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Maybe you have no idea what are you allowing to slip through your fingers, but in a few years, after you’ve had the best day of life, you’ll crawl into an empty bed and you’ll stare at the ceiling, hating yourself for not having anybody to share your good day with.

You’ll regret letting go of that girl who’d take your happiness as her own and who’d look forward to sharing your worst days, let alone your best. Only then will reality hit you.


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Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You


You didn’t just have a good girl next to you. You had a great girl.

She is one of those dope and rare girls, and the worst thing you could do is to mess her up because you don’t know what to do with her. The worst thing you could do is let her slip through your fingers.

You have a girl that isn’t after your car, money or gifts. She wants your time, honesty, effort, and you choosing to put her as your priority. It’s plain and simple. She isn’t like any other girl. She isn’t superficial. All that she wants is for you two to make sense and for you to make an effort. Losing this kind of girl is something that you will regret for the rest of your life.


She is the type of girl that has a great heart and that’s something you cannot be taught.

A great heart is something you either have or don’t. Your girl is just born with that quality and plenty of people realize the value of this gift too late. If you’re one of those people, you’ll regret it till the rest of your life.

Your girl is the type of girl that teaches you how to love properly.

She is one of those who thinks that the only way to love is to give love selflessly. Everything else, for her, is just merely an attempt to love.

Your girl is the type of girl that cares about everyone.

She is one of those selfless girls that puts everyone before her. She constantly looks at the world trying to see how she could help. She wears her kindness on her sleeve and she’s proud to share it with the rest of the world. This kind of girl is one of a kind and you’d be crazy to lose her.

Your girl doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

She is one of those girls who wouldn’t harm a fly. She is the one that will never hurt you. She’d rather have her heart broken than to see you brokenhearted. If you let go of the girl that would put you before herself, then you’re out of your mind.

Your girl is ready to go through hell for you.

She is one of those great girls who stay through thick and thin for guys they love. Frankly speaking, there aren’t many girls out there who’d do these kinds of things. People tend to bail on you the moment things get rough in life. But not her. Because she’s good. She’s great all the way to her roots. Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You


Your girl is everything your father told you to look for in a woman—and even more.

She is one of those girls who are just too good to be yours. She is one of those that make you wonder what are you doing with her and why on the Goddamn Earth she has chosen you in the first place. But she is also one of those great girls that don’t think she’s better than anyone.

She’s the one that thinks everybody deserves her time and trust, and she’s ready to give exactly that to the rest of the world.

Just because you can’t believe she’s as good as she’s shown you, just because you don’t know what to do with her, it doesn’t mean you should break her or let her slip through your fingers. You should make an effort. You should tell her how you feel. You should show her that you care.

You know—you only get one great girl in your life. You might have other good girls too, but only one great girl that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Don’t let that great girl go and do whatever it takes to keep her because you’ll regret letting her walk away.



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