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The One Who Deserves A 2nd Chance & Those  Won’t (Based On Her Zodiac Sign)

All relationships start with promise. There’s an initial attraction, and the two of you follow where it leads. Sooner or later, though, there will be that one quality in your partner or situation that comes up which casts some doubt in your mind.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 


Is your partner worth holding onto? Or should you just cut your losses and move on from them? Are you dealing with a dating red flag, or are you being too quick to judge?

There are many different ways of making that choice for yourself, and certainly, there are some relationship deal breakers that no one should ever put up with. It’s good to have dating standards in place to protect yourself. However, beyond the importance of your own good judgment, you can look to the stars for some clues as to who is worth keeping in your life, and who is better left in the dust ASAP.

Here’s a look at the type of person you should probably give up on when it comes to your relationship needs, and who is worth that second chance even if you don’t think so, based on your astro sign. Good luck!

24Aries: Let Your Leo Man Go Before You Become Enemies!

Dear Aries, let’s just admit that you find your Leo man exciting and dynamic. He’s a natural leader, and you admire that. But…what about you and your natural talents? It’s safe to say that both of you have healthy egos, and what you both might forget is that other people need their affirmation too.

This couple can be a keeper in rare cases, but if you’re butting heads early on in your relationship, you’ll probably be butting heads forever. That’s not the way to a healthy relationship. Best to leave before you become enemies.

23Aries: Your Sagittarius Man Loves You For Who You Are

The Archer might strike you as being a little too lightweight for your driven and determined self. He has a low-key, often zany kind of charm that contrasts the force of nature that is your bold and strong personality. But, this is a man who will love you for your strength and won’t stand in your way.

He’ll always be a supportive partner to you who has your back, and he genuinely appreciates the bright energy you bring to his life.


22Taurus: Virgo’s Cute And Smart, But He’ll Drive You Crazy

The two of you share a love of comfortable home life, and good food. You will enjoy dinner dates, whether they are cooked up at home or in a cozy restaurant. Virgo is very reliable, and you’ll like that too. What you won’t like will be the sense that he’s constantly judging you and critiquing you – he is, by the way!

You like your home base comfy and homey, while his neat freak routine will tend to drive you crazy. He’s way more uptight than you like, and he won’t appreciate your casual approach to fashion. Not a match made in heaven, let’s say.

21Taurus: Hard-Headed Capricorn Can Make You Happy

Capricorn may not always be as romantic as you like, Venus girl, but he’s got a lot of other qualities you’ll love. He’s solid and dependable, like you, and underneath that taciturn exterior, he really does have a beating heart. You won’t get any PDA, but he’ll let you know you’re wanted when no one else is looking.

If you’re going long term, you’ll be pleased to find out that you won’t have to worry about money with this dude, and he shares your love of music and the arts.


20Gemini: Aries Just Won’t Appreciate The Real You

Aries will be fascinated by you, the beguiling butterfly, and it’s likely that he will do the pursuing in this relationship. He’s determined that way, and in many other ways.

Aries is a blast of hot air, while  you’re a breeze that has turned into a tornado, then changed directions and gone somewhere else. 

What is likely to nix this pair is his big ego and constant need for affirmation. You’ll get tired of it pretty quickly. You’ll probably also find that he doesn’t appreciate your gentle humour, and your brainy chatter. Good for a fling, but best ended quickly.

19Gemini: There Will Never Be A Dull Moment With Libra

There will be undeniable chemistry between you, quicksilver Gemini girl, and the sweet talking hottie that is Libra. Now, there is a bit of a tendency – or maybe a big tendency – in both of you towards instability, with you constantly changing directions, and him constantly changing his mind.

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It might have both of you feeling dubious, but underneath it lies a true meeting of minds and goals. You share a love of beauty, and a classy approach to both fashion and fun. There will never be a dull moment with him.


18Cancer: Your Capricorn Man Can’t Warm Your Romantic Heart

Capricorn is well dressed, and he tends to be successful in life. He’ll be drawn to your big-eyed Moon Maiden appeal at first, but he’s just too hard-headed for soft-hearted you for anything too serious. He’ll get impatient with your various moods and relationship expectations, and will never give you enough of the romance you crave. You’ll feel neglected by him in no time, and he’ll never really understand why.

Frustrating, right? He’s a great catch, Cancer, but for someone else.

17Cancer: Pisces Can Chase Away Your Blues

Pisces is low-key and laid back, and you’ll like his approach. But, you’re an emotional girl of many moods, and he may seem at first to be too much of a cold fish for you. Stick around, and you’ll find this gentle soul is a water sign like you, and he really does understand the emotions that move you. It just takes a bit of time to make sure you’re on the same page.

Best of all, his wry sense of humour will work wonders when you need someone to chase away your blues.


16Leo: Aquarius May Be Intriguing, But He Just Won’t Treat You Like The Queen You Are

You won’t find Aquarius in your usual circle of admirers, but he’ll have a special way of letting you know he’s interested all the same. That unusual style of his, combined with an easy sense of self assurance, will draw you to this bright man. He’ll respect you, and you love that, but you’ll also sense that he’s not entirely in your cheering section. He may even see it as his duty to try and prick your ego with his sharp observations. How dare he!

Underneath, his secret is that he is ambitious too, and competitiveness is likely to get in the way of love. Aquarius talks the talk when it comes to equality, he’s not so good on delivering – and your Queenly self just can’t have that.

15Leo: Give Virgo A Second Chance And He’ll Be Your Biggest Fan

Virgo won’t be the flashy dude you notice immediately at the club, but you’re a smart woman, and if you want to, you can tell real quality at 10 paces. He’s the real deal – reliable, respectful, and best of all, he’ll leave the spotlight all to you.

He’ll support you in whatever ambitions you might have, and you can help him along by lending a little of your star power. You’ll never feel like he’s competing with you, and you can work together so well. He’s definitely a keeper.


14Virgo: Give Up On Your Cute Pisces Crush – He’s All Wrong For You

Pisces is super charming and so cute, that’s true. He likes strong women like you, and you’ll love the attention he pays you when you first get together. But, if you’re thinking of having a long-term relationship with him, you’ll want to think long and hard. The Fish is too lightweight for you, and even too messy for your well organized home!

He’s usually very bad with money, which will nix any chance of anything beyond a very short-term relationship. You’ll never feel quite like he’s pulling his weight.

13Virgo: Aquarius Is Worth Your Valuable Time

Your very discerning eye may not find Aquarius impressive at first glance. He may not be wearing the latest designer clothes or driving a new car. Like you, this man is often overlooked. If you notice him at work, you’ll probably see that he’s the one to carry more than his share of the load, without demanding full credit. You can appreciate that.

He notices your fine sense of detail, and all those nuances you put into your style.

The two of you can talk about anything, and you’ll share a brainy sense of humour. It may begin with a low flame, but this fire has lasting power.


12Libra: Cancer’s Moods And Harsh Opinions Are Too Much For Harmony-Loving You

Cancer is always well-dressed, and there’s no denying he’s a hottie. He’s low-key rather than OTT, and that’s something that will appeal to you too. But, fundamentally, you tend to avoid messy emotions and his up and down moods will drive you around the bend. Cancer can also be pretty harsh in his words when he gets angry, and that won’t sit well with your harmony-loving self.

He won’t have a lot of patience for your constant changes of direction and opinion. In the end, you’ll suspect that he doesn’t really respect you – and that’s a deal breaker.

11Libra: He’s Got A Flighty Side, But Gemini Can Actually Keep Up With You

Libra girl, you love balance and harmony, and this man is a whirlwind that may leave you feeling unsure. Truth is, he is worth a second chance. Gemini is as smart as you – and he actually likes change, which means he’s more likely than most to enjoy your roller-coaster ride through life.

In fact, he’ll be right there with you causing a stir! You’ll talk and laugh for hours when you’re on a date, and he’s got a few surprises of his own to keep you on your toes and interested. You’re never going to be bored with him.


10Scorpio: You’ll Have Libra Figured Out Too Soon

Libra seems so fascinating – smart, artistic and full of ideas. You love a good mystery, and you’ll be attracted to this guy and his charms. That charm will fade when you realize how shallow he is, though, in your regal opinion. You like to plumb the mysteries of the universe, but for all his talk and his talents, he’s just not substantial enough to keep you interested.

The fact is, you’ll have him figured out too soon, and for you, a mystery solved is a sign to move on. You need much more mental stimulation to be happy.

9Scorpio: Your Cancer Bae Can Be Your Dream Romance If You Let Him

Cancer is usually a little on the slow side when it comes to warming up his passions. That may put you off, because you know how deep your own emotions run. But, if you’re patient enough to give him the time, you’ll find that you really do understand each other. He may be moody, but he’s reliable, and he will lend you some of that stability if you let him.

Warm him up and he can be very romantic and passionate – just be patient Scorpio, and let him proceed at his own pace. Squeeze too hard, and he’ll vanish.


8Sagittarius: Your Taurus Man Just Can’t Give You What You Need

There is no doubt that Taurus dudes will be fascinated by your bright spark of energy, and you’ll love how your Taurus crush can wear his heart on his sleeve without worry of being judged. But, once the initial fascination wears off, what are you left with? The Bull is a little too solid for you.

You crave new directions, while he wants to stay home all the time and stick to his predictable routine. You’ll like each other, but in short, you just can’t give each other what you need.

7Sagittarius: Let Libra Work His Charm On You

Libra has got his his ups and downs and changes of mind, that’s true. But, let’s face it, you’d get bored otherwise. You crave change, and this is the man to who can give you enough variety to satisfy even your restless soul. He’s artistic and well put together, and you’ll love that.

The pair of you will be able to talk about just about anything, and will keep each other immensely entertained. That’s a good recipe for staying together in the long run, so don’t write him off too quickly!


6Capricorn: Sagittarius Is Likely To Get On Your Nerves

The Archer is bright and cute, and that’s what will catch your discerning eye when you first meet him. But, beyond conversation and casual dates, he’ll sadly never feel worthy of your precious time. The Archer is rarely serious, in contrast to you. You’ve got a highly developed sense of direction in life, and this guy’s basically a wanderer who seems to go in every direction at once.

He’ll drive you nuts in no time, especially when he takes off for his latest adventure without even letting you know.

5Capricorn: Your Ego Is Big Enough To Give Leo A Second Chance

Sure, Leo’s ego can be a bit much at times, but yours is so assured that you don’t really need the spotlight – you know where power really lies and don’t have to make a big show about it. If you’re in it for the long run with him, Leo can give you the lifestyle you want, and you will be one of those couples who make each other better.

He’ll add his charismatic power to your ambitions, and you’ll add a more solid base to his sometimes high-flying fantasies. Together you can work wonders.


4Aquarius: Give Up On Scorpio – You Bring Out The Worst In Each Other!

The two of you have a blast together, but let’s face it, you really do bring out the worst of each other’s excesses, whether that involves nights on the town, spending sprees or other over the top behaviour. Deep down, beyond the fun, you know that the relationship isn’t based on much other than your shared appetites.

The Scorpion can also be quite manipulative, and you may find yourself living a lifestyle that isn’t really you. One day you’ll wake up and realize you really need to be on a different road with someone else.

3Aquarius: Look Past His Bluster To Give Aries A Second Chance

You, dear Aquarius, don’t like big egos, and that is likely to put you off Aries, at least at first. He’s all bluster, and he’s got an ego, but so do you, even if you hide it better than he does. If you stick around, you’ll find that, despite his own drive and ambition, he won’t get in your way, and will even be encouraging towards your own ambitions.

You can have a lot of fun together, and you’ll enjoy his extroverted energy – you can be such a hermit sometimes, but don’t be afraid to step out of your shell.


2Pisces: Gemini Is Fun, But Not In It For The Romance

Gemini is funny and flirtatious, and you’ll be attracted to his stream of consciousness conversation. Hanging with him will feel a bit like being in a whirlwind, and you’ll enjoy the ride while it lasts. It can be a fun friendship between you, but in the end, he’ll never give you the romance you need – or any romance, for that matter.

The feels just aren’t his style, and for anything beyond the most casual dating, you need someone who can give you more.

1Pisces: Strong, Silent Taurus Deserves A Second Look

Both you and the Bull are romantics, but you have different styles that may not seem to mesh at first. He’s the traditional strong and silent type, which may cause friction if you’re expecting constant affirmations of his feelings. But, while PDA may not be his thing, he’s got a big romantic heart, and he’ll show you if you let him.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

He can give you the romance and stability you long for, so don’t give up on him. He can end up being your rock in a topsy-turvy world.


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