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When you hear that a girl is emotional you probably immediately think that she is the type of girl who cries over everything.

Well, you are close but remember that a girl like this can be everything that you have ever desired your partner to be.

If you are still doubting that she is not the one worth falling for, here are 7 reasons that will convince you of the opposite.

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1. She is a good person

A girl like this doesn’t know how to live her life differently. She is a good soul, trying to help everyone around her to be happy and fulfilled. She knows very well that a sad and depressed person cannot enjoy life like a happy and cheerful one, so she will do her best to make you feel blessed for being there and live her life to the fullest.

Regarding the relationship, you can be sure that she will do all the possible and impossible things to make it last and if there are some bumps in, the road she will work hard to overcome them. Bear in mind that a girl like this is a keeper!

2. She will support you in making your dreams come true

She knows that your dreams are highly important so she will do her best to be as helpful as she can. No matter if it’s to help you to prepare for your exams or just be there while you are struggling with that new project, you will know that she really cares.

The thing is that a girl like this can never hide her emotions or fake that she loves something. She always has her heart on her sleeve and if you play well, a life with her can be like a fairy tale.

3. She will inspire you

When you love someone and you see that person loves you back, it is easy to be happy. That’s why you can find an inexhaustible source of inspiration by just spending time with her. She can inspire you to make good things because she will make them too and by having her in your life you will learn to love yourself with all your flaws.

Her outlook on life is positive and she wants you to believe that with the right people and at the right time, miracles can happen. And she is one of them.

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4. She is modest

A girl like this knows very well that it takes so little to be truly happy. She knows that small things matter and that money can’t buy happiness. That’s why she chooses this path and because of this she feels good in her own skin.

If you want to impress her, don’t take her to fancy restaurants or buy her expensive gifts. Instead, go to the beach and dance with her under the moonlight. That’s something her good heart and romantic soul will enjoy the most.

5. She sees the best in you

Even if she doesn’t know you so well, she will trust you and feel safe with you. In one moment you will probably ask yourself how she does that but the smile on her face will tell you everything.

She can’t and won’t live in a different way to this. She knows that she is a good person so she sees only good in others too. Who wouldn’t wish for a girl like this?

6. She is not afraid of commitment

A girl like this probably has a painful love history. She once fell for the wrong guy who broke her to pieces. And just because of that she doesn’t want to put you through the same things.

If she accepted to date you in her head she has already made a commitment and she will do her best to keep her word.

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7. She is able to read your feelings

If you date a girl like this, you won’t have to tell her about your problems because she will be able to see them from your behavior. She knows how to read your feelings very well because she once felt the same way.

She has been down and there were no words that could make her recover from all the pain she went through.

So, next time when you are hurt, just put your head on her shoulder and she will make all your problems vanish. In moments like this, you will see that an emotional and good-hearted girl like her is always the best option.

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