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5 Things To Remember When You Fall For The Wrong Guy

5 Things To Remember When You Fall For The Wrong Guy

When we love someone who we know is wrong for us, our perception of reality changes, without us even being aware of it. And this is exactly what happened to you.

You’ve fallen for the wrong guy and deep down, you know that he is not the man for you. It doesn’t matter whether this is someone who fails to give you the love you deserve, if this is a man who doesn’t respect you enough, a man who isn’t giving you back any of the effort he’s been getting from you or a man who doesn’t have the decency to choose you for real after everything you’ve given him.

The point is the same—your spirit is broken and you can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t seem to fully grasp the fact that he is wrong for you, even though deep down you are perfectly aware of it. And even when you do, you keep wondering why that is so and if you’ll ever be able to get over him completely.

Well, I promise you that you will. You just have to be reminded of a few things in order for that to be possible.

1. All of this is a part of life

Even though heartbreak is always painful and is never a pleasing thing to experience, no matter how much this might hurt you, you always need to remember that these things happen.

You can do everything by the book and you can be the best person in the world but there are times when you simply can’t avoid getting your heart broken or falling for the wrong person. All of this is a part of life and there doesn’t exist a living person who hasn’t been through something similar.

The most important thing is for you not to see this as the end of the world. You need to know that this pain you are feeling right now is only temporary.

Even though you don’t see it now, everything will pass and better times will come. There will come a day when all of this will be just a part of your distant past. A day when you’ll forget all about this pain and a day when your shattered heart will be completely healed.

2. Don’t blame yourself

Another thing you need to remember is not to blame yourself under any circumstances. I know that you are probably wondering how you could have been so foolish.

How come you didn’t see all the signs right in front of you that this man wasn’t right for you? How come you didn’t know better and how could you let this happen to you?

When some of these thoughts go through your mind, remember that you are only human and that you can’t always control your emotions, as much as you want to do so. Remember that you did nothing except follow your heart.

And most importantly—don’t forget that you did everything in your power to make things work with this man. You are in no way responsible for the way he tricked you and you are definitely not crazy for still having feelings for someone who has done you so much harm.

The truth is that you made the wrong choice by falling for this guy. But this is something you probably won’t ever do again and it is time for you to stop worrying your head about.

3. Some people are not meant to be

Each person in this world has a soulmate—someone who is destined to be just theirs and someone who is their missing piece of the puzzle. But this guy was obviously not that person for you.

It is more than clear that the two of you weren’t meant to end up together. Because if you were, he would still be by your side, wouldn’t he?

Don’t get me wrong—this is not me trying to tell you to put all the blame on the universe for everything that went on. I am just trying to help you accept that the ones who leave your life are obviously not meant to be yours. And this man is one of those people.

4. Everything happens for a reason

Even though this guy isn’t your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that he came into your life without a reason. Because nothing happens without a bigger purpose; always be aware of that.

There is a reason why you’ve been given this heartbreak and there is a bigger purpose behind everything you are going through right now. So, instead of looking at this as a curse, start seeing it as a blessing. Because it is nothing more than that.

See it as a valuable lesson and something you can and will learn from. Instead of seeing this man just as your wrong choice, be thankful for the fact that he taught you what love isn’t and for the way he helped you become emotionally and mentally more powerful.

Be grateful for the fact that he helped you see that you can make it on your own and for teaching you the lesson to never to put anyone in front of yourself. For the way he helped you learn your own worth and the full capacity of your strength.

5. You are worth more than chasing someone

When you love someone who isn’t treating you right or who doesn’t love you back the way he should, all you want to do is make him see that you are enough and that you are worthy of him. And in that process, you are usually the one who fails to see your own worth.

That is why I am asking you to remember that you are worth more than chasing someone. You are worth more than begging anyone to love you. And these are things you should never forget.

If this man can’t see all of your qualities and if he can’t see the amazing woman you are, let him be. Instead of running after him, have enough decency and enough self-respect to walk away from him because he clearly doesn’t deserve you.


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