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He Truly Wants To Make You His First & Last One

Relationships can be complicated before they even start. When one person likes another, suddenly the dynamic between the two becomes complicated. One person is agonizing over whether the other likes them back, while the other is often oblivious. In some amazing cases, both parties are actively anxious because they have feelings for each other but neither is willing to be the first to admit it.

Why agonize over whether a potential partner feels the same way when there are signs everywhere?

Thankfully, human beings are extremely open with their feelings, even if we aren’t always aware of it. There are several physical indications of a person’s emotional state that wind up on display, whether intentionally or otherwise.

When a person is starting to fall for a guy, what signs should they look for to see if he’s feeling the same way? There are a few obvious ones, such as he’s suddenly nervous around them, but there are not-so-obvious signs as well.

What are these signs and how can a person tell whether they’re legitimate or just personal mannerisms? Here’s a list of the twenty-five signs to keep an eye out for to see if he wants to be more than friends.

25He Casually Strikes Up Conversations At The Most Random Moments


When a guy wants to be more than friends he’ll try to talk to you, regardless of topic. If you’re telling your friends about a new hair product, suddenly he’s commenting and inserting himself into the conversation, even though he doesn’t even know what a hair straightener is.

It might seem strange in the moment, but if you step back for a second to consider why he seems to always jump into conversations or tries to strike one up at random moments, it’ll make sense: he’s just acting on his feelings for you!

24Suddenly He’s Everywhere


A guy is low-key into you when he’s suddenly popping up at all your favorite haunts. He’s crushing, so of course he wants to spend more time with you! This also means he knows where some of your favorite places are and he’s hoping to run into you!

Yes, it can seem a little strange on the outside, but he’s not trying to be weird! He really does just want to bump into you and maybe strike up a conversation, but he’s not quite willing to admit it just yet.

23She’s Receiving Texts But Never Gave Out Her Number

One Girl-One World

So you’re having a good time with friends and your phone goes off. Naturally, you glance down and what do you see? A message from a number you don’t recognize. Of course you’re going to open the message, and what do we have here? He’s messaging you, saying a friend of yours gave him your number and he’d like to chat. Weird? Yes.

Not cool of your friend? Absolutely (unless she knows you’re crushing and got your approval)—but again, he’s just showing he wants to get closer to you. Other casual friends can just ask, so now you know he’s looking for something a little more romantic.

22He’s ‘Liking’ And Commenting On All Her Social Media Pics


Nothing says, “I really like you, definitely more than friends” like someone who is scouring your social media accounts. Not only is he trying to check out everything you posted but he’s also taking the time to “like” or “heart” your posts!

Normal, casual friends might check out your most recent activity, but when he’s putting in extra time to ensure every pic has been looked over, he’s looking for a lot more than mere friendship. Don’t believe us? Just ask him how he feels.


21He Can’t Help But Ramble Sometimes


When he’s crushing, he’s already trying to interact with you as often as possible, so when the normal topics of conversation run dry, he might start to ramble a little bit. He’s self-sabotaging, but he just doesn’t see it!

Try to go easy on the poor guy. Just think of it this way: he’s so desperate to spend more time with you that he’s getting nervous and losing himself in his own words. When this happens, smile and take control of the conversation. He’ll appreciate your good grace.

20When Hanging Out In Groups, He Finds Ways To Talk One-On-One


It’s easy to be part of a group hangout, but if he’s thinking of you in a romantic way, he’s going to try to monopolize your attention. Even when you’re with other people, he’ll ask you questions, stand between you and the rest of the group, or will ask if you want to veer away from everyone else.

He’s not trying to be a creep though (which this might sound like he’s being!). He’s just trying to keep your attention on him because he craves it.

19His Eyebrows Raise When He Sees Her

One of the many physical reactions people have when they’re attracted to someone is a simple raising of the eyebrows. Don’t think cartoon-like expressions with his eyebrows nearly reaching his forehead; think more along the lines of “I’m interested” eyebrows. They’ll raise slightly at the sight of you and this is usually accompanied by a smile.

He might not be aware of it, but his expression is an inviting one and indicates he’s happy to see you. Normal friends may do this as well, but if he’s interested, you’ll notice he’s looking at you a little longer than mere friendship might warrant.

18When Conversing, He Talks About What She Likes

Friends like to share their stories with each other. Some friends will go out of their way to keep the conversation on them the whole time, but not Mr. Crush. He’s genuinely interested in how your day went, your thoughts on the latest movie you saw, and what shade of lipstick you just bought online.

It isn’t the fake interest some guys might show; this is genuine and he remembers what you say. He’ll even comment on it! When he’s mostly talking about what you want to talk about, it’s a sure sign.

17He Calls, Texts, Or Reaches Out Over Social Media Daily


You and your friends might be a tight-knit group, but going a day or two without calling or texting isn’t a big deal. What is a big deal is when he’s suddenly blowing up your phone and social media accounts.

What’s up with that? Is he just super bored? Nope! He’s trying to tell you he’s interested! He wants to interact with you at least a little every single day. If that means he’s sending you a funny gif on social media or just texting a happy face, then so be it.

16When She’s Around, He’s Never In A Bad Mood


Much like most people in love, he perks up whenever you’re around! Even if he’s having a really bad day, your presence is enough to help guide him out of his funk. He might not immediately jump up and turn into Mr. Sunshine, but he’ll stop complaining, or he’ll stop scowling.

When you’re nearby, he’s less likely to pay attention to the bad in his life because he’s suddenly affected by the good. He might even want to open up to you and let you help talk him back into a good mood.


15He Isn’t Afraid To Reveal His Silly Side


Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all got a goofy side. Some of us keep it locked up tight, only to be seen by close friends and family, while some of us let it loose. Well, when he’s around you, he’s letting it loose!

He wants you to know the real him, the silly parts and all! So what if he likes to make up songs Disney-style about what he’s doing? His doing-my-homework song is adorable anyway, right? Even if it’s not, note that he’s doing it for your benefit, so you can see who he is (and how fun he can be).

14Surprise! He Remembers Everything She Says


Friends are pretty good at remembering what the other one says, but there are some details that are easily forgotten. Think of it this way: he’s interested in you when he remembers what you casually mentioned once about a movie. No one else remembers your comment on what the side character was wearing, but he does.

It’s because he’s paying attention to you and is genuinely interested in what you have to say. He might even comment on it days later, proving he does indeed pay close attention.


13He Asks Semi-Personal Questions


He might not immediately jump to super personal questions no one has any business knowing about you, but when he’s interested in more than friendship, he starts asking semi-personal things. He wants to know all about you, your family, how you feel about things, your dreams, etc.

He’s not just hanging out in hopes of learning what everyone else knows about you; he wants to know about you on a deeper level. It’s human nature to want to feel special, and he feels a lot more special when you’re able to open up to him.

12He’ll Send ‘Good Morning’ And ‘Good Night’ Texts


Okay, while there might be some questions about the other signs he might exhibit, this is one of the times when it’s completely obvious. He’s definitely looking for something more than friendship when he’s sending you “Good morning” and “Goodnight” texts!

This means you’re the first person he thinks of when he wakes up and you’re the last person he thinks of when he goes to sleep. Normal friends might be like this from time to time, but if it’s daily, then he’s hoping for a relationship.


11Even If He Compliments Everyone, He Compliments Her On Subtle Things


Some guys are great at complimenting people. He treats everyone the same, and that’s fine, but when he’s going out of his way to give you special compliments on random things, he’s subtly saying he’s interested.

If he’s not the type who usually offers compliments to people, then it’s doubly obvious that he’s looking for something a little stronger than friendship. It’s so easy for him to find nice things to say to you because he’s looking through rose-colored lenses… not that it’s a bad thing!

10When He Talks To Her, He Leans Forward


Much like the subtle raising of eyebrows or smiling when she enters the room, a man who leans toward her as she’s speaking with him is unconsciously sending signals indicating he’s interested in her.

If you’re not sure whether a guy is crushing on you, try paying attention to his body language the next time you see him. Is he leaning toward you even though your voice can be clearly heard and your words understood from where he’s standing? If so, it’s likely an indication he’s interested.


9If He Likes Her, He’ll Mimic Her


There’s a thing called “Couples items” for a reason. When two people like each other, they will sometimes wear clothing that is similar or use “His” and “Hers” accessories, mugs or other fun items.

When a guy is crushing on you, he’ll find other ways to mimic you, even if he isn’t aware of it. If you have a red phone case, suddenly he does too. If you love brightly colored hoodies, suddenly he’s got one too. Sometimes the mimicry is a little less noticeable, but if it’s present then he’s probably into you.

8He Opens Up About His Personal Life


When a guy is interested, he doesn’t just want to know about your personal life, he wants you to know about his too. He’s willing to let you into his little world because he wants to be open and honest with you.

Some friendships are like this too, but you’ll know he’s looking for something romantic based on how quickly he’s willing to open up and how deep he’s willing to get. If he’s got no reservations about sharing, it’s likely that he’s interested in you.


7When Talking, He Might Speak Quickly Or Stutter


Sometimes guys get nervous around the girls they like. This is the same for women around the men they’re interested in. So when he starts to stutter or babble a bit, give him a moment to collect himself.

He might get excited and speed up his speech, but it’s only because he’s with you and he’s trying to teach you what he’s all about. Control of his tongue might get away from him every now and then, but think of it as the compliment it is.

6He Gets Close So She Can Smell His Cologne


Guys who aren’t interested will keep their distance. If a guy is wearing a nice cologne and is often close enough for you to smell it, he’s not just casually invading your space. Nope, he’s trying to get you to notice him.

Not all guys wear cologne in the first place, but if he’s going the extra mile to smell nice and is trying to get you to catch a whiff, he’s definitely peacocking. He wants you to look his way so he can try to get past the friendship level.


5He Looks At Her Face, Not Just Her Eyes


Anyone can look into each other’s eyes to show how they feel, but a man in love will look beyond your eyes. He’s wanting to see your facial expressions—are you happy to see him? Did his last joke sink or swim? Are you doing okay?

He’ll pay attention to the makeup you are (or aren’t) wearing and he’s interested in every detail. A man in love wants to take you all in, so why would he focus solely on your eyes? Sure, they’re important, but they’re hardly the only interesting thing about you.

4‘Persistence’ Is His Middle Name


So he’s dropped some pretty obvious hints in the past and you’ve always sort of danced around them. You haven’t acknowledged his feelings, but maybe it’s because you’re not sure how to let the poor guy down, or maybe you’re just worried you’re reading his signals the wrong way and you don’t want to ruin the friendship.

Whatever the reason, you haven’t responded and he’s getting desperate. A man in love won’t give up just because you didn’t respond. He’ll keep up the hints until you have to either accept him or let him down.


3He Drops Hints He’s Jealous Of Her Talking To Other Guys


When you’re chatting with your male friends, does one of them seem to be a little miffed? Does he ever pull you to the side and seem a little annoyed when you’re talking to other guys? While this isn’t a healthy response for him, it is often an indication he likes you as more than a friend and is acting territorial.

Whether you’re willing to put up with this behavior is up to you, but when he seems upset when you talk to other guys, he’s definitely into you.

2When She’s Upset, He Offers More Than Just A Shoulder To Cry On


Sometimes when you’re upset, all you really want is for someone to listen to your worries. If he’s into you, he’ll gladly provide his shoulder for you to cry on and an ear to listen to your concerns, but he’ll also take things a little further.

He’ll try to talk you through your issues and will attempt to give you sound advice. He isn’t just interested in listening to you. This proves he’s also interested in helping you work through the tough times. This is a guy who isn’t overly concerned about being in the ‘friend zone,’ and he’s also a guy who truly cares.


1The Only Fool-Proof Way To REALLY Know: He’ll Tell Her How He Feels


While there are countless signs he’s thinking of you as more than a friend, there is only one real way to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he’s really interested. Of course, that way is to set aside your nerves, grit your teeth and just bite the bullet.

Ask him how he feels. In the face of such a straightforward question, he’ll have to give a straightforward answer. Your boldness will be repaid in his honesty and you’ll know for a fact what he’s really looking for.



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