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Here 10 Things Couples Do After A Great First Date

An amazing first date is what we’re all aiming for when we head out on every new journey of our single life. No matter how we arrived at this first date – whether we said yes when our crush asked us out (finally), or we asked out that cute guy we’ve been eyeing, or we swiped right and are going to meet IRL, we know that it would be a happy relief to have an awesome evening.

The single-life is definitely an experience. Sometimes we have a date planned for the weekend and we’re hopeful, and other times we just go on the date but aren’t that thrilled about it (but it beats staying home alone and watching TV… even though we wouldn’t mind doing that if we’re being honest). But there’s something that keeps us agreeing to go on dates, and that is that someday, we might just meet “the one”.

There are many things that we do when we realize that we’ve just had the kind of date that we’ve been waiting for. There are also several things that men do, after they’ve met a woman, which mean that they’ve really had a good time.

Here are 10 things all women do after a great first date, along with 10 things that all men do.

Women: Text Our BFFs

After a great first date, women have their cellphone at the ready, and can’t wait to start texting their best friend to let them know what’s going on.  This is a fun milestone on the journey toward finding someone to share our lives with. We know that our BFF is just as excited to hear how the evening went as we are to tell her.

We give her all of the details: how cute he is, whether he’s funny, what his job is, what we talked about, and of course, the most crucial thing: whether there’s going to be a second date.

When we’re in the middle of a great first date, we’re already planning that we’re going to text our best friend when we’re on our way home.

Men: Tell One Close Friend (But Otherwise Wait It Out

Men also want to tell someone that they had a great first date, but they’re going to choose one good friend whom they trust a lot, and then wait to tell anyone else. While we might text a few other friends after telling our bestie first, they’re going to only tell one person.

We might think that guys would be more private, and wouldn’t want to share that they met someone who they really like. But they want to share their good news, too, so we have that in common. When we’re in a serious relationship, we often hear from our boyfriend that he shared some details of our first date with one good friend.


Women: Hint That We’d Love A Second Date

Women are super likely to tell the guy that they just went out with that they want to see him again.

This is a bold move for sure, and that’s exactly why we do it. We know that if we’ve been single for a certain amount of time, we don’t really love dating and we would rather not do it anymore. We want to know if we’re wasting our time or if this is going to result in at least a second date, if not more. We’re going to mention that we would love to go on a second date with this guy. If he says that he agrees, then that’s awesome.

Men: Ask Her Out Again ASAP

After a great first date, men are going to do one of two things: ask us out again, or say yes if we ask him first.

No one really can agree on who should ask who out the first (or even second) time. Some of us might be more old-school and say that we’ll never go on a date unless the guy asks us, but it’s cool when we take the risk and ask someone out. It’s easy to assume that if someone likes us, they would ask us to grab dinner or drinks, but that’s not always the case because there are so many things that could stop someone (including being scared that we would say no).


Women: Wonder How Much Texting Is Too Much

While some of us might not be as interested in spending some major time texting every day, we can admit that texting is something that we like. It’s a simple way to get in touch with people and it’s especially enjoyable when we’ve just started to date someone.

After the best first date that we’ve had in a long time, perhaps even ever, we’re going to start wondering how much we can text this new guy. Will he think that we’re texting him too often? Or will he love it? It’s hard to know, so this is something that we’re going to worry about for a few days.

Men: Find Random Reasons To Text Her

Men also think about texting us and they don’t tend to think about it the same way. While we’re wondering how much texting is too much because we wouldn’t want him to think that we’re texting him too much, he’s trying to find random reasons to get in touch with us.

This is really adorable. He might mention something related to pop culture or something that we talked about on our first date. He might ask us what we’re doing this weekend so he can plant the seed for asking us out again. No matter what he says, we’re going to be really excited to hear from him.

Women: We Try Not To Get Ahead Of Ourselves

The worst part about having a great first date is that we’re not sure how much we should talk about it. We want to share everything with basically everyone that we know, but we should probably chill out a bit, right? What if things don’t go that well and we don’t end up in a relationship?

We try to strike a balance between being chill but also making sure that our friends and close family members know that we met a great guy and we’re happy about it. They would hate to hear absolutely nothing about this, so we know that we have to give them at least a few details.

Men: Try Not To Get Too Excited, In Case It Doesn’t Work Out

We definitely get ahead of ourselves and picture so many things, from major milestones to our wedding day to just being able to call this guy our boyfriend. Guys might slow down a bit more and not go to those places, but they’re still really excited about the prospect of a new relationship.

A guy will try not to get ahead of himself but be excited that he’s met us, he likes us, and he’s most likely going to keep seeing us. When we have some dating experience, we can tell when someone is excited to keep hanging out with us, and it’s awesome.

Women: Wonder If He Might Be “The One”

Women always wonder if he’s “the one” after we’ve had a good first date. We can’t help it.

It just seems like this is where our minds go. While some of us might already be wondering if this is the guy that we’re going to end up marrying, the rest of us might not be quite there yet… but we definitely think that this could be the guy for us. It’s fun to think about (and much more fun than assuming that this won’t work out and we’ll still be single… that’s depressing). We also hope that he’s thinking the same way about us, and we can’t wait to see him again.


Men: He Just Can’t Wipe The Grin Off His Face

When men have a really amazing first date, they always walk around for the next few days with a huge grin on their faces.

If we’re lucky, we get to hear all about this once we’ve been dating for a few weeks and we’re more comfortable around each other. And it’s really cute. He’ll tell us that he couldn’t stop smiling because he knew that he liked us so much and he could tell that we were connecting. Maybe even his friends and family can tell that he met a girl, and hint that’s why they’re smiling, or maybe it remains a mystery. Either way, talk about adorable.

Women: Feel Amazing Relief That We Might Not Have To Date Anymore

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we weren’t single anymore? If we could leave the dating world behind and enter the cozy and magical universe of serious, long-term relationships? What if this is it and we don’t have to date anymore because this guy is going to be ours?

These are the thoughts that run through our heads after a great first date. We all think this way because, if we’ve been single for a while, we really want to be in a relationship. And when we meet a new guy who we really feel could make an awesome boyfriend, we feel like things are finally heading in the right direction.

Men: Gather The Courage To Ask If She Had A Great Time Too

Men want to let us know that they had a great time, and they want to figure out the perfect way to tell us that. Plus, they’re not sure whether she enjoyed herself, so he’s shy to put himself out there and tell her what a good time he had.

As we all know, it’s really tough to figure out the right words to say in this type of situation. We can totally relate to this since we’re never quite sure what to say after a first date that was actually good, either. It’s a common problem for sure.

Some guys might consult that one friend that they have been confiding in, but chances are, they’ll think on this one for a while all by themselves.

Women: Think Of All The Parties And Events We Want To Invite Him To

When we’re single, we don’t have a problem going to parties by ourselves. We don’t exactly enjoy it and it would be nice to have someone to go with, but we’re not going to skip parties and events just because we’re not part of a couple. We still want to have fun.

When we have a great first date, things change a little bit because, suddenly, we’re thinking about all of the social events that we have coming up and all of the things that we could invite this new guy to. The prospect of having someone special by our side at social events is super exciting. We can see all the good times ahead (and we really hope that things work out).

Men: Seem Unenthusiastic, But He’s Just Being Straightforward

Men will think about how to tell us that they had a great time for a little while… and then simply text something along the lines of, “Hey, that was fun, I had a great time the other night.”

The simple things in life are often the best. That goes for food, like using only a few ingredients to craft a healthy and amazing dinner, and also for dating. We should be honest about our emotions and it seems like men and women can agree that we should tell someone when we had a good time during our first date.

Women: Mentally Rearrange Our Schedule For The Next Few Weeks So We’re Free

Meeting a new guy doesn’t magically erase all of the stuff that we have going on in our lives, from our careers to our workouts to spending time with friends and family and doing laundry and cleaning and remembering to finally pick up some almond milk. We have a lot going on and when we meet someone who we like, none of that changes.

At the same time, though, we do mentally rearrange our schedules for the next few weeks because we really want to hang out with this new guy as much as we can. Even though we’ve only been out with him once, he’s already pretty important to us, and we want to see how it works out.

Men: Think About All The Things He Wants To Do With Her

If we’re wondering what men do after a great first date, we should know this: they also want to spend as much time with us as possible.

We should remember this after an awesome first date because it’ll make us feel better and more confident about the prospect of a second date (and maybe even a relationship). Instead of assuming that guys like to play it cool or play games and they don’t want to see us a lot, we should remember that when something is real, we both feel the same way. We both want to hang out a lot and keep learning who the other person is.


Women: Picture All The Happy Memories Ahead Of Us

Holding hands during an autumn walk in the park, a cozy couch evening with a snowstorm roaring outside, cooking together but laughing more than anything else: these are all super happy memories that we have when we’re in a relationship.

These are also the things that we think about when we’ve had an incredible first date and we can’t get the guy out of our mind. We picture all of the happy memories ahead of us… as long as things progress to the relationship stage, of course. We’re thinking that’s pretty likely since we like him so much and we can tell that he feels the same.

Men: Can’t Get Her Off His Mind

Just like we think about a guy a lot after a first date that goes just as well as we were hoping for, guys do the same thing. They will always think about the girl that they just went out with and they won’t be able to stop.

When they’re at work for the next few days, when they’re on the subway, when they’re walking to the nearest grocery store – they’re going to keep thinking about us and wondering what we’re doing and when they can see us again. Isn’t it so sweet to picture this happening?! Of course, we’re doing the same thing.

Women: Convince Ourselves That It’s True Love

Women are always going to be convinced that it’s going to be true love after a great first date. It seems like just the way that we’re wired, right?

Even if we’re not a massive hopeless romantic (or even appreciate a little bit of romance), we can admit that we like a love story. We want a love story, too, and it can be tough to watch romantic comedies or dramas, read books featuring a sweet couple, and hear about our best friends’ relationships without wishing that we had something like that, too.

Thankfully, a love story beings with a great first date, so we’re on our way.


Men: Be Cautiously Optimistic

Men are cautiously optimistic when they go on a first date where they really enjoy themselves. While they hope that there will be more dates, they’re not going to picture a wedding day or an epic romantic story the same way that we do.

That’s okay, though, because as soon as we’re totally smitten with each other, that’s going to change and they won’t be able to stop thinking about how happy they are with us. Because while men and women act a little bit differently after a great first date, we all want one thing, and that’s to fall in love. And when we’re in love, we all act pretty much the same way: super happy and maybe a bit cheesier than we thought that we would. It’s the best.


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