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Here’s Each Zodiac Sign’s Relationship Style And Why It Succeeds (Or Flops)

Time and time again we find ourselves sitting on the couch, thinking about our future. Sometimes there’s a cup of coffee in our hand (and sometime’s it’s a glass of wine), but there’s always an overwhelming feeling of “what am I doing”. It sounds dark, but it’s true. We all have patterns, and we all have habits that we tend to fall into. Life can feel a little cyclical, which isn’t always a bad thing. We find comfort in knowing that as soon as a downward slide comes there’ll be an upward swing soon after. Relationships are full of these kinds of cycles as well. We might find ourselves arguing about the same thing over and over again, eventually realizing that there’s probably always going to be something to argue about. The process of getting into a relationship can even be part of a pattern. We’re creatures of habit, after all. Even having a “type” can be a kind of pattern.

All this talk of habits aside, it’s clear that we all have a kind of relationship style that can succeed or fail. We’ve gone through and mapped out the successes and downfalls of each sign’s relationship style. Read on, and find out which pitfall might be coming up next in your relationship.

Gemini Women: Tend To Stay In A Relationship Until It Feels Like A Routine

Gemini women are great to be in a relationship with. They’re caring, they’re intelligent, and they’re almost always up to have some fun. Being close to someone is a big positive in the Gemini woman’s life, as she likes to work in partnerships more than going solo. The one thing she doesn’t like? Routines. As soon as a routine sets in, it feels a little like stagnation. She changes things up and decides to move on. As a relationship style, shaking up the routine is great. Nobody wants to be bored! However, if she decides to straight up leave a relationship it can feel a little upsetting.

Gemini Men: Go All In Or All Out With Love

Geminis are often thought of as being indecisive. It’s not that they can’t make a decision, they just don’t necessarily want to commit to it when their mood changes. Surprisingly, commitment isn’t an issue when it comes to relationships with a Gemini. They’re the all-or-nothing kind of lovers, and they’re not looking to do anything halfway. This is great news for a partner who excites them and loves them back. It’s not so great when the relationship goes through a rough patch. Gemini men will pull back the instant their gut offers a second thought or hesitation, making it much harder to keep the Gemini man than we might think.


Sagittarius Women: Tend To Be More Of The Casual Persuasion

A little loose and a little wild, Sagittarius women are always a sparkling presence in the room. Everyone can tell when a Sagittarius walks in, as they’re some of the most dramatic and confident signs out there. They have very curious minds and take interest in learning about everyone and everything. Due to their curiosity, they don’t often like to get involved in just one thing. They have multiple hobbies and sometimes stay in the dating pool a little longer than others. This casual style might be great for the Sagittarius, but it doesn’t always bode well for those that want a more serious relationship.

Sagittarius Men: Appear Disinterested (But Honestly Really Do Care)

Whether we want to admit it or not, Sagittarius men don’t always look like they’re excited to hear about us or our day. It’s not meant maliciously; Sagittarians are curious, but there has to be something that sparks their curiosity first. Their busy minds and keen observation skills mean they want to know everything about everything. This can take them away from social media and instant messaging, which can sometimes feel like they’re purposefully leaving messages from us on “read” without answering. This can be the downfall in many relationships, or it can be great. We just need to remember that they honestly do care.

Aries Women: Are Always Direct About Their Relationship Needs

Aries women are at it again, being their gorgeous and direct selves. We know that we could learn a thing or two about the Aries woman. Not only is she incredibly hard-working, but she’s not afraid to drop everything and have some fun. The balance in her life is great, which has mostly come from her being direct about her needs. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. This makes it easy for many of her relationships to succeed. In a few cases, though, it can also push people away. Otherwise, we think that this relationship style cuts down on a lot of confusion.


Aries Men: Often Impulsively Get Involved With People

For all of Aries’ hard-working, take-no-bull tendencies, they don’t actually plan all that much. Sure, they have a plan. They’ve got goals that they’re going to reach, and they know what to do to get there. They’re not afraid to live impulsively, though, and to jump ship if a project isn’t working out. This impulsivity bleeds into their relationships too, and they often find themselves in surprise relationships with people. They get involved with someone on a whim and find themselves more committed than they meant to be. While it’s great if the relationship is positive, sometimes they’re just not ready for that kind of commitment.

Scorpio Women: Sometimes Commit Before They’re Ready

On the topic of just not being ready for commitment, this is a trend that seems to plague more than just Aries men and women. Scorpio is a sign that often believes themselves to be more ready than they actually are. They tend to put on a tough face and fight through pain in order to get a job done (or to impress someone). Sometimes this means that they commit to a relationship before they’re ready. While it can have some great outcomes (like an awesome partnership with someone they care about) it can also cause some insecurity and second thoughts, making the relationship a little rocky.

Scorpio Men: Grab Hold And Don’t Let Go

Scorpio men aren’t exactly the same as Scorpio women. While Scorpio women have a tough outer shell, Scorpio men are usually just a little more subdued. They don’t want to get emotional, but sometimes they just can’t help it. This is true for positive emotions and negative ones. They tend to grab hold of a relationship in the early stages and don’t let go. Their commitment is huge, and they get incredibly hurt if that same level of commitment isn’t mirrored by their partner. This is great for a partner that’s willing to put in the effort! If not, the Scorpio man might find himself a little hurt by the results.

Leo Women: Are Flirty (And Maybe A Little Flighty)

Oh, Leo ladies. So beautiful, so charismatic, and so willing to embrace whatever passion is coming their way. They love to have all the eyes on them, even if it means getting a little wilder than they initially meant to be. It’s not their fault; they just love to have fun! Connecting with people seriously fuels a Leo’s fire, which is part of the reason they’re always going to be a little bit flirty. The flipside of flirtiness? Flightiness. All talk and no action, which can mean a whole lot of almost-relationships rather than the meaningful, long-term relationships.


Leo Men: Often Have Relationships That Are More Sparks Than Full-Flame

Leo men are just as magnetic as Leo ladies, but they’re also more willing to make the first move. This means that they get quite a lot of positive responses, and tend to have quite a lot of options to choose from in the world of relationships. There are tons of sparks flying whenever a Leo man hits the club or party. Unfortunately, sparks don’t always lead to a full flame. Leo men might have difficulty getting into a serious relationship as it can take a lot of effort to tone down his bravado. Eventually, if he feels like it’s a forever thing, he will calm down. It can push partners away at first, though.

Pisces Women: It’s All About The Heart, Even If It Means Letting Love Go

The sweetest, most fantasy-driven star sign is the Pisces. The Pisces woman loves to live inside of her dreams. She’s the one who tends to daydream at any chance she gets and doesn’t want to give that up for anything else. She gets a little nervous when it comes to real-life situations, and can definitely turn shy when faced with her dreams-turned-reality. Ultimately her relationship style is all about heart. She’s loving, sweet, and only wants the best for her partner… Even if that means letting them go. Needless to say, she’s a little prone to heartbreak. But she’ll always bounce back!

Pisces Men: Turn Every Relationship Into “The One”

One of the tricks the Pisces man has is to treat every partner like “the one”. The one who’s going to be with them for the rest of their lives, and who isn’t afraid to support and love the partnership forever. This is an absolutely amazing relationship style for the Pisces man to have, but it doesn’t always jive with every sign. Practical signs might get put off by the Pisces’ full-hearted love, and that can result in an ending of the relationship. Otherwise, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little bit of Pisces passion. If only every partnership could feel like the one!

Virgo Women: Act Shy At First, But Are Fully Involved When The Relationship Picks Up

Virgo women tend to resist things, as a general rule. They want to know as much as they can about a new situation or idea, making change a tricky thing to cope with. They ask a lot of questions and need some time in order to process the answers. This same mode of processing happens in their relationships too, as they tend to act shy and resist during the beginning phases of a partnership. Once they know that the trust is there, though, they’re so willing to open up their hearts that there’s no doubt they’re in love. Slow and steady wins the race, after all!

Virgo Men: Like To Make Their Relationships About The Other Person’s Needs

The Virgo might be a sign that processes internally, but they’re not closed off and cold-hearted. Their intelligence also means they have a high emotional intellect, making them very empathetic creatures. While they’ll always offer practical and rational support rather than blindly saying “oh, it’ll be okay”, they’re never going to push someone’s needs aside. They really care about other people, to the extent that sometimes their relationships become all about the other person. They might even put their partner’s needs ahead of their own. While it’s sweet to care about a partner, this relationship style often results in some emotional burnout. Take care of yourselves, Virgo men!

Capricorn Women: Find Themselves Falling Into Relationships

Capricorn women are the slow-burn signs of the stars. They have passion, but it’s not an explosive passion like the Aries or the Scorpio. The Capricorn’s passion lies in the fact that they can sustain it for a long period of time. That crush they had when they were seven might still be on their minds and in their hearts. They’re never the type to overstep a boundary that’s been set either, making it hard for them to ask people out or pursue romance. Falling into relationships might sound out of character on the surface, but it’s actually incredibly accurate. They’re most usually friends with someone first, and then move it into relationship territory. As long as everyone’s on the same page, this isn’t the worst relationship style to have!

Capricorn Men: Take It Slow And Steady

We’ve mentioned it a couple times: slow and steady wins the race. But is that always true? Well… No. Sometimes slow and steady means we’re stuck on the back wall at the bar, waiting for someone to come up to us and offer a dance. Luckily for the Capricorn man, he’s not too bothered by that. He’s got such confidence in himself and in his life goals that he knows everything will work out. He’s happy to go at his own pace, and won’t let someone pressure him into getting to things faster. While some potential relationships might be frustrated by this pace, we believe that that’s just a sign they’re not right for the Capricorn man.

Taurus Women: Find Themselves Falling In Love Without Making Many Moves

Taurus women are another Earth sign, like the Capricorns. Due to the natural energy of Earth signs the Taurus woman is another sign that doesn’t like to make too many forward moves. They know that they’re looking for a long-term situation, and want someone who’s going to make them happy. Happy in the sense that they’re willing to hang out and be lazy whenever the whim strikes the Taurus. They love luxury, and love is a kind of emotional energy that makes them sigh with happiness. Combine these tendencies and it’s a recipe for loving from afar. That can be great, if they want to stay in their imagination. It’s not so great for making moves, though!

Taurus Men: Won’t Push, But Tend To Get Emotionally Close

For all their distance, the Taurus is actually someone who does tend to get emotionally close. While they’re not as close as the Geminis or Cancers of this world, they do love a good emotional connection. Taurus men have the same tendency as we discussed above, where they tend to keep a healthy distance no matter how strong their feelings get. They’ll never push someone towards a relationship, but they will certainly get emotionally attached as if they were in one. This can end very badly if their emotional partner finds a new bae. Our advice? Just make a move when the timing feels right.

Cancer Women: Get Attached Very Quickly (And Love Very Deeply)

It’s hard to look at a Cancer woman and not gush about how she’s such a sweetheart. Cancers just have that natural effect on people. They love to love and are the kind of sign that needs to connect with people daily to feel satisfied. Their relationships go deep, but not before they’re ready. While they hesitate at first to show their heart to someone, as soon as that person has shown them theirs the Cancer woman is all-in. She loves deeply and gets attached very quickly. This is great if the feelings are mutual, but can also result in disappointment if she’s not careful.


Cancer Men: Tip-Toe Into Their Relationships

Quiet but a riot is the motto of the Cancer man. He likes being in a relationship but doesn’t always embrace it at first. Once the Cancer man is in a relationship, he’s in for life. He doesn’t want to let go due to his absolutely limitless loyalty. This is an issue for any signs that are of the more casual persuasion. Tip-toeing into a relationship isn’t a bad thing, especially when it’s a relationship with another careful sign. However, it might send the wrong message to confident and all-in signs. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. But it’s certainly ended some relationships before they’ve even really started!

Aquarius Women: Sometimes Prefer Their Thoughts To The Actual Relationship

Some people tend to believe that the Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t have the same passion that other star signs do. We want to break down that belief, as the Aquarius-born are actually quite in tune with their passion and thoughts. They love finding someone who’s able to match up with their rich imagination. If their person can’t play in that world of imagination with them, they might start to prefer their thoughts to the actual relationship. That doesn’t make for a happy partnership! It does, however, help the Aquarius come up with ways to spice up the relationship. And it keeps them happy.

Aquarius Men: Might Get Distracted By Other Possibilities

We were surprised when we discovered that this is the Aquarius man’s relationship style. One might think that this is more of a Leo or a Sagittarius trait. Surprisingly, it’s more of an Aquarius thing. They get wrapped up in their ideas and their thoughts, making the distractions actually in their head rather than out in the open. The Aquarius doesn’t necessarily see obstacles when it comes to achieving their dreams. They’ll shoot for the moon and expect to land there, which is really beautiful. Ultimately, though, those dreamland possibilities could turn into distractions and take away from the relationship.


Libra Women: Consider A Relationship Carefully Before Getting Into It

Libra women aren’t tip-toers in the same way the Cancer is. They don’t hesitate when faced with the opportunity to be in a relationship with someone. What they need to do is to think it through thoroughly before committing. This kind of careful attention to the pros and cons of a partnership is exactly what makes their relationships so successful. While some people might be put off by hearing “let me think about it”, the best partner for a Libra will respect the time that they need to take. In that way, this relationship style is actually really healthy and positive.

Libra Men: Find Being Friends First The Best Way To Do It

In the same way that the Capricorn often ends up getting into relationships with people they’ve been friends with first, the Libra will make an effort to do the same. Libra men are sweet and soft-spoken but are incredibly intelligent and funny. This makes them very attractive to many people. Their careful heartfelt consideration means that they often need to get to know their potential partner as a friend, before committing to a relationship with them. Being friends first is an excellent way to begin a relationship. Often times it’s also easier to go back to being friends if there’s ever a breakup, too.



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