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Here 12 Things Boyfriend Do & Don’t, A/c To His Zodiac Sign

Love is in the air this fall! We’re positive that you can feel all of the wonderful changes happening as your Zodiac energy enters this season. It seems like everything is finally falling into place, or at least that’s what it feels like. Whether you’ve finally met that special someone or are on the hunt, we’re here to give you some insight as to what you should expect from a significant other.

While all relationships and boyfriends are different, there is something that connects them: Zodiac. Each sign has its own energy that controls their emotions and actions. While you might want to ignore this and pretend that the Zodiac signs have nothing to do with your love life, some signals are impossible to avoid. They actually have a lot to do with your relationship, as they control your partner’s emotions every second of the day.

Luckily, we’ve come up with the one thing every boyfriend should do, and the one thing he shouldn’t, based on his Zodiac sign. Keep in mind that this article is based on your lover’s birthday, and not your own. These tips will give you a little more insight into your relationship to make sure that everything is going smoothly. The last thing you want is to stay in a relationship that seems totally okay, but may actually be an absolute mess. Sit back, relax, and prepare to analyze your relationship to see if everything is going as well as you think!

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24Pisces Should: Spend Time With His Girl

A Pisces is one of the most outgoing Zodiac signs out there. They’re constantly looking to have a good time with the people around them, and always make the best out of any situation they find themselves in!

That’s why your lover should be constantly trying to spend time with you and connect on a deeper level.

If he isn’t head over heels trying to see you 24/7, something might be up. It’s completely in a Pisces nature to want to spend endless time with whoever they are seeing. Even if you and your partner are years into your relationship, he’ll still want to see you constantly. That’s why it’s critical that you notice your partner’s constant desire to hang out and spend time with you.

23Pisces Should Never: Flirt With Someone Else

You definitely agree that you’re running the other way if you catch your partner cheating. While some girls might let it slide if they find their man talking to someone else, you’re so not about that. It isn’t in a Pisces nature to cheat on their partner whatsoever, so if they start flirting with someone else, something has to be up.

While it’s nice to hear that Pisces usually never cheat,  you should still keep an eye on your man. No Zodiac sign, let alone a Pisces, should ever think it’s okay to flirt with someone else. This simply shows that they are not content in their relationship, and are instead seeking something or someone else.

22Aquarius Should: Be There When Things Get Tough

If your Aquarius man happens to ditch you when things get tough, then he isn’t actually invested in your relationship. Aquarius is known for always being there for someone through thick and thin, however terrible the situation is.

If anyone is super lucky, it’s definitely you, to have a partner stick by your side no matter what.

You’ll constantly feel adored and taken care of by your man. His main priority should always be to help you in whatever way he can. Since his Zodiac sign is one of the most generous, it’s only right that he’ll be there for you through anything that comes your way. This is the dream partner to have a relationship with as you don’t have to stress out that he’s going to disappear one day.

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Aquarius Should Never: Talk About His Girl Behind Her Back

Your boyfriend should basically be your best friend. The two of you must be able to trust one another through thick or thin, without letting anything get in the way of that. That’s why if you ever found out that maybe your partner is talking behind your back, you should seriously reconsider your relationship.

The last thing anyone wants is to be deceived by the person they adore. Under no circumstances should your partner be telling someone something about you by any means. This includes confiding in someone else about any relationship issues you may have. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve from your Taurus lover!

Leo Should: Trust His Girl

If you’re dating a Leo, you should make sure that your partner trusts you on absolutely everything. There is no reason that they shouldn’t unless you give them a reason to.

Leos are overall very trusting people and will always stick by your side.

If for any reason he isn’t able to trust you, then there are some serious relationship issues that you have to deal with. We can all basically come to the conclusion that trust is the most important element in any relationship. If you and your partner are missing this critical element, then you have some work to do. You’re more than lucky to have a boyfriend willing to trust you on anything. If you lose that, you seriously have to question your character, or maybe his.

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Leo Should Never: Lie

A Leo knows better than to lie to you. This will completely ruin any trust the two of you have for each other, leading to some intense relationship turmoil. If you catch your man red-handed in a lie, this is completely unacceptable.

A relationship has to be based on trust for it to work. Anything else will for sure break apart whenever other issues are brought to light. If you ever catch your Leo lover lying to you then that is something you cannot ignore. Get to the bottom of the situation and figure out exactly why your partner might want to take advantage of your relationship and everything you’ve built.

Sagittarius Should: Be Dependable For His Girl

If our boyfriend isn’t always there by your side, it’s time to let him go. However, Sagittarius men are definitely known for being there for their lover through thick and thin.

Your partner is guaranteed to be right by your side if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

This is one of the best ways you can analyze the strength of your relationship. If your partner is always there for you, then everything is probably okay. If instead, you notice your partner ditching you during tough times, then there are some serious issues that you and your man have to address. Keep this at the back of your mind to help you stay up to date with your relationship and whether everything is okay or not!

Sagittarius Should Never: Bail Last Minute

It seems like it’s basically common sense that your boyfriend shouldn’t ditch you under any circumstances. However, sadly it isn’t the case sometimes with a Sagittarius. While it feels totally common to have your lover ditch you for something ‘better’, it’s completely unacceptable.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be leaving you for anyone or anything when they already promised to be by your side. You have to stick up for yourself and tell your man how you feel. The only time this is acceptable is if he asks you to reschedule, and you agree. While it’s important to be flexible for your man and his schedule, you shouldn’t be ditched under any means.

Scorpio Should: Give His Girl Plenty Of Attention

If you ever find yourself desiring a little more attention, know that your Scorpio lover will be there for you. Scorpios are absolutely amazing at helping you be your absolute best all the time.

If you’re ever down, know your lover will be right there for you through whatever is going on!

If you instead notice that your Scorpio boo isn’t exactly there for you as you’ve hoped, then there are some intense issues at hand. If instead, you’re getting all of the attention that you deserve, then everything is okay. Simply remember that your man will always be there to put a smile on your face. You’re more than lucky to have someone who adores you so much!

Scorpio Should Never: Cause A Fight

It seems pretty common at this point for your partner to start up unnecessary fights. This is definitely causing endless arguments and tension throughout your relationship. While it might seem like an everyday ordeal, this is completely opposite of how a relationship should be.

The last thing that you want is for your partner to be causing fights just for the sake of it. With his Scorpio nature he is often cunning and manipulative, however, it’s time for this to come to an end. Let your man know that you are not willing to put up with any issues that he might throw your way. If you want to make some changes in your relationship, it’s time to do so.

14Cancer Should: Be Honest, Even If It Hurts

This is absolutely necessary for any relationship that you find yourself in. If your man isn’t honest with you, you should let him go.

A Cancer must always tell you the truth, or else they’re not being the boyfriend that you genuinely deserve.

If there is anything that you truly deserve, it’s complete honesty from your significant other. If you and your partner doesn’t value telling the truth, there is no point in being together. You have to be able to constantly trust everything that comes out of your partner’s mouth and vice versa. Luckily for you, Cancer men are always willing to be completely honest about everything that’s to come.

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Cancer Should Never: Be Distrustful

It’s absolutely critical that there is an element of trust within the relationship between you and your partner. If this isn’t present, then your relationship is sure to fall apart when an issue arises. That’s why it’s completely unacceptable for your man to distrust you by any means unless he has reason to.

So, unless you did something to prove that your partner shouldn’t trust you, this shouldn’t be the case. Your Cancer should always be putting you first and believing absolutely everything that you tell him. However if he seems a little distant, then perhaps your man has some trust issues he isn’t completely over just yet.

Aries Should: Check In, Make Sure She’s Ok

The perfect Aries boyfriend is always checking in to make sure that you’re okay. If your man isn’t doing this, is he really your man?

An Aries doesn’t only ask if you’re okay but also makes sure to get down to the root of your issue.

Don’t think that simply saying everything is fine will work on your Aries lover. Your man is going to make sure to get to the root of the issue. This will strengthen your relationship even more as you know that you always have someone there for you through everything. Try to reciprocate the favor by always making sure to ask your partner how he is doing as well.

11Aries Should Never: Rifle Through Her Things

It is completely not okay to catch your man going through your stuff. There is no reason why an Aries would be looking into your things when they have no right to. If you catch your man doing this, then they simply don’t trust you.

Having your partner go through your stuff perfectly showcases that they don’t trust you whatsoever. If you think this is fine or something most partners do, think again. It’s time to sit down with your man and question why they might think it’s okay to be going through your stuff. They’re obviously trying to find something, alluding to the fact that they simply don’t trust you.

10Capricorn Should: Support Her Decisions

A Capricorn is mature enough to be able to respect you in every sense. Whether this is respecting any of your small decisions, or your overall huge ones.

It’s absolutely amazing to know that you always have someone there for any life route you decide to take.

Your boyfriend knows you can do absolutely anything when you set your mind to it. That’s why he’s here to always support you through whatever it is that you might choose to do. Make sure you appreciate your partner for all that he does for you, rather than taking advantage of him. Not everyone has such an amazing partner willing to be there through any situation that you might find yourself in!

9Capricorn Should Never: Be Manipulative

Capricorns are known to be incredibly strategic and always thinking about the future. They aren’t necessarily scared to do what needs to be done to get their way, even if that means manipulating someone. While you shouldn’t necessarily be surprised that your partner may be trying to manipulate you, it’s still inappropriate.

It’s your lover’s responsibility to put you first in. That means having to compromise with you when he isn’t able to get his way. Instead of manipulating his partner, he should instead be able to communicate his emotions and outlook with you. This is much more productive than simply trying to constantly get his way with you.

Virgo Should: Take Care Of His Girl

You’re no stranger to being taken care of by your man. He is always there for you through whatever it is that you might be going through.

Your Virgo lover’s number one priority is to make sure that you’re constantly taken care of and loved.

If you want to judge whether you’re in a good relationship or not, analyze how much attention your man is giving you. A Virgo isn’t scared to tell you exactly how they feel about you constantly. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to be constantly adored by them. You might as well feel like a princess with your Virgo always making sure to take care of you through thick or thin.

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Virgo Should Never: Try To Control Her

Virgo’s are known for being incredibly confident alpha leaders wherever they find themselves. That’s why we’re not even surprised that your boyfriend might want to take control here and there. Yet, you should make sure that there is a constant balance of power within your relationship.

You shouldn’t let your lover take advantage of you by any means. Instead, it’s necessary that you two openly communicate and make decisions together. You can let your boyfriend take charge here and there, but overall he shouldn’t be controlling the relationship. Keep in mind that your Virgo will be more than willing to share the power with you, as long as you make it known!

6Gemini Should: Tell Her She’s Beautiful

A Gemini man’s number one priority is to always make sure that you feel absolutely amazing about yourself. For him, there is nothing better than seeing you smile and melt from a comment about how perfect you are.

While your man definitely wants you to feel beautiful on your own, he doesn’t think it’ll hurt to give you some extra love and affection!

Your Gemini will always be on your side reminding you how completely gorgeous and magical you are. This will help you feel as if you’re on top of the world, ready to take on anything. While it’s critical to feel beautiful on your own, you shouldn’t be bummed out that you’re constantly being bombarded with compliments. Simply accept both and be on your way!

Gemini Should Never: Reveal What His Girl Confided In Hi

We can’t imagine our partner exposing our secrets to absolutely anyone. Since they’re basically your best friend and lover all in one, it feels like a total stab to the heart to find your partner attempting to share your deepest darkest secrets with someone else. Under no circumstance whatsoever is this something that is okay to do.

Instead, if you catch your partner revealing things that you confided in him, it’s time to run the other way. The absolute last thing that you deserve is to be deceived by the person you’re in love with. Make sure that your Gemini lover understands that everything you tell him is a complete secret that no one else should know about!

Taurus Should: Encourage Her Dreams

If your man is truly as head over heels for you as you think, then he will definitely honor your dreams.

The last thing he is going to do is stop you from being absolutely happy in whatever it is that you desire.

This will actually take a lot of energy out of him to do as he might completely disagree with your dreams. However, since he loves you, it will be his number one priority to put you first. Even if your dreams may seem completely insane to the world, he will always be by your side to fully support you in whatever it is that you do. If you’re lucky enough to find a Taurus lover in your life, you should make sure to keep him by your side through thick and thin!

Taurus Should Never: Ignore Her

We all get busy and it’s super understandable! However, if you constantly catch your partner ditching you or ignoring you, it’s not okay. Your boyfriend should want to spend every waking minute with you when both of you are free.

The last thing that anyone wants is to be ignored by the person they’re completely obsessed with. While it’s understandable that your Taurus lover might be super busy and not have that much time to spend with you, he shouldn’t exactly be ignoring you. The least he can do is let you know that he is super stressed and won’t be able to chat that much. Recommend to him to do that as you won’t feel like he’s simply ignoring you all day long.

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Libra Should: Ask Her About Her Day

Your lover should at least be doing the bare minimum and ask you about your day. Basically, any boyfriend should be interested in hearing about their partner’s day, even if they themselves had a terrible one.

If your man isn’t asking you this plain and simple question, there are probably a few more issues going on.

Libras are generally very interested in their partner’s lives. So it’s super weird for them to simply keep to themselves, especially in a romantic relationship. Make sure that your partner is interested in your life, or there may be something going on. Don’t freak out! We’re sure your lover may have been a little tired lately and hasn’t been on the ball. Try asking him how his day went!

1Libra Should Never: Try To Have The Upper Hand

This should never happen! If your boyfriend is constantly trying to figure out how to have the upper hand on you, he should think again. A relationship between two people should be focused on balancing out power.

There is no upper hand in a balanced relationship. You and your partner should be completely equal throughout the whole process. If you and your man can’t manage to figure that out, then you have some intense thinking to do on what’s going on between you and your lover. Simply talk to your Libra lover about this and we’re sure you’ll be able to figure everything out.

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