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3 Ways To Find Out How Much He Likes You


When you meet a guy, it is very difficult to find out if he likes you. It would be great if we could enter guys’ heads and see what they are thinking of us. But, of course, that is impossible. But what we can tell you is that a guy can feel lust, love or he can just like you. Read more and find out if he feels any of these.

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Lust is the first thing a guy will feel when he sees you. But that is great because there is hope that he might start liking you or even fall in love with you. He will want to spend as much time as he can with you and he will try to win you over. He will probably want to kiss you and even make out with you but if you don’t allow him to do that, he will probably leave and find someone who will. Such a jerk, right?



If a guy likes you, it means there is potential for something more. The one who feels lust is only interested in getting laid, while the one who likes you will try to get to know you. If a guy does this, you can be sure that he really likes you and it is only matter of time when he is going to admit that to you. It is not important for him whether the two of you are just going for a drink or you are going to spend time on a bench in the park. He just wants to be with you and he will do anything to make it happen.

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A man in love is easy to spot.  He will listen to you (not just nod his head as a sign of approval), take care of you, and show his love in ways you didn’t know exist. He will be there for you in your moments of sorrow. He will never be tired of you and everything you do will be genius for him. A man at this level will want to build a future with you, no matter what happens on your path. He thinks you are a high-quality woman and he probably wants you to be the mother of his children. In the end, it is up to him if he is going to put a ring on it!



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