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Here’s The First Date With Him Will Be Like , Based On His Zodiac Sign

First dates are fun, but they can be seriously stressful! One of the things that make them so nerve-wracking is that you don’t know what to expect. Imagine how great it would be if you could predict how your date would behave, such as if he’d be nervous or comfortable, and if you’d have a good time. It would really take the stressful experience down a few notches, right? Well, although you, unfortunately, don’t have psychic abilities, you can get a better idea about the type of date you’ll have with your crush by considering his sign.

If he’s a Taurus guy, he’ll want to have good food wherever you go for your date because food is comforting to him. So, be prepared for delicious meals that will help him relax. If he’s an Aquarius, on the other hand, he’ll be lively and fun, and probably choose an exciting adventure for you both to experience together on the first date. It helps to know some important details about how men of each sign approach their dates with you, so here’s the first date you can expect from going out with the 12 signs, with pros and cons included for each sign.

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24Aries Pro: He Makes Real Effort To Impress You

The Aries man will try to prove that he’s an amazing guy by being knowledgeable. He values intelligence and will want to be able to have long, interesting conversations with you about a range of topics.

He’ll especially love the idea of taking the date to a second, exciting location, such as a new nightclub that’s just opened across town or a restaurant that serves exotic food.

Make sure you wear flat shoes so that you can keep up with him – he’s always full of energy and likes to keep moving!

23Aries Con: It Comes Off As Him Trying Too Hard Sometimes

While you’ll love his energetic, charming, and intelligent qualities, sometimes the Aries guy can come off a little too strong. As reported by Saga, he approaches love like a battle that has to be conquered. That means, he’ll try very hard to win your heart. He might, for example, try to make you laugh by telling you jokes or pulling pranks, which can backfire and make you feel that he’s going overboard. The best thing to do is take the lead a bit. Take him on an exciting date and show him that he doesn’t have to do much more than just be himself.

22Taurus Pro: He’s Ruled By His Stomach, So Expect Delicious Date Food

Taurus is considered to be the foodie of the Zodiac signs, so a date with a Taurus guy will be filled with lots of yummy treats to eat. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach!

While a first-date meal might feel stressful, the Taurus guy will make it worth your while.

He’s really one of the nicest guys you can meet and you’ll enjoy being out with him. As reported by Love To Know, the Taurus guy is into old-school courting, like candlelit dinners and soft music in the background, so expect to be wined and dined!

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21Taurus Con: If He’s Hungry, That Will Dominate The Date

When the Taurus guy takes you out to dinner at a great restaurant with amazing food, he’ll be cheerful and fun. But if he’s got an empty stomach, has to wait for the food to arrive, or the restaurant food is terrible, this can totally turn the date into a nightmare. He wants to feel comfortable and the way to make him chill is through his stomach! Once the food’s out the way, then he can relax and make the date wonderful. This is worth remembering if you’re the one choosing the restaurant! You want it to be perfect since the way to a Taurus man’s heart is also through his stomach. Food rules!

20Gemini Pro: He Craves Good Conversation

The great thing about dating a Gemini guy is that he’ll make a real effort to get to know you, such as by asking you questions about your life, family, work, and passions. Even if the date feels awkward or anxious at first, Gemini’s got great social skills to put you at ease, as reported by Sweety High.

If you tend to clam up on a first date, date a Gemini!

The awesome thing about this guy is that you don’t have to do much. He’ll happily lead the conversation and entertain you.

19Gemini Con: He Might Overshare

With all the chatter that’s going on during your date, the downside is that the Gemini guy might end up giving you TMI. He might share personal details about his life, such as the fights he keeps having with his friend, or he might talk ad nauseam about his ex-girlfriend. This is just because he really shines when it comes to communication and he thrives on it. That’s why he’d prefer a dinner or coffee date than going to the movies. If his TMI makes things awkward, make a joke that he’s oversharing, and he’ll happily move onto another topic.

18Cancer Pro: He Follows Your Lead

Cancer is a sensitive soul, so he’s probably been worrying about the first date for days! The poor guy is therefore likely to let you take the initiative when it comes to the date so that he doesn’t have even more to stress about. For example, he might suggest you choose the date location.

The best thing is to be nice and show him that you’re chilled, then he’ll be able to relax and have fun.

Take Cancer out of the coffee shop or restaurant and let him engage in a fun activity to take his mind off things and remove the pressure to come up with a conversational ice-breaker.

17Cancer Con: He’ll Want You To Put Him At Ease, Which Can Be Problematic If You’re Also Stressed

It’s cool if you’re chilled about the date, but if you’re just as stressed out as your Cancer guy, then that can be a huge problem. Eek! Perhaps a solution is to choose a group date setting. He can bring his friends and you can bring yours, and you can both have a fun time getting to know each other in the process. This can help to keep things relaxed, without putting too many date expectations on either of you. Better yet, invite your artistic friends to the date. As reported by Exemplore, Cancer is very artistic, and there’s no avoiding this creative side to him, so he’ll love the chance to talk about it with likeminded people.

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16Leo Pro: He Makes The Date Fun

The Leo guy will want to take the lead – he’ll ask you out, he’ll choose where to go, and he’ll pay for the date. He’s all about taking charge of things and making sure that the first date goes off without a hitch.

This is nice because it means you don’t have to stress because he’s got everything covered.

As a Fire sign, Leo loves being the center of attention and he’ll want to show you just how cool and charming he is. He’ll also rock up to the date looking like a million bucks, so make sure you dress to impress.

15Leo Con: He Sometimes Pretends To Be Chill When He’s Not

He might seem cool as a cucumber on your first date, but the Leo could be so nervous on the inside! As reported by [Zodiac] Thing, Leos have tender hearts but while they might appear calm, they could actually be feeling really emotional. They’ll want to hide it from others so that they come across stronger than a lion in the jungle. Although that’s admirable, it can also put a slight damper on the first date for you because you don’t really know what he’s thinking or feeling. There’s a lot of uncertainty going on.

14Libra Pro: He Texts You Afterwards To See You Had A Good Time

The Libra guy wants everything to be fair on a first date, which is why he’ll make it his business to check that you’re having a great time. He’s also the guy who’ll text you afterwards to make sure you had fun and to see if you’re keen on a second date, provided he saw relationship potential.

He’s a really nice, outgoing, and friendly guy.

He’ll even sacrifice what he wants to make you happy, as mentioned on Sweety High. So, for example, he’ll remember you’re allergic to shellfish and cook you something else to really knock the socks off you. Awww.

13Libra Con: He Might Ask To Split The Check

Symbolized by the scales, the Libra’s love of equality might become a little too much for you on a date. An example is when he suggests that you split the restaurant bill so that you both pay half for dinner. While you might be cool with that, if you’re a traditional woman who expects the guy to pay for the first date, it might rub you the wrong way. The important thing is to remember that Libra just wants everything to be balanced and fair so that everyone’s happy and the world’s a harmonious place.

12Scorpio Pro: He’s Charming

If you want to feel charmed on a first date, go out with a Scorpio. He’ll be flattering and complimentary, making you feel like a goddess! You’ll leave the first date feeling like you’re walking on clouds, especially because a Scorpio man’s compliments are always unusual and creative, so unlike anything else you’ve heard before.

For example, he’ll notice that you have a musician’s fingers or green flecks in your brown eyes.

Scorpio is passionate and intense and knows how to use his charm to make another person feel amazing and remember him. Who could forget him, thanks to his great attention to detail?

11Scorpio Con: He Plays Games

The downside of Scorpio is that all that charm can be hiding a strategy. While he comes across as charming, he doesn’t want to seem too interested in you. He likes being a bit of a mysterious guy, and this could result in him playing games with you. For example, he might test you by making up a scenario to see where your values and morals lie. Of course, he’ll do it in a charming way. Yeah, it seems quite deceptive, but it’s because he’s a really vulnerable person and wants to be sure about you before he commits to a relationship with you.

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10Sagittarius Pro: He Wants A Different First Date

The Sagittarius guy is someone who’s easily bored, so he’ll avoid any first date idea that’s too cliched in his opinion. Movies or coffee? Oh no, he wants something much more extraordinary than that to impress you and prevent his boredom from making him fidgety.

The good news is that he’s a fun, optimistic guy who’ll go the extra mile to have an exciting date with you.

It shows that he really likes you. So, be prepared for his crazy, spontaneous ideas that might surprise you. It’s hard to know what to wear because you can’t really predict him.

9Sagittarius Con: His Spontaneous Date Plans Might Throw You Off

While it might sound exciting and refreshing to go on a date with a spontaneous Sagittarius, there’s a big downside. It might make you feel like you can’t keep up with him or you might feel like his rush to do a range of exciting things on the first date is too much. For example, he’ll want dinner followed by a walk on the beach, followed by attending his friend’s party on the other side of town. Phew, it’s exhausting and you might worry that you’re not fun enough for the wild-spirited Sagittarius who never seems to run out of new ideas for having a good time.

8Capricorn Pro: He Shows Interest

When the Capricorn guy likes you, he’ll make it known. Once he falls for you, you’ll have his heart! He’s very loyal and will move mountains for the person he dates, so don’t take advantage of his pure heart.

You just have to give him time to come out of his shell, so allow him to take things slowly.

Instead of inviting him to a group date or a party, rather choose something more traditional. He’ll prefer a coffee date to something too crazy because he’s not very outgoing – he’ll want to chat to you one-on-one.

7Capricorn Con: You Might Feel A Little Uncomfortable Under The Spotlight

A first date with a Capricorn can make you feel like you’re in a job interview. The Capricorn guy doesn’t waste time – he’ll want to see if you’re compatible with each other and if there’s relationship potential ASAP. This means he’ll want to ask you lots of questions on the first date and spend time fishing for clues that you’re the right one for him. Yikes! But the good thing is that Capricorn is extremely loyal with a heart of gold, so he’s not going to be rude to you or anything like that. He also has a sharp sense of humor, so you will have a good time in spite of sweating through his questions.

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6Aquarius Pro: He Likes Memorable Dates

He’ll choose a dreamy, different date because he doesn’t want to feel trapped in a movie theatre or restaurant. The Aquarius guy doesn’t like the feeling of being tied down, as reported by Sweety High.

Since he’s open-minded, he’ll probably be keen on something really fun for you both to do on a first date that will allow you both to relax, such as going for a picnic on the beach or for a hike to check out beautiful mountain views.

He’s a flighty dreamer, so be prepared for a memorable first date.

5Aquarius Con: He’ll Want To Keep Things Casual, Which Can Make You Feel Like The Connection Is Missing

While he might be choosing fun first-date activities, the Aquarius man plays his cards close to his chest. Honestly, he’s pretty hard to figure out sometimes. As reported by Elite Daily, the Aquarius has such a full, busy life that he sometimes forgets about his social or personal life. So, with his phone constantly beeping and his head in the clouds, you might wonder if he really likes you or if he’s even having a good time on your date. Give him space and let him reach out to you instead of chasing him.

4Pisces Pro: He’s The Romantic One

The Pisces guy is romantic and sweet. He’ll create a magical date for you both to enjoy while being respectful of your needs the whole time. He likes to do things that are fun adventures, without any pressure or date expectations.

Dating him requires you to relax, take the date one step at a time, and just enjoy yourself without wondering if he’s going to ask you out on a second date.

He’s a great listener, though, so you’ll feel like you’ve got his full attention while also getting the impression that he understands your feelings.

3Pisces Con: His Tendency To Wear His Heart On His Sleeve Can Make Things Awkward

If he likes you, he’ll jump into a new relationship and tell you exactly how he feels. While that can be refreshing when starting a new relationship with someone you like, if you don’t share his feelings it can make things awkward. His good qualities can actually backfire in this case. While he’s chivalrous and a people-pleaser, these might make you feel like he’s trying too hard or making you feel uncomfortable if you don’t have romantic feelings for him. It’s a pity if he’s not your cup of tea because the Pisces guy is super devoted to the woman he loves.

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2Virgo Pro: When He’s Able To Relax, You’ll Both Have A Fantastic Time

Virgo is the perfectionist of the Ultimate Zodiac signs. He’ll obsess over the smallest details about the date, which is enough to give the poor guy an ulcer!

But it’s also sweet because it shows you just how much attention and effort he’s put in to make a great first impression on you.

Hot air balloon ride? Bubbles and roses? Five-star restaurant? Yes, the Virgo guy will go all out. Be sure to tell him how wonderful everything is so that he knows you’re having a good time in his company and he’ll be able to stop stressing so much.

1Virgo Con: He Might Allow His Nerves To Get In The Way

While his nerves might be cute, they can seriously put a damper on the date if he allows his anxiety to get in the way. The Virgo guy isn’t one to deal with stress too well and he thinks way too much for his own good. Some good ways for Virgo to de-stress include activities such as yoga or meditation, according to Women’s Health. He’d do well to try those before he meets you for a date, or perhaps it could be fun to go to a yoga class together! When Virgo relaxes, you’ll get to see what he’s really like.

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