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Here These Are 20 Things That Will Get His Attention 

There are many ways to reel in a man, although thanks to social media platforms nowadays, some women believe that being revealing and showing off legs or wearing low-cut tops is the secret. We want to inform our fellow girl gang that all that is totally bogus!

Yes, some women might be striving to look like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but in real life, things do not work that way. We get it, love nowadays is not easy, and some of us end up crushing on men that we believe are out of our league and don’t even know that we exist, but that could rapidly change with just the right tips – and they don’t involve being too revealing with what we wear. These subtle dating strategies will attract the right attention and Mr. Right, which is ultimately what every woman wants.

We do not want any woman to feel like they are invisible to the man they are crushing on, because we know how disappointing that can be, so here are some important ways to get him to notice you without having to open your mouth or be OTT.


20Get A Little Bit Closer

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This one is for the woman who knows her crush relatively well, as well as for the one who doesn’t. All you must do is get in close proximity to him whenever you can. Do not come off as desperate, but if you can get close to him, and break the touching barrier as well, his attention will be yours. Maybe he dropped something onto the floor, so you retrieved it for him and gave him a soft pat on the arm, or maybe you’re friends and decided to graze his arm during conversation.

Just a light touch will have a man smitten and thinking of you, but make sure you don’t overdo it!

19Attract Him With Some Irresistible Red

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Just like a red Ferrari, what man can resist a woman who is rocking the colour of love?

Ladies, we suggest that when you dress up in the morning and pamper yourself, use the color red to your advantage. Whether it be a red dress, red top, red lipstick or red heels, this color will get you red-hot attention.

Men are visual, so if they see a woman wearing red clothing or scarlet lipstick, they will be enticed and intrigued. Who could avoid looking at you strut your stuff when you are wearing a bright red color? It pulls attention your way. Cupid may strike and he may just fall in love at first sight.


18Act Clumsy And Silly

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One way you are bound to get a man’s attention effortlessly is by acting silly and clumsy when he is close to you.

You do not have to flirt heavily to get his attention. Men can notice from a mile away when a woman is playful and cool. If a guy sees that you can be silly, even in the most serious establishments, like at school or in the workplace, there is little reason for him to overlook you. You might even want to dance in the streets like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook!

Another way you’ll get his attention is by purposely acting clumsy. Did you suddenly drop your purse and everything came flooding out? Superman may just notice and he will laugh and find it super-adorable.

17All Of A Sudden, She’s Cheering For His Team

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Switch up the princess vibe and be a go-getter! Ladies, what man can resist a cheerleader, especially one for his much-loved NFL team? None.

He will not be able to resist your spell if you are sitting near him at a sports bar and cheering on his beloved team with all your might, we promise. Behaving in this way will certainly please him, so do not be surprised if his eyes are on you all night instead of on the game. Men love women who are into sports and who can be in the same room with the boys cheering on his team.


16Keep In Touch On Social Media

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Adding the guy you are crushing on to your social media followers might just give you the confidence you need to interact with him in person. This man you like might only know you by name, or not at all, or you might be friends, but whatever the case, one way to get his attention, without even talking to him, is to make sure you add him on social media. Why? It is an effective way for a man to get to know you: he will see your interests and learn about you through your photos.

Some women see a man that they find attractive and hesitate to press the “send request” button later, when actually, a man will see it as a good sign. It’s a sign of confidence. Adding him is like saying, “hey, I exist!” without having to.

15Purposely Go Out With Other Men

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Men place a higher value on something when they actually need to work for it, so if you’re playing hard to get by going out with other men and keeping him in the know, you’re on the right track.

You do not want to act desperate since that will not get you positive attention, so instead of focusing only on flirting with him, expand your pool of men and go on dates with other men, too. If he knows you, and you follow each other on social media, use it as leverage to show off what you’re doing on your Saturday nights. Or maybe play the telephone game and tell one of his friends you have a date (because it will certainly reach his ears). He will sense competition, and any man loves that.


14Gets Dolled Up Regularly

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Yes, men love women who are natural and do not cake their faces with makeup, but if you always show up to work or to dinner looking fabulous with your best face on and statement clothing, any man will notice the effort you put into your appearance. Just think of Blair in Gossip Girl. She always looked her best and the flirty Chuck Bass noticed her in a sea full of women.

Getting dolled up does not go unnoticed as it comes with a certain dose of confidence that men find truly irresistible. Attraction at first sight is a thing, ladies.

13Shows Off Her Girls Night Out

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Men are attracted to the thrill of the chase, so if you’re chasing after him, you can forget about him chasing you. You want to show him that you can live your life without him, and the best way to do so is by living your best life with your main girls by your side.

Again, whether it is a man who barely knows you, or a friend you’re crushing over, if you are out with the girls and having a ball while he is seated across the restaurant, his eyes will veer towards you.

How To Get Inside Your Man Mind

If you want to trigger strong feelings of attraction and adoration in your man, you have to know how to get on the same frequency with him.

Imagine never having to deal with his silent treatment again. (Which is just really code for “I’m angry but don’t want to talk about it”.)

When you know how to read him and know what he’s thinking and feeling, unpleasant situations like the silent treatment will be a thing of the past.

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When you’re happy and enjoying yourself, you attract more men – they’ll be intrigued by you and your life.

Without even telling him a word, you’ll get his attention when you show off the fabulous night you enjoyed with your gal pals.


12Working Out And Embracing It

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Is there any better place to get a man’s undivided attention than at the gym?

A man loves to see a woman in her fresh and natural beauty while she is focused, working up a sweat and working towards her goals. Men are certainly there to flex too, but they will not miss you if you’re deadlifting 90 pounds or putting all you’ve got into your bicep exercises. In the same way we go gaga for a man who is dedicated to working out, men notice a woman who takes care of herself. See, it’s not really about your looks that attracts him, but that you’re putting in effort to be healthy and look after yourself.

11Flirting With Strangers In Front Of Him

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Maybe, just maybe, you have been friends with this man you are crushing on for years, but now, you want him to see you as more than his childhood friend.

We’ve seen this happen in Hollywood movies, but do not be fooled into thinking that when a woman flirts with other men in movies and gets the guy that it won’t happen in real life. It can!

Do not be afraid of looking like a fool and being rejected by other men in front of him, because he will adore your confidence, and might also get jealous or fear you won’t be available to him for much longer.

You will get the right attention from him by doing this because it will give him a chance to see how desirable you are and now, he is going to want your attention too.


10She Uses A Different Voice Around Her Crush

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We’ve seen it all on The Bachelor: women talking with fake accents. Some previous contestants opted for smoother and softer tones to get their guy. It is true that when a woman is into a man, and he is around, her tone of voice unintentionally changes.

We have a special tip for you: men find a soothing voice more attractive than a pretty face! You do not even need to directly talk to a man to get his attention and make this trick work. If you are in a group, or nearby, and manipulate your voice, such as by having a slightly higher-pitched voice, he will keep not only his ears open for you, but his eyes too.

9She Brags About Her Culinary Skills

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If there is one thing men truly dislike, it is when women do not eat in front of them. Instead, men love women who show off their passion and adoration for food. The key to his heart? Delicious cooking. Now, how do you get him to notice this about you without having direct communication with him? If you want to get a guy’s attention, show him that you are girlfriend material with your cooking skills in an indirect way.

Do you work with him? Bring in the cupcakes and cookies you made to work for all your colleagues to enjoy. Do you have him on social media? Show off your creations by taking snapshots of your delicious cakes and meals. No words are required to have his five senses heightened.


8Discover His Likes And Mimic Them

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We do not want any woman to change for a man, but by learning what a man likes, whether it be his favourite hangout places or his favourite foods, you’ll be better placed to get his attention.

Social media is your leverage for this, as you can use it to gather information about his interests if you pay close attention ― no, this is not stalking, it’s learning. You’ll learn where he likes to grab a coffee or dinner and could show up there in the hopes of bumping into him.

If you’re friends with him online and see on social media that he’s going to a certain musical festival or concert with friends, why not go ahead and make your way there, too?

7She Makes Herself Smell Like A Walking Perfume Bottle

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Men love the scent of a woman. Chances are, if you are wearing the perfect perfume, he will think you are some sort of majestic creature. We know that you have all been attracted to a man before because his cologne was so powerfully alluring. Well ― surprise! ― men get the same feeling when we wear a sweet scent.

The best part of it all is that you do not even need to whisper a word to him. Just walk around him and he will get an irresistible whiff of your sweet and alluring scent. He’ll battle not to look your way.


6Play The Music He Likes And Sings Along

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When you are the life of the party, you will instantly grab the attention of any man in the building. However, we are not telling you to climb onto the bar and start dancing or go overboard with the drinking.

What we advise you to do to get his attention on any given night is just bring out the tunes he likes and jam out to them.

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You have him on the ‘gram? Post a video with your girls in the car singing your heart out to his all-time favourite jam (if you know it), or to the song he keeps raving about.

It is summer and you’re with mutual friends in the car? Start singing and do not be shy to roll the windows down and sway your arms and shoulders. Have fun and he’ll be drawn to you.

5She Switches Up Her Look Weekly

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Ladies, you do not need to wear a low-cut top or short dress to get his attention, trust us. We have a simple tip for you to use immediately if you’re concerned about how to get his attention. We have already made it clear that it is no secret that men are visual creatures, so to get his attention you’ll want to take care of your appearance. How? Just keep on switching it up like a chameleon, like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande enjoy doing.

This will keep him on his toes, and if he did not notice you in the office before, he will now when he sees you rock every hair colour and lip colour that exists. Take pride in your looks and you’ll have his undivided attention.


4She Exudes Extreme Positivity Around Him

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There is nothing more attractive in a woman than a positive attitude, and you can show off your great energy around him without even opening your mouth. It’s all in the body language.

In a room full of people, the one that will stand out the most is the one who is spreading positive energy, which will guarantee any man’s attention.

Have your arms uncrossed around him, show off your enthusiasm by blinking your bright eyes, and he will be intrigued by you in no time. If you are waiting for a man to make a move, exuding positive energy will certainly light him up. This applies even if you are showing off your positive personality on social media.

3Put Her Best Mysterious Face On

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Contrary to what many think, men do not like wallflowers; no man will notice you if you are just standing against the wall at a club looking pretty and paying attention to your phone. How will you get his attention? By putting your best game face on. Think of it as if you are on a playing field and need to compete. Standing there will not get his attention but flashing some fierce model-like looks or your most beautiful smile will.

All you really need to do is raise your eyebrows here and there when he is looking at you and make sure he notices that you noticed him.


2Showcase Her Unique Hobbies

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If a man sees how much you enjoy yourself doing certain things, like hiking or taking a bike ride, perhaps he’ll want to join in on the fun.

Men like women who have unique interests, talents or hobbies, and that includes singing in the church choir. We bet you did not know this but getting a man’s attention is as easy as 1,2,3 ― just be yourself, it is truly all it takes.

You know the saying “dance like no one is watching”? That is literally all you need to do to get his eyes on you and spark his interest.

You just went on a hike on a sunny afternoon? Speak about it at work when he is around, or innocently post it on social media and he will notice.

1Constantly Flash A Ginormous Smile At Him

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The simplest way to get his attention? Smile, just smile ― who would have thought? There is nothing more attractive than a woman who loves to flash her smile. It’s the simplest way to let him know you notice him and are interested in chatting to him, and also that you’re approachable. Then leave it up to him to walk over to you.

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Are you connected on social media? Post selfies of yourself smiling and looking happy, and he will not be able to resist your glow.

Did you spot him across the room during a night out? Cross his path, glance at him and flash a subtle smile. It really is all it takes to win his attention.



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