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Here’s Each Zodiac Signs ‘Gilmore Girls’ Alter Their Ego

One of the best female-driven shows in recent memory, Gilmore Girls elicited strong feelings from viewers when it aired, and even now, more than 10 years past its series finale! With the release of the TV revival on Netflix just a couple years ago, Gilmore Girls fans are still divided on many issues and have since questioned some of the show’s more dated plotlines and scenes.

While the revival provided us with answers to many questions – Rory was with a new man, but still seeing Logan on the sly; Lorelai and Luke never had kids, and didn’t get married until the last moment; Lane still plays in a band with husband Zack, but isn’t a famous rock star; Mr. Kim does exist – it didn’t answer some that were the most important, like what character corresponds to your sign!

We’ve looked at the starring and recurring characters of the beloved TV series to discover which character represents the sign best. Rory, with a birthdate of October 8, may have been a Libra on the show, but does that fit her personality? Lorelai, born on April 25, was technically a Taurus, but does she seem like one? With help from the stars and a Netflix binge, we’ve got the answers to what you’re really looking for.

Earth: Michel Gerard

Earth signs are known to be some of the most stubborn and immovable. They like things done a certain way for a certain reason and are rarely willing to compromise. They’re also kind of snobby! For these reasons, temperamental French concierge of the Independence and Dragonfly Inns Michel Gerard is the perfect Earth sign!

Not only is Michel one to openly display his disdain for others (a very Capricorn trait) but his fussiness about the exact number of blueberries in his pancakes is also very Virgo!

And that stubbornness that belies a warmth underneath? All Taurus.

Virgo: Emily Gilmore

A character who perhaps you couldn’t stand when you were younger but to whom you relate more now is definitely Emily Gilmore, who is a Virgo to a T. Always the perfect hostess, Emily has an eye for detail and the finer things in life, but she has zero time for inefficiency. How else do you explain all those maids she cycled through over the seasons? Hypercritical like a Virgo tends to be, Emily is also hypersensitive to criticism about herself – likely because that criticism speaks to long-held fears she already has. Dedicated to her family and her work with the DAR (for a while, at least), Emily is a total Virgo!

Capricorn: Paris Geller

Has there ever been a character who has been the physical embodiment of ambition in the way that Paris Gellar was? Dedicated, hard-working, and with a take-no-prisoners attitude, Paris didn’t care about making friends as long as she got to the top.

With dual goals of being a doctor or a lawyer and her sights set on the highest position she could achieve, Paris had an eagle-eyed focus on the future that endeared her to few (except us, of course!).

Capricorns are often considered cold-hearted workaholics, and while Paris was definitely determined, she also had a soft side that only a cherished few were able to see.

Taurus: Dean Forester

Dean may have been impulsive – marring Lindsay while he was still in love with Rory comes to mind – but, at his core, he was a stable person who exhibited more than a few Taurus traits. For example, Dean was incredibly stubborn. When he told Rory he loved her and didn’t get the response he expected, he dug in his heels. Also, he was very family-minded. With his contrasting views about Donna Reed in one episode, Dean admitted that he kind of enjoyed the traditional male-female roles, which is something this family-minded Earth sign holds dear. He wasn’t Rory’s One True Love, but he was certainly a Taurus!

Air: Kirk Gleason

Kirk is a hard character to pin down. Throughout the series, he holds innumerable jobs, asks out Lorelai before finding Lulu, lives with his mother, sleepwalks naked, and is generally used for comic relief thanks to his weird antics.

Definitely an odd duck, Kirk is like Air signs in that he is incredibly social, even though his personal circumstances might suggest otherwise.

Throughout his work in Stars Hollow, he meets and befriends almost everyone in a weird, quirky, Kirk-y way! Air signs are similar in that they fear commitment (like a steady and dependable income) and love to learn and experience everything the world has to offer!

Libra: Miss Patty

A lover of beauty and aesthetics, Miss Patty is definitely a Libra! Sure, you could argue that, with her love of the spotlight, she might be a Leo, but hear us out.

As a Libra, a communicator who enjoys bringing happiness and harmony to the people around her, Miss Patty is a gossip, but not one with nefarious motives. Instead, she is the source of all information and shows her true heart when it comes to relationships, like that of Luke and Lorelai or Rory and Dean. Usually surrounded by friends and loved ones, Libras are always up for a good time. As a sign born under Venus, they’re also notorious flirts, too!

Aquarius: Lane Kim

A bit of an eccentric and definitely a rebel, Lane Kim is a sure Aquarius. This Air sign is known for going off the beaten track in pursuit of something new and adventurous.

Often quite or shy at first before you get to know them, those born under Aquarius prefer to have a tight-knit group of close friends rather than a horde of many.

It’s all about quality over quantity, which is something we definitely see in Lane. As a drummer in a rock band against her mother’s wishes and a woman who continues to play music despite becoming a mom in the revival, Lane has always had that Aquarius spark.

Gemini: Rory Gilmore

When we first met Rory, you could say that she was a Virgo. She was particular, hardworking, attentive to detail, and kind of judgmental, especially when it came to the students at Chilton (or her own mom). However, as the character evolves and becomes less sure of herself and her choices, she seems more like a Gemini to us!

Like Rory, Geminis have a thirst for knowledge and curious minds that need constant stimulation. They enjoy reading and having long conversations, which are two of Rory’s passions. However, they also can’t make up their mind, which we see in Rory with school, relationships, and her future.

Water: Zack Van Gerbig

Obviously, Lane was always meant to end up with Dave Rygalski before actor Adam Brody left to film The O.C., but she was given Zack Van Gerbig instead. As the lead singer and guitarist in the band Hep Alien, Zack shows his artistic side through his music, which is something Water signs tend to be very adept at.

While he liked to tout his rockstar image when we first met him, as Zack develops as a character, he becomes a bit more sensitive, to the point where it can be annoying, an unfortunate Water trait.

In the end, though, he is still devoted to his friends and family, despite his occasional temper tantrum.

Scorpio: Luke Danes

Scorpio is an intense sign, and few characters are as intense as Luke Danes. Known to be surly, moody, and a bit of a loner, Luke is mysterious (like his “Dark Day”) and passionate (like when he told Lorelai to just hold still so he could kiss her).

Scorpios, for all their intensity and darkness, are also real softies at heart, it just takes them a while to open up. Luke, too, can be prickly, but shows his vulnerability with those he loves, like Lorelai, Rory, his nephew Jess, and his surprise daughter April. Luke embodies the complexities and the nuances of this Water sign.

isces: Sookie St. James

Compassionate and imaginative, Pisces also has a habit of getting their heads stuck in the clouds, much in the way chef Sookie St. James does! A talented visionary when it comes to food, Sookie is also known for being forgetful and taking on a few too many projects at once. She is also incredibly sensitive – and not just when she’s pregnant!

Flying into tempers but also supportive and considerate to those close to her, Sookie is all the good things about a Pisces (and some of the not-so-good as well).

One of the most beloved characters, other Pisces are lucky to call her one of their own!

Cancer: Jess Mariano

Team Jess forever! While Jess Mariano wasn’t always the best to Rory when they were together, we strongly believe that, with time and a little more maturity, these two would make a stellar pair.

As a Cancer, Jess is definitely prone to moodiness and fits of insecurity, like when he worried over Dean and Rory’s reconnected friendship, but also sincerity and compassion, in the way he makes amends to Luke and tries to give Rory support when she’s floundering. With his talents in the arts and his sensitive personality, Jess is a doubtlessly a Water sign and, in our opinion, a total Cancer.

Fire: Jackson Belleville

He might work in the earth, but Jackson Belleville strikes us as more of a Fire sign! This guy is passionate – about Sookie, about family, and about his vegetables!

To hear Jackson talk about turnips or carrots is truly something else, and it’s a strange sort of intensity that is completely in line with the element of Fire.

While these signs tend to be pretty extroverted and impulsive – like when Jackson decided on a whim to run against Taylor Doose as Town Selectman – they are also passionate and stubborn, like his insistence on “four in four” and his love of Sookie!

Sagittarius: Lorelai Gilmore

Independent, positive, confident: three words that describe those born under Sagittarius also just so happen to describe the other Gilmore girl, Lorelai. Like the sign, Lorelai has always been her own person, from the moment we were introduced to her and from learning of her backstory. Despite being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Lorelai struck out on her own to raise Rory when she was just a teenager and moved through the ranks to eventually own her own home and her own inn. Her rebelliousness towards her parents – exhibited well into adulthood – is also an Aquarius trait, as is her reluctance to settle down until she is absolutely sure, which would explain why it wasn’t until the revival that she and Luke finally tied the knot.

Aries: Logan Huntzberger

Like the Life & Death Brigade’s Latin motto In Omnia Paratus, Logan Huntzberger – and Aries – is, too, ready for anything! This Fire sign and the character are more likely to leap before they look and prefer to take major risks in some search for adventure, meaning, or just plain fun!

Logan’s position of being born into privilege has allowed him to get away with everything in his life, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t rebel against his parents and their restrictions, which is a very Aries thing to do.

Plus, has there ever been a character on the show who was quite so confident that he became a total jerk? We didn’t think so!

Leo: Richard Gilmore

At the head of the pride of the Gilmore family, we have Richard. A leader in family and business, Richard draws a great deal of his ego from his famous name, his wealth, and the accomplishments of himself and those around him. He is also fiercely loyal and devoted, defending Lorelai against Christopher’s parents and showing Mitchum Huntzberger a thing or two when he discovered the truth about what had been said to Rory to cause her to leave Yale.

Strong and prideful at first glance, Richard is soft-hearted and kind, warm and generous, and one of the most beloved characters in the show.

Best Love Match For Earth Signs: Sookie St. James Or Jackson Belleville

Earth signs can be high-strung, which is why they need someone to mellow them out without totally disregarding their feelings and anxieties.

Sookie St. James or Jackson Belleville are ideal for Earth signs because they are both family-oriented and very ambitious without getting too wrapped up in their own anxieties.

Plus, they are very into food, and for an Earth sign like Taurus – who is very much a foodie – this is a huge bonus!

As a co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn, Sookie appeals to a Capricorn’s ambition, while her perfectionist streak aligns with Virgo. Jackson is highly-skilled at what he does and refuses to allow anything sub-par pass his scrutiny, which is a quality both of those signs respect!

Best Love Match For Air Signs: Logan Huntzberger Or Lane Kim

Air signs hate to be tied down, and would rather have something memorable and short-lived than something stagnant and long-lasting. For that reason, Air signs are best suited to someone like Logan Huntzberger or Lane Kim.

Logan, for all his shortcomings, is undeniably charming, witty, and adventurous, which are the most attractive qualities for Air signs. (Plus, his piles of money would definitely fund some elaborate vacations!) Lane, with her extensive musical knowledge, high levels of energy, and desire to think and do things that are outside of the usual would be intriguing to an Air sign who would value her as a partner and friend!

Best Love Match For Water Signs: Jess Mariano Or Rory Gilmore

Water signs are sensitive and can be hurt easily.

They don’t trust without learning a great deal about the other person and are drawn to those who have hints of darkness without being impossible to get to know.

While Jess Mariano would be a challenge, it would be one that a Water sign would gladly accept. His intellect, passion, and intensity would be impossible to resist! Rory, in her need to please others, would offer enough security to the sensitive Water signs without being a total pushover, and her brain and quick wit would keep them stimulated, creating a foundation of mental connection before things move elsewhere.


Best Love Match For Fire Signs: Emily Gilmore Or Dean Forester

Fire signs need someone who can keep up with them without backing down, which is why Emily Gilmore and Dean Forrester work, but in completely different ways!

Emily could keep a Fire sign on their toes, but she’s also the perfect hostess, allowing her partner to be the one in the spotlight without competing. A Fire sign would feel well taken care of with Emily at their side. Dean, on the other hand, brings a grounding element to this impulsive sign. While he’s had his moments of spontaneity, he is a stable force that could take a backseat to a Fire sign’s antics without making them feel judged.


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