to be flexible. Manipulation is transformations naughty cousin, don’t confuse the two.



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