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25 Seemingly Innocent Things He Does When He’s About To Propose

A proposal can go one of two ways: it can be a massive event that involves a fancy dinner and an equally fancy diamond ring… or it can be casual and a simple conversation between two people who really love each other.

There’s nothing wrong with either version of these events. As long as a couple is pledging to be with each other forever, who cares how they get there? At the same time, though, it’s definitely true that people spend a lot of time thinking about proposals.

When someone’s been in a serious relationship for a while, it makes sense that they would catch themselves looking at their boyfriend and wondering if he’s going to ask them to marry him sometime soon. How is he going to act? Will he act super different from normal or the same, which will make it tough to be a detective about this topic?

There are some ways to tell that he’s getting ready to pop the question. Even if a gal can tell ahead of time that this is what is going down, it’s okay because of course, she’ll still be super excited. Here are 25 seemingly innocent things that he does when he’s about to propose.

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25He Starts Cooking More And Helping Out Around The House (Even If It’s Only Grilled Cheese)


When your boyfriend is about to propose, it’s possible that he’s going to start cooking you dinner more. And he might start helping out around the house.

This isn’t to say that he never cleans up or does anything like that, of course.

Hopefully, he does, particularly if you think that he’s going to be your husband, because you don’t want to do everything.

He’s trying to show you that he deserves to be your husband and that he knows that you want to split things up equally. It’s a really big deal.

24He (Suddenly) Wants To Go On More Dates


Is your boyfriend telling you that he wants you guys to go on more dates?

While this doesn’t mean that he’s going to propose tomorrow, it could mean that a proposal is in your near future. He wants to get even more connected and he wants to establish some routines. Maybe he says that Friday should always be date night and you two will always go out for dinner, or he wants Saturday to be the time that you two make dinner as a couple. He could be ready to pop the big question because he’s making sure that you two will be on a romantic date soon.


23He Gets Romantic When Otherwise, He’s Super Chill


It’s cool when a guy has a chill personality since that usually means that he’s funny, laid-back, and fun to be around. That’s probably your dream boyfriend, right?

When your usually chill BF starts getting romantic, you can be sure that he’s getting ready to propose.

And it could happen very soon. He wants to set the tone and he wants to make sure that you know how serious he is about you. Even if you don’t care about romance and you prefer a more light-hearted relationship, you can be glad that he’s putting in the effort.

22He Wants Us To See His (Crazy) Family More


Just because you see your boyfriend’s family twice a year doesn’t mean that he won’t ever propose, of course. It’s tricky if they live far away and you can’t see them every week.

But if your boyfriend wants you to see his family more and he makes a big effort, you can start thinking that he’s going to get down on one knee pretty soon. This is his first step of welcoming you into his family and making sure that everyone gets along and that it’s all good.


21All Of A Sudden, He Wants To Hear About All That Gossip

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Your boyfriend should always listen to you, but when you notice him really, really listening carefully—looking at you while you talk, nodding a lot, seeming to hear every single little thing that you say—it means that he could be proposing soon.

He might be listening for clues about how he should ask you to marry him.

Or he could just realize that he’s so in love with you that he wants to listen to everything that you have to say. Either way, it’s really sweet.

20He Suggests Hanging Out With “OUR” Friends

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Unless you share the same friend group with your significant other, it’s rare for him to want to tag along when you hang out with your girlfriends. He might not feel that comfortable doing that and you might socialize separately a lot of the time.

But if he invites himself along on your friend hangs, you can be sure that he might be proposing soon. He wants to become an even bigger part of your life and that means getting to know your friends more.


19He’s In A Good Mood All The Time


No one is in a good mood 24/7. Even the most cheerful people know that sometimes things just suck.

You might notice that your boyfriend seems to be in a good mood all the time now.

You probably think that it’s awesome and that you want to see him happy all the time, but you might not think much more of that. It could honestly mean that he’s going to propose, though, because he’s realized that he’s so happy with you. He’s thinking about all of the good things that you two will share.

18He Brings Up The Future More

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It makes sense that your boyfriend would bring up the future more when you two have been a couple for a certain amount of time. You might think absolutely nothing of it.

What if it means that he’s going to propose? It definitely could. He could keep talking about future plans because he wants to be extra secure that he’ll ask you to marry him and you’ll say yes, of course. He wants to make sure that you two are on the same page, which makes a lot of sense.


17He Keeps Saying He Loves The Life We Have Life Together (So Sweet!)

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Maybe it’s totally normal and par for the course when your boyfriend tells you that he loves the relationship that you two have. Maybe he says pretty much every day that he’s a big fan of the love that you two have together.

Or maybe he never says this stuff but you still don’t think too much of it when he starts verbalizing it.

After all, you would expect him to say those things, so why think too much of it? It’s possible that he’s saying these sweet words because he’s getting ready to propose, and he really wants you to know how he feels about you.

16He Checks In If We’re Happy (He Wants To Be Sure She’ll Say Yes, After All)


Another seemingly innocent thing that your boyfriend might do when he’s about to propose is ask you if you’re happy with him.

You might shrug this off and think that of course you are and he doesn’t need to ask this. It’s possible that he’s nervous about the proposal, even though he’s very confident that you will say yes, and he just wants to be as sure as he can be before he sets up the big moment. You can understand that, right?


15He Starts Going To The Gym (Or Eats Healthier If He Already Works Out)

Sometimes people make big changes in their lives at all once.

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t really like to work out but lately, you’re noticing that he just got a gym membership or he’s been running around the neighborhood a few mornings or evenings a week.

Maybe your boyfriend is a healthy person already and he goes to the gym a lot, but he does treat himself pretty regularly. Now you’re noticing that he’s eating a lot more vegetables and not as much pizza and fries. He’s making these changes and he wants to be a great husband to you once he pops the question.

14He Loves Staying Home With Us All The Time


It’s definitely true that when couples get engaged, they become homebodies, even if they weren’t before. You just really want to get cozy with the person that you love and it’s really nice to just kick back and relax with them, especially before wedding plans get too stressful.

When you notice that your boyfriend wants the two of you to stay home together a lot more often, it could be that he’s about to ask you to be his wife. He could be feeling lots of cozy relationship vibes, and he wants to keep them going.


13He Starts Dressing Better (Or Gets A New Haircut)


He wants to look his best when he proposes. He gets a haircut or starts dressing a little bit better, and you can tell that he’s thinking more carefully about his appearance.

You might think that these are innocent changes and that they don’t mean that he wants your relationship to change.

But he could be thinking that things should change for the better and all he wants is to ask you to marry him and celebrate when you say yes.

12He Asks What We Want To Do This Weekend (And Possibly Even Makes Suggestions)


When your boyfriend asks what you want to do this weekend, it seems like a super innocent question. Could it really mean more?

It definitely could. When he asks you this, it proves that he’s being nicer and friendlier in general, and that he really just wants to make you happy. Your happiness and well-being are what matter the most to him. He might also ask what your dream weekend plans are because he’s thinking about the best way to propose, so he might work them into the big moment.


11He Runs More Errands


Do you notice your boyfriend running more errands lately?

It could be that he’s going to propose and those errands are related to the proposal.

Maybe he’s meeting up with a friend or family member so they can iron out the last-minute details and plan when it’s going to happen. Or maybe he’s ring shopping or scouting out the best location to pop the question. However he’s planning to ask you to marry him, it’s going to be great. And even though you guessed beforehand, it’ll still be a magical moment, so don’t worry about that.

10He Goes Out With His Friends A Bit More


It could be a great sign that your boyfriend is hanging out with his friends more often because he could be talking to them about the proposal.

Maybe they’re engaged or married so they’re giving him some awesome advice. Or maybe he wants to run through his plan with his friends to make sure that everything sounds okay and that he’s thought of anything that could go wrong in advance. It’s honestly really adorable that he’s putting so much thought into this, right?


9He’s In A Silly Mood Sometimes


Even the funniest people get serious sometimes. When you notice that your boyfriend is in a silly mood pretty much all the time, you might think that it’s super innocent and doesn’t mean anything.

What if it means that he’s going to propose to you, and he’s going to propose very soon?

He could be so giddy with the thought of spending the rest of his life with you that he can’t help but smile and laugh and be in a great mood all the time.

8We Get The Feeling He’s Got Hiding Something


Sure, your boyfriend could be hiding another little something that has nothing to do with getting married… but chances are, if he’s doing many of the things on this list, then he’s got a proposal up his sleeve.

Sometimes a girl just knows what’s about to go down. You might sit next to him and think that he’s got something going on, and it could be that he’s figuring out when the best time to ask you to marry him is. It’s definitely exciting to even think about this, right?


7He Gets Really Quiet And Caught Up In His Own Thoughts


Even if your boyfriend is a fairly quiet person, if you notice him getting caught up in his own thoughts more and more lately, he could be planning to propose.

He might be worrying about when the right time would be and even if he tries to calm down about it or think about something else, he just can’t stop fixating on the proposal.

This is totally understandable. If it turns out that he really is about to propose, you’ll definitely wish that you could have told him that everything would work out okay.

6He Laughs More


He might be nervous about proposing to you, which might mean that he laughs a lot more these days than you’ve noticed before.

This is another seemingly innocent thing that he could do before he proposes. He might also laugh more because he’s just so excited to ask you to be his wife and he really loves that you two are at the place where he can even think about asking you that question. He feels like a lucky guy.


5We Feel Like He Keeps Looking At Us When We’re Not Paying Attention


Do you catch your boyfriend staring at you sometimes… but not in a creepy way? In a really adorable way? Like he can’t believe that you’re his girlfriend?

If you do, it could be that your boyfriend is about to propose.

It’s a seemingly innocent thing that could mean a lot and point to this big life change that you’re both about to experience. It’s one of the small tweaks in his behavior that you’ll start to notice, and it’s going to be awesome.

4He Plans A Fun Weekend Trip


It seems innocent when our boyfriend says that he wants us to go away for the weekend together. After all, this is something that couples do all the time, right?

It’s a big deal, though, because it could mean that this weekend trip is when he’s going to ask us to marry him. He might want to whisk us away on a super romantic weekend and he feels like it would be great to get engaged in a different location than our apartment or our favorite restaurant.


3He Lets Us Pick The Movie

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You know that it’s a really big deal when you sit down with your boyfriend on a Friday night to watch a movie… and he lets you pick what you two are going to watch.

This rarely happens because you two definitely have to engage in quite the negotiation in order to find a movie that you both agree on.

You probably have different tastes and it can be tough. When he says that the choice is totally yours, you might shrug it off and think that he’s just being nice. But he could be getting ready to propose and he wants to be extra sweet in the meantime.

2He Asks Us Random Questions About Ourselves


When you notice that your boyfriend is asking you a lot of questions lately (and some of them are super random), it could mean that he’s going to propose.

He wants to get to know you even more and he wants to be sure that by the time he pops the question, he knows as much as he can about you. Of course, you’ll still learn things about each other even after you get married because that’s the fun of being in a serious relationship. But this is a really good step in a serious direction.


1He Seems To Be On His Phone More


Do you notice that your boyfriend is on his phone a lot more these days? He could be about to propose to you because this means that he’s texting people about the proposal.

He could be making plans or he could be looking up how best to pop the question.

These 25 things may seem innocent, but if you notice that he’s doing all of them or even just a handful of them, you might find yourself engaged before you know it, and then you can tell your friends and family the whole, amazing story.



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