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Here The One Relationship She Always Makes, A/C To Her Zodiac Sign

When it comes to relationships, nobody gets it right all the time. Some people are naturals at the romance thing while others might have to work at it a little more, but nobody is the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. Sooner or later, we all make mistakes. Forgiveness and learning from the past are part of being in a real relationship. What does make a difference, however, is when one person in the relationship makes the same mistake over and over again, never learning and never moving forward.

If we don’t pay attention to ourselves, it’s easy to miss the mistakes we make. And when we have a tendency for certain behaviors, it’s even easier not to notice until it’s too late and we’ve sabotaged the relationship! The mistakes have to be pretty severe and pretty continuous before it gets to that stage, but it’s still a good idea to remain aware of the things you do that might turn your partner off.

Our Zodiac signs can have a lot to do with what relationship mistakes we repeat again and again. Read on to find out what you might be doing to sabotage your relationship, based on your sign.

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20Aries: Coming On Too Strong

Without realizing it, Aries can be guilty of coming on too strong in a relationship and intimidating her partner too much. Because she’s so excited about the prospect of falling in love, she leaps before thinking about it and rushes into things from time to time. If she has a partner who’s equally as passionate and excited as her, that’s great. But the majority of people would probably find this approach a little too overwhelming. Though Aries has good intentions, she can scare her date off by asking too many questions or demanding too much commitment too soon.

19Leo: Trying Too Hard To Impress

All Leo wants in life is to make the people she loves proud of her. This includes her family and friends, but in particular, she wants to impress her partner. There is plenty about Leo that makes her impressive enough as it is. She’s confident, funny, daring and brave, sociable and full of energy, not to mention extremely charismatic. Yet she can sometimes feel like she’s not doing enough to sell herself to her new partner, so she tries too hard to impress. This can end up having the opposite effect, where her partner is turned off instead of on.

18Sagittarius: Being A Hothead Too Early On

Being a fire sign, Sagittarius is a natural hothead, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The mistake Sagittarius makes isn’t having a little temper, since that’s part of what makes her who she is, but exposing that side of her too early on. We all have qualities that may be hard for the other person to swallow, but if we reveal them too soon in the relationship, we have a higher chance of scaring that person away. Instead, Sagittarius should keep a lid on all major tantrums until that point where her partner is sure enough about her to be able to handle her flaws too.

17The Fire Signs Can Rush Things Too Much

Overall, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, otherwise known as the fire signs, take life by the horns and like to rush. Instead of planning things out carefully and waiting for the right moment, they just go for it. Sometimes, this is a good thing that gives them an advantage over the rest of the crowd. But in relationships, rushing things can seriously spoil everything for the fire signs. By coming on too strong, demanding too much too soon and revealing too much too soon, these signs are likely to scare away their partners before they’ve even really gotten to know them.

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16The Fire Signs Are Pros At Getting Their Partners To Feel Passion

While they may be in the habit of rushing into things, the fire signs also have plenty of relationship skills up their sleeves that make them great partners to be with. These ladies are pros at convincing their partners to get lost with them in passion. The fire signs naturally know how to make their partners feel things, and get totally carried away with them. Usually, people who have been with a fire sign struggle to feel totally satisfied with anyone else because they’ve got a taste of what it’s like to have a relationship that fulfills all their desires.

15Taurus: Not Willing To Compromise

The same mistake Taurus tends to make in life can rear its head in her relationships: being too stubborn. This sign is easy to get along with, but the one thing she won’t do is compromise with her partner. It’s her way or the highway, and once she puts her foot down, it stays down. This strict approach might help her to achieve success in her career or in other areas of life, but since relationships are all about compromise, this seriously hinders her love life. Rather than demanding things go her way all the time, she should open up her mind to new possibilities with her partner.

14Virgo: Having Unreasonable Standards

Virgo has probably been told again and again that her standards are unreasonable. To be clear, we’re not suggesting that she settle for someone she doesn’t love. But when she does find that person she’s attracted to and has real feelings for, she shouldn’t let her checklist get in the way of a great relationship. It’s very possible for Virgo to fall in love with someone she adores, but it’s probably less likely that whoever she falls for is going to tick every single one of her boxes.Nobody is perfect! Virgo should concentrate more on her heart and less on her standards.

13Capricorn: Not Prioritizing The Relationship

All relationships take work. Some pose more challenges than others, but all in all, every relationship will require effort. In most cases, the relationship has to be one of the top priorities of both people involved. They don’t have to sacrifice the rest of their lives to make it work, but they do have to make a conscious effort. Capricorn puts in a lot of effort to her career and other important areas of her life, but she has a habit of neglecting relationships. She has to understand that if her relationship isn’t at least one of her priorities, it’s going to flounder sooner or later.

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12The Earth Signs Can Be Too Closed-Minded

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are intelligent signs who are usually very tolerant of others. That said, they are inclined to being a little closed-minded on certain subjects. In some cases, it’s good to stick to your guns, but every now and then, you have to venture into the unknown and take a chance if you want things to work out. When the earth signs aren’t willing to compromise with their partners, have standards that are impossible to meet, and won’t prioritize their relationships the way they should, they might find that their happily ever after is just out of reach.

11The Earth Signs Are Pros At Helping Their Partners To Improve Themselves

The earth signs have many strengths when it comes to relationships, and one of them is helping their partners on the path to self-improvement. We know, that doesn’t sound very exciting. But one of the primary reasons people stay in relationships is because they’ve found someone who brings out the best version of them and makes them into better people. An earth sign won’t fix all their partner’s problems, but they will encourage them to move along the right path. These signs work wonders with people who are looking for a little guidance and lack the discipline to meet their goals.

10Gemini: Making Her Partner Feel Neglected

Without meaning to, Gemini can leave her partner feeling neglected, especially in the early days of a relationship. This sign is usually focused on so many areas at once, including her job, her family, her friends, her hobbies, her projects and anything else she has going on, that she can forget all about her poor partner. Distance does make the heart grow fonder to a certain extent, but after that, it’s just annoying. Though Gemini has a monkey mind that jumps from thought to thought, she should try and remember to make her partner feel special and meet her commitments to them.

9Libra: Being Dishonest With Her Partner

Libra is often thought of as the queen of wisdom, and she gives out some of the best advice. She’s a great diplomat, judge and speaker, but she’s not without her flaws. When it comes to her relationships, Libra is sometimes inclined to be dishonest with her partner. Because she doesn’t like conflict or confrontation, she’d often rather tell a white lie than say the truth, if the truth is uncomfortable. While it depends on the situation, she should get out of the habit of lying to her partner, because those things tend to catch up with you!

8Aquarius: Ghosting When She Gets Freaked Out

Sooner or later, difficult situations arise in every relationship. They don’t measure how strong the relationship is, but the way each person reacts does. Aquarius has a tendency to “ghost” when things get tough. In other words, rather than discussing the issue in a mature way or being honest about her feelings, she pretends it never happened and lays low until it blows over. Sometimes, she’ll throw the towel in on the whole relationship. She should stop acting like a phantom because if she gives up every time a relationship gets tough, she’ll never have one that lasts.

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7The Air Signs Can Forget The Meaning Of A Relationship

A relationship isn’t all roses, and if you want a real one that lasts, you have to accept that. Sometimes, the super positive air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—forget that relationships take work and that they can pose challenges and be inconvenient or even painful from time to time. When things don’t go according to plan, they tend to forget the true meaning of a relationship and either bail too quickly or act in ways that provoke their partners to bail. They have to accept that their relationships will take up their time, and sometimes they’ll have to have uncomfortable conversations to sort out issues.

6The Air Signs Are Pros At Showing Their Partners A Good Time

Even though the air signs sometimes get too carried away with life to remember the true meaning of relationships, they are definitely fun partners to have. If you’re dating an earth sign, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time every time you go out. These signs enjoy life, so they naturally make sure that everyone around them does as well. They come up with the best date ideas, and always know how to keep the conversation flowing so there’s never a single awkward or uncomfortable moment. Earth partners are always entertained, and genuinely enjoy the company of these fun-loving signs.

5Cancer: Taking Things Too Personally

For a sensitive sign like Cancer, it’s pretty easy to take things personally. When she’s criticized or judged, Cancer feels it in her soul and reacts as if she’s been attacked. Although she can’t help being offended, this does make it tough for her relationships to last because she can freak out every time her partner says something she doesn’t want to hear. Rather than letting her feelings carry her away, she should try taking some time to cool off before reacting and try to process everything that’s said in an objective way, rather than a subjective way.

4Scorpio: Letting Her Jealousy Get In The Way

Jealousy can be a killer when it comes to healthy relationships. Of course, a little jealousy won’t cause too much harm, since it keeps both people interested and helps to keep that spark alive. But an overload of jealousy can lead people to do things they regret. Scorpio is prone to feeling jealous in a relationship and can have a hard time letting her partner do normal things like having friends who are girls or working late. But if she doesn’t learn to put her trust in her partner, she might sabotage the whole thing by making them feel like they’re being watched.

3Pisces: Not Putting In Enough Effort And Coming Across Like She Doesn’t Care

Pisces is a sensitive sign who cares deeply about all the people in her life, but because of her dreamy nature, she can come across like she doesn’t care about her partner at all. Instead of taking action when she needs to, Pisces tends to wait for things to fall into her lap, and procrastinate for days on end. Though this is just the way she rolls, it’s easy to see how a date would feel like she wasn’t that into them. If she tries to put more conscious effort into making the relationship work, her partner might feel like they mean more to her.

2The Water Signs Can Get A Little Too Emotional

Of course, it’s good to show a little emotion when it comes to love, but there is such thing as getting too passionate and too sensitive, and that’s what the water signs can struggle with. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are full of feelings, and while that can be a good thing, it can also be overwhelming for their partners. All these strong feelings can cause them to act dramatically and even aggressively, and can make them forget to focus on what’s actually important. They can make things easier for themselves by learning to vent their emotions in a healthy way.

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1The Water Signs Are Pros At Remembering Their Partners’ Feelings

The upside to being super emotional beings is that the water signs are great at dealing with the feelings of their partners. They can always empathize with how their partner is feeling and are never caught by surprise. Even with partners who are difficult to read, the water signs somehow get them to open up and vent (which is a remarkable feat with certain people!). Being sensitive, the water signs usually don’t say things that are insensitive or offensive without realizing (unless they’re going through a signature bad mood). If they do, they apologize because they care about how their partner feels.


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