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16 Things Each And Every Overthinker Will Understand

If you often jump to conclusions and worry a lot, you might be the part of Overthinker generation. Don’t worry about that—this is pretty usual and common nowadays.

And who is to blame for this?

I have no clue. Maybe we are simply overly sensitive and all in all smart cookies. That’s why we overthink and then overthink overthinking. Oops!

If you can understand or relate to the symptoms listed below, you might be one of us overthinkers:


1. Falling asleep is probably the most difficult thing for us.

Have you ever stayed up until dawn just thinking? Having the weight of the world on your shoulders? Laying silently in the dark triggers avalanches of thought and insomnia is our BFF.

2. When we apologize to somebody we are really and truly SORRY.

This is because we analyzed things thoroughly. We spent hours and hours thinking and realized our mistake. When we apologize, rest assured we are truly sorry for hurting your feelings.


3. We have super-developed detective skills which our friends don’t seem to appreciate.

“Please. Stop overthinking things!” “You are doing this again!” or similar sentences are a usual part of conversations we have with our friends.

4. Worrying constantly is our everyday routine.

And it is making us and everybody around us crazy. Not a single day goes by without us worrying about something.


5. They say we have to ‘RUN THE SHOW’ we argue that ‘WE JUST THINK A LOT’.

We decide to make up different scenarios which seem almost impossible to happen, instead of taking things as they come. For example, if our friend doesn’t call and they said they will, we start thinking that something bad must have happened.

6. Our critical thinking skills are just ‘amazing’.

We have mastered the skill of interpreting what somebody else said, and we are sure we know what they actually meant.


7. We write, delete, then rewrite our e-mail or social media messages and posts.

We are just not sure is it good enough to be posted or sent. We are always making sure we don’t offend anybody. It takes us forever to write a message.

8. We dread someone unfollowing or unfriending us on social media.

It will become our mission to figure out who it was and why.

9. We are unable to let go easily.

We’re sure that if go over and over the details a few more times, it will somehow change the outcome.

10. If we feel any pain in our body, we start imagining the worst case scenario.

We need someone to comfort us, tell us that everything is OK, and that they’ve experienced a pain similar to the one we’re describing.


11. We are able to be the life and soul of the party, but we sometimes regret it. The next morning hangover kicks in.

We start analyzing things, and we are afraid we embarrassed ourselves or looked like idiots in front of other people.

12. We tend to send a lot of screen shots.

Let’s say we are texting with somebody we are into, and we don’t know how to go further, continue the conversation, or we think we didn’t do something right, we want to get a second opinion.


13. We need to ‘get out of our heads’ from time to time.

If someone takes us somewhere energizing enough so we won’t have to be mind-numbingly inner-directed for once, we will be very much in love with them—in a manner of speaking at least.

14. Other people’s behavior can hurt us deeply.

Our friends are already used to us freaking out about something someone said or did. They sometimes try to comfort us, but usually, we’re too freaked out with our own ideas to pay much attention to their words. Other people’s behavior can hurt us deeply.


15. We hate it when somebody says something like “We’ll make some plans soon.”

How soon is soon??? Like soon soon? Or “soon”? We are not into complicated things, and we like concrete answers. Be straightforward. It can help.

16. If we find people that help EASE OUR MINDS, we will love and cherish them forever.

Simple as that. Make us relax and enjoy the moment—that will be the best thing you can do for us.



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