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Here’s What Kind Of Proposal She Wants , A/c To Her Zodiac Sign

How do you picture the day that your boyfriend asks you to spend the rest of your life with him? We think that proposals are a massive deal in our culture and society. Some of us imagine candles and red roses and diamond rings, since those are the expected symbols of proposals that we see everywhere. But some of us might not think that sounds like the best way to be asked.

We all have our own ideas about our dream proposal, and when we think about that, we also think about what we absolutely don’t want. Of course, we might not want to spell it out for our special guy, so we’re hoping that he gets the many hints that we’ve been dropping (or that he just knows what we like).

Our Zodiac sign can help us figure out what proposal we think would be the most romantic thing ever. Here is what kind of proposal we want and what kind of proposal we definitely don’t want, all based on our sign.

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24Aries: She’ll Love It If He Drops Hints For A While Then Finally Does It

Aries signs aren’t the most patient, but they have a passion for life. They want things to happen right now and while sometimes they act on impulse, things tend to work out for them because they’re hard workers and like getting stuff done.

The Aries woman is likely going to drop a lot of hints for her boyfriend so it’s clear that she wants him to ask her to marry him. She doesn’t like when things take a lot of time to happen, so she’ll probably also drop some hints that she’s ready to be engaged pretty much right now.

23Aries: She Doesn’t Want It To Happen Out Of The Blue

Aries women like a challenge, and for that reason, they would hate to be surprised with a proposal.

They want to know ahead of time that it’s coming and they would never want an out-of-the-blue proposal.

Some people might say that this takes the romance out of the equation. Not for the Aries girl. She has a personality that is full of passion, so there will always be romance in whatever relationship she is in. She wants to know that her boyfriend is thinking about proposing, and she loves thinking about all of the potential times that he could get down on one knee and pop the big question.

22Sagittarius: A Proposal While On Vacation Would Be Perfection

Sagittarius signs have a serious knack for travel and it’s something that they couldn’t imagine not doing. An upcoming trip always puts them in the best mood and they have lots of places that they want to visit.

When a Sagittarius woman is dreaming of a proposal, she’s sure that if she was proposed to on vacation, that would be exactly what she wants. She could add getting engaged to all of the wonderful memories from that trip, and it would feel really special. If her boyfriend is wondering where to propose, he just has to think about their upcoming vacation, or perhaps plan a getaway.

21Sagittarius: A Proposal At Home Would Be Too Boring

When she’s thinking about getting engaged, the Sagittarius woman wants it to happen anywhere but at home. That wouldn’t be good news at all.

If she got engaged while hanging out at home on a lazy, casual evening or even while having a nice dinner, she would find that to be totally boring. She wants adventure and something grand and thrilling, and that’s why a proposal while on vacation or away somewhere is the only thing that she wants. She is super sure about this (so hopefully her boyfriend is aware of it and can execute her perfect and dream proposal).

20Leo: She’s All About The Grand Proposal At A Fancy Restaurant

Leo signs are confident and they’re comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people, meeting tons of new people all of the time, and having others pay attention to them.

Leo women definitely want a grand proposal at a fancy restaurant. While some other Zodiac signs would find that to be way too public and would want something more private, this is exactly what a Leo woman is looking for. She wants a proposal where others can watch, even if they’re strangers, and she wants it to be a grand and big event. Hopefully her boyfriend knows this about her (but he probably does).

19Leo: She Would Be Upset If It Was A Chill Proposal And A Small Gesture

When it comes to the kind of proposal that a Leo woman doesn’t want, it would be a proposal that is chill and small in scope. This includes a proposal over a simple dinner at home or during a casual walk around the neighborhood or in a nearby park.

She wants a grand gesture, not a tiny one, and would be pretty unhappy if that is how it went down. She would wonder why her boyfriend didn’t opt for something bigger and more exciting. While she would be happy to be engaged to the love of her life, it wouldn’t feel quite right to her, and she would wish that he had gone another route.

18Capricorn: She Wants To Be Asked At Christmas

Capricorn girls are all about family and tradition and doing things the way that they have always been done. While others might find that stifling and kind of dull, it’s exactly what she wants.

She would love for her boyfriend to get down on one knee during the Christmas season. What’s more traditional and family-oriented than the winter holidays?! It would make it a Christmas to remember for sure and she would love having such a special moment happen during an already magical time. It just wouldn’t get any better than that, and she would be absolutely thrilled to be engaged at this time of year.

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17Capricorn: She Doesn’t Want It To Happen Without Her Family There

When the Capricorn woman is dreaming of her boyfriend asking her to marry him during Christmas, she wants her family to be there, too.

This proposal could go down during her family’s annual holiday party or a special dinner on Christmas Eve.

It could also happen Christmas morning when everyone is sitting around the beautiful twinkling and decorated tree, opening presents and eating breakfast and generally being merry. She would hate if this happened when it was just her and her boyfriend because she wants everyone that she loves the most to be involved in this exciting and big moment.

16Taurus: She Wants Exactly What She Pictures In Her Mind

Taurus signs are stubborn, and that’s how a Taurus girl will act when it comes to the proposal that she wants. She wants the proposal to look exactly the way that it does in her mind.

She doesn’t want her boyfriend to get super creative or come up with his own way of proposing. If she’s told him what she wants, then she definitely thinks that he should copy that proposal. If she hasn’t told him, she’s still going to be pretty stubborn and have really high expectations. She can’t help but want things the way that she wants them, and this is how she acts about everything in her life.

15Taurus: She Doesn’t Want A Haphazard Or Random Proposal

On that note, the Taurus woman wouldn’t be happy with a proposal that was haphazard and random.

If her boyfriend proposed on impulse or decided to do something more casual than he had originally planned, she would wonder why he didn’t go with his game plan. She wants this moment to be perfect and because she’s so stubborn, she won’t be okay with anything less. This might sound like a lot to live up to and it is, but she’s not trying to be unfair. She can’t help acting this way. If anyone has a stubborn nature as well, then they can relate.

14Virgo: She Wants Something Chill And Low-Key

Virgo girls are chill and on the shy side, so they don’t want a huge proposal. They want something small and low-key.

This would be another sign’s worst nightmare, but it’s totally perfect for the Virgo girl. She wants to hang out with her boyfriend at home or at a quiet, casual restaurant that they frequent on a regular basis, and when he pops the question, she’ll say yes and that’ll be that. He could also simply mention that they should get married during a conversation and she would be okay with that, too. She would only be comfortable with something that is as chill as this.

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13Virgo: No Public Proposals Here, Please

Would a Virgo girl want her boyfriend to propose to her in public? Definitely not.

She would be so uncomfortable and while she would say yes, she would wish that he had done this in a more private setting.

She wouldn’t want the proposal to happen in a busy restaurant or during a party or even a family event or gathering. She wants it to be just the two of them so they can experience this special and lovely moment together. While others might not understand her need for privacy, it’s just in her nature, and her boyfriend would for sure know this about her.

12Cancer: Dinner And A Movie At Home Would Be The Best

Women who are Cancer signs want a proposal that happens at home. Dinner and a movie sounds perfect to them.

They honestly can’t think of anything that would be missing if this was how the proposal went down. It would be perfect and dreamy and all of the good things. After a nice home-cooked meal (or take-out from their favorite restaurant as they wouldn’t be picky about this), they would cuddle up to their boyfriend, watch a film, and then have their dreams come true when he asked them the big question. They know that if it goes down like this, it’ll be the best.

11Cancer: She Doesn’t Want This To Happen Outside Her Home

It makes sense that for homebodies like those who are Cancer signs, a proposal that doesn’t happen at home wouldn’t be the greatest thing ever.

Girls who are Cancer signs want this to happen at home. They would feel uncomfortable if it was a public proposal and they would wonder why their boyfriend chose that since he knows that they’re comfier when they’re at home. There’s just something about their cozy house or apartment that makes them happy and feel the most like themselves. Their nightmare proposal scenarios would be a restaurant, party, and if it happened while they and their boyfriend were on vacation.

10Pisces: She Dreams Of A Beautiful Speech That Will Bring Her To Tears

Pisces signs are full of emotions and that’s the type of proposal that the Pisces girl wants.

When she thinks about what it will be like to get engaged, she dreams of an epic speech.

She wants her boyfriend to talk about all of the good times that they’ve shared together, the moment when he knew that she was The One for him, his dreams for the future, and anything else that he wants to share. She wants nothing less than this and it would make her the happiest girl ever. Most of all, she wants a speech that is so beautiful that it brings her to tears.

9Pisces: She Couldn’t Stand Not Having The Most Romantic Proposal Ever

The Pisces girl would be unhappy with any proposal that isn’t super romantic. Romance is the name of the game for her when she thinks about the moment when she gets engaged.

She wants to tell her friends and family about their engagement and have it be this beautiful, emotional moment. If her boyfriend proposed and it wasn’t quite as romantic as she was hoping, she would of course still want to marry him. But if she had it her way, she would want all the romance, and that could mean a walk in nature, a dinner that he made for her, or a weekend getaway.

8Scorpio: She’s All About A Super Romantic Evening With Gifts, A Fancy Dinner, And An Epic “Will You Marry Me?” Moment

Scorpios love passion and romance. A Scorpio girl wants the whole deal when it comes to a proposal.

She wants her boyfriend to shower her with gifts (the classic chocolate and flowers combination would definitely make her smile) and plan a really romantic and nice evening.

A fancy dinner at home or at their favorite restaurant would make her smile as well. She wants the moment when he asks the big question to be truly meaningful. A lovely speech wouldn’t hurt, and if he had a cool way of hiding the ring and then presenting it, that would be great, too.

7Scorpio: She Would Hate For Others To Know Beforehand And Be In On The Secret

Scorpios don’t like secrets. Each Zodiac sign has something that they love and something that they hate, and this is on the “no go” list for Scorpios.

Since Scorpios don’t like to tell others secrets and can have some trouble putting their trust in others, it only makes sense that their proposal couldn’t be a secret.

The Scorpio woman wouldn’t be happy if her boyfriend told people that he was going to propose beforehand and if others were in on it. She would rather be the one to tell the people that they know that they’re engaged, and that’s the only thing that she feels comfortable with.

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6Gemini: She Wants A Traditional Proposal, Like A Diamond Ring Hidden In A Glass Or Dessert, And Flowers

Geminis are fans of tradition, and when the Gemini girl pictures her boyfriend asking her the big question, she wants the most traditional proposal ever. She doesn’t want anything else.

That means, of course, hiding the diamond ring in a glass or in the dessert. That has been done in movies and on TV so many times but, hey, that’s what she wants. She also wants to be given a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She wants all the bells and whistles of a fantastic and traditional and romantic proposal. If her boyfriend delivers on those fronts, she’ll be over the moon.

5Gemini: She Doesn’t Want A Casual Conversation

What about the proposal that a Gemini woman doesn’t want? That would be a proposal that is part of a casual conversation.

She doesn’t want to be hanging out with her boyfriend and chatting and then hearing him say, “Okay, by the way, I’ve been thinking about it, and I think that we should get married.”

While of course she loves him and wants to be with him forever and wouldn’t say no, she would want a bit more romance, magic, and time and effort than that. She wants a special proposal and that’s really important to her for sure.

4Aquarius: She Wants A Private, Romantic Moment And Then To Celebrate With Her Friends And Family

Aquarius signs can have two major personalities at once. They love to learn and think and can seem like loners at times, but then they’re also into being around a lot of other people and can be quite social. It’s a balance.

For the Aquarius girl, the perfect proposal ever would be if she and her boyfriend shared a nice, lovely, romantic moment just the two of them. He could propose anywhere: over a dinner at home, on a walk, or at a place that is special and means a lot to them as a couple. But after that moment, she would want to attend a party for their friends and family so they could all celebrate together.

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3Aquarius: She Doesn’t Want One Or The Other—She Wants A Proposal Then A Party

Aquarius girls want it all: a private proposal and then a party.

They have two personalities and they, therefore, want a two-part proposal.

This is a really cool and smart way to get engaged since it’s nice to have that quiet and romantic time as a couple but it’s also fun to celebrate with a larger group. While some of of the other signs would find this type of proposal to be too much to handle, this sounds like a dream for the Aquarius woman. She can’t imagine getting engaged any other way, and she would be unhappy if it didn’t go down like this.

2Libra: She Wants A Proposal While On A Hike On A Beautiful Day

Libra signs are very much into nature. They honestly sound like hippies: they love peace and fairness and are the kind of people who would ask, “Why can’t we all just get along?!”

A Libra woman would love to be proposed to while on a hike. It would fit in with her nature-loving personality and if it was a beautiful day, then all the better. Her boyfriend most likely knows this about her since they’ve been dating for a while and are at the stage where it would make sense to start thinking about getting engaged. This sounds perfect to her and she can’t wait for this to happen.

1Libra: She Doesn’t Want A Dinner Date Or Something Indoors

While a dinner date is a traditional way to ask someone to marry you, that’s not something that floats the Libra girl’s boat.

It’s totally the opposite. If her boyfriend asked her to be his wife while they were eating dinner or were otherwise hanging out indoors, she wouldn’t be super pleased.

She wants a proposal that happens outside. Whether it’s during a gorgeous hike or while walking around a special place (like maybe the first neighborhood that they lived in), she’ll be happy.

It’s fascinating to think about the different ways that each Zodiac sign dreams of being proposed to, but one thing is certain: anytime the love of your life asks you to marry him, it’s sure to be the best moment ever.

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