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7 Reasons Why A Woman Attracts Men, Even If She Is Not Single

7 reasons why a woman attracts men, even if she is not alone. Have you noticed this? As soon as you start dating someone, how do other guys immediately start hitting on you? Hey, where were you before when I could choose?

Why did you notice me now and not a month ago? There are quite logical explanations for this.

7 reasons why a woman attracts men, even if she is not single:

1. You are more confident in yourself in a relationship.

Let’s start with the obvious: one guy has already appreciated you, and you feel special/desirable/beautiful. Confidence opens you up to the world of dating.

You become more confident in conversations and meet new people (even if not for potential relationships). You are not afraid that you will be rejected, because you are no longer pursuing the goal of a romantic acquaintance.

2. You are emotionally intact. 

This is one of the main points for men: that nothing is demanded or expected from them. When your emotional needs are already met by some guy, you don’t expect or demand anything from other men.

That’s why they find you more attractive. For the same reason, women prefer men who are not obsessed with s*x.

3. You probably started communicating with more men.

Guys usually have guy friends. If they come to your house, or you just go out together, you naturally receive more male attention than when you are alone.

And, frankly, we often feel more than just friendly energy with one of our boyfriend’s friends.

4. You’ve probably become less cynical.

Usually, single girls like to talk about how “all men are assholes.” But when girls are in relationships, they rarely discuss it, which means they are less cynical towards the male s*x.

5. Something else is always sweeter.

This is also called the “rattle theory”, and we have known it since childhood. When someone takes a toy that we haven’t played with, we suddenly need it too. When some guy thought you were special enough to start dating, others suddenly became interested in you too.

6. Alpha challenge.

We are animals by our instincts, no matter how you look at it. And wherever you look, s*xual energy rules our lives.

A man shows interest in you when you are in a relationship, not because he is interested in you, but because he is interested in knowing that you would cheat on your man for him, which would prove his superiority.

This is a challenge for him, not a manifestation of desire for you.

7. You just started to notice the attention of others more, because now you have limitations.

As they say, someone else’s grass is greener. Now you have something to compare with, that’s why you compare. Previously, you simply sifted out and forgot.


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