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12 Zodiac Sign Combos Strong Enough To Withstand Anything and 12 That Will Crumble

Love is definitely in the air this season. Everyone is waiting for that special to finally come around and sweep them off our feet for that movie-like romance. Some, however, are already lucky enough to find themselves in a dream-like relationship where they’re head over heels in love. It seems like them and their boo can get through anything, and there’s a huge chance that they actually can.

However, not all couples are as strong as they think they are. Hence the need to analyze each sign combo and figure out which pairs could overcome anything. There are 12 combos that are the strongest of them all, able to withstand whatever comes their way. For those lucky enough to find themselves in this relationship, then they should cherish their partner forever.

While there are 12 couples that are incredibly strong, there are another 12 that aren’t exactly as close as they think. These relationships have a ton of work to do as a small gust of wind could cause everything to come crashing down. Paired-up people want to make sure that they and their partner aren’t in this category. If it happens to be so, then they have a lot of work to do!

Whichever category a person might find their relationship in, here’s some key advice to make things work even better than they already are!

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24 Gemini + Sagittarius: Stronger Than Anything

It’s safe to say that this couple has been through it all. You and your lover have been through a rollercoaster ride of emotions as unexpected issues arose.

Everything that your relationship has been through has completely strengthened your love.

While each little fight might have pushed you and your partner apart, the two of you were eventually able to connect even more when you figured out your issues. This was the key to building the strong bond you and your lover have with one another. There is absolutely nothing that can get in the way of you two, and you’re not scared to prove it.

23 Leo + Gemini: Real Issues Can Not Be Ignored

While everything might be going as planned, there are actually some serious issues at hand. If you think that your relationship can keep ignoring the big problems, think again. It’s time for you and your love to have a serious talk about what’s going on.

If you keep ignoring all of your loose ends, nothing will work out. While this might uprise some memories that you would rather keep in the past, it’s critical to do so. Both you and your partner won’t be able to actually move on in your relationship if you don’t deal with the real issues. There’s a huge chance that everything will eventually work out once you work out these problems!

22 Aquarius + Sagittarius: Love Can Break Through Anything In Its Way

You and your partner have one of the strongest connections on our list. The love that the two of you have for one another cannot be measured by normal standards.

The two of you have been through everything together and are always there for one another.

That’s why you know that your love is strong enough to get through anything that it might have to encounter. The close bond that you’ve built with one another isn’t scared of something small coming up. You two are in for the long run and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

21 Aquarius + Libra: Sometimes Fate Will Make The Decision

An Aquarius and Libra couple has to be one of the most spectacular love stories ever! You and your lover know exactly what you want out of your relationship and aren’t scared to go for it. However, your positive attitude won’t be able to overcome every situation thrown your way.

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how much hard work you put into your relationship. Instead, it often comes down to the alignment of your astro signs with one another. All you can do is go with the flow and see what the universe is about to throw your way. Sadly, your relationship isn’t exactly strong enough to overcome everything completely.

20 Libra + Sagittarius: Trust In One Another

It’s almost a cliche at this point to hear that trust is the key to keeping a relationship going. However, in this Libra and Sagittarius relationship, it’s absolutely key.

The two of you know that having complete trust in one another is what will get you through the hard times.

If you’re not able to trust your partner in everything that they do, then there are some loose ends that you haven’t tied up. Even having to question if your partner is telling the truth showcases that not everything is as amazing as you think it is. However, you and your partner believe absolutely everything the other person says, proving that you can get through anything that might come up.

19 Capricorn + Pisces: A Fairytale Ending Is Not In The Cards

While a Capricorn and Pisces make a wonderful couple, they aren’t exactly meant to be long term. Instead, sometimes all that’s in the cards is a movie-like fling that quickly comes to an end. The truth is this romantic duo simply doesn’t have what it takes to withstand some strong winds.

The carefree attitude of the Capricorn alongside the seriousness of the Pisces just doesn’t seem to connect long term. Your characters are completely different and can only be drawn together for a short period of time. Don’t be bummed out! If you’re head over heels for your partner then make it your mission to build a strong relationship. Remember, the power is in your hands!

18 Capricorn + Capricorn: Similarities Are What Keeps Things Strong

While we definitely agree that a little contrast is key to keeping things fun in your relationship, you and your lover haven’t figured out how to get around this. Instead, since you’re both Capricorns you are more similar than ever.

That’s because you and your lover basically see the world through the same lens.

But your compatibility is spot on and what keeps the two of you stronger than ever. You hold similar passions to one another, keeping things incredibly fun and lively. This strong compatibility is exactly what will keep the two of you close during every situation. You might as well be able to read each other’s minds since you’re basically thinking the same thing!  If you’re planning on dating a Capricorn then you should know the Brutally Honest Secrets things about Capricorn.

17 Leo + Libra: Differences Will Push A Relationship Apart

While everything might currently be smooth sailing, some strong winds are definitely on their way. Not every relationship is able to endure the hardships that inevitably arise, including this Leo and Libra pair.

Instead, enjoy your romance while it lasts since there is no guarantee that it will be strong enough to go into the future. Instead, you and your partner might have to eventually part ways once your differences get a little too tense, pushing each other away. While your current rich chemistry might be strong enough to keep you and your partner together, this won’t always be the case.

16 Leo + Leo: Look Into The Future

The key that holds your relationship together is the fact that you and your lover are always looking towards the future, rather than living in the past. All the issues that you’ve been through have been completely left in the past as there is no point in stressing over them.

You and your partner actively focus on bettering your relationship, rather than worrying about how things could have been.

You both are constantly working towards your goals while simultaneously motivating one another. Since you’re both Leos, you and your lover are constantly on the same page working towards similar goals. Looking towards the future will be the key to keeping your love stronger than ever! Leo Man easy to get, but easy to Lose. “HOLD TIGHT” Know the SECRETS


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15 Virgo + Capricorn: Even A Gust Of Wind Can Knock It Down

You’re not even surprised to find out that your relationship doesn’t have what it takes to overcome anything. The truth of the matter is that you and your partner find yourself on two completely different pages most of the time. It seems like this difference is causing some intense distance in your relationship.

However, just because you and your partner can’t seem to figure things out, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be together. Instead, it’s simply going to take a little more work to bring you and your lover back together. It’s time to figure out the key issues keeping you two apart, and what to do to re-spark the chemistry and strengthen your bond. If you truly love your partner, put in the work! Here are the secrets things that you should know about loving a Virgo

14 Taurus + Virgo: Faith Will Never Be Lost

While you and your lover have totally been through some unglamorous moments, you’ve been able to always get by. The key to this was simply keeping your faith that everything was going to get better.

Sometimes the only thing a relationship has is hope, and you and your partner definitely agree on this.

Rather than stressing over issues and hoping that everything will work out, you made sure to actively work on issues. There is no point in stressing over things you can’t control and ignoring the things that you can change. Simply have a little hope in your partner and everything will work out as planned. No one can get in between your love!

13 Pisces + Cancer: Everyone Knew This Was Going To Happen

The tension in your relationship is getting so intense that you know the inevitable is on the way. Each day the distance between you and your partner just keeps growing and growing. While you might want to pretend this isn’t the case, it totally is.

Sometimes all you can do is let go of all of the issues surrounding your relationship and simply try to connect with your partner on a deeper level. That’s all you can do at this point as the end is near. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to re-spark the fire in your relationship. Or instead, maybe try to enjoy these final moments in your relationship. We promise you’ll be happy once you stop stressing and start living in the moment!

12 Scorpio + Pisces: Hope Is All You Need

Both Scorpios and Pisces are some of the most optimistic astro signs ever. Scorpios are constantly focusing on the future and figuring out how to better things. While Pisces simply aren’t willing to look at any situation that isn’t in a positive light.

That’s why you two are perfect for one another as you focus on the positive outcome of any situation.

You’re constantly hoping for the best and always holding onto a positive perspective. If you happen to find yourself having to overcome yet another obstacle, focus on the future and what’s to come. Don’t stress over past issues that are out of your control, and instead look towards the future.

11 Taurus + Pisces: Don’t Ignore What’s Occurring

While this relationship is definitely one of the happiest on the list, there are still some major issues that are being hidden from the world. It’s time that you stop ignoring the issues at hand and instead start working on them.

Even though bringing up the past is guaranteed to cause major distress, it’s a necessary action. If you don’t fix these problems, your relationship simply won’t be able to overcome the hard times. While we adore your positive vibes constantly looking towards the future, it’s time to analyze the past. You can’t expect your relationship to grow on a faulty foundation soon to crack. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!

10 Cancer + Taurus: A Foundation Of Friendship Is Key

Your relationship has been stronger than ever due to the fact that it is based on a mutual respect for one another. The key to a long lasting relationship in your eyes is the foundation of friendship that brought you and your partner together.

Rather than jumping into the swing of things as lovers, you and your partner fell for each other as friends.

At the end of the day, coming together as friends prior to romantic partners is so much more important. True love is based on the both of you constantly being there for one another through anything. While chemistry might die out eventually, a mutual respect for one another based on a friendship is key to making things work. Here are some qualities of Cancer men and how you should treat them the right way. 

Aquarius + Libra: Some Extra Work Is Required

While you might argue that everything is okay between an Aquarius and Libra, think again. As the butterflies are slowly starting to fly away, it’s time to see if this relationship has what it takes to overcome everything.

We have a feeling that you and your partner need to have a serious chat on where you see your relationship going. You’ll totally be able to manifest whatever desires you have, as long as you’re willing to put in the world. True love doesn’t simply hold a relationship intact, instead, it’s an endless effort from both partners. Make a promise to each other that you’re willing to make things work, and everything will turn out just as you planned! How to get a Libra Man fall for you

Gemini + Aquarius: Fearless Of The Future

You and your lover hold the ability to get through absolutely anything as you two aren’t scared of what’s to come. A ton of couples are constantly strategizing how they want their relationship to go, but you’re the complete opposite.

Instead, you focus on going with the flow and seeing where things end up.

There’s no chance that you will be able to control things and make them go the way you’ve always dreamed they would. All you can do is keep a positive attitude ready to take on whatever might come your way. Remember to simply always hold on hope that the future simply has what is best for you. Be ready for whatever the world throws at you! Gemini Man Flirts. But NOT if You Know The Secrets of HIM

Aries + Leo: Ignoring Each Other Will Only Make It Worse

An Aries and Leo combo are one of the most creative and romantic pairs out there. However, you’ve been focusing on all of the superficial areas of your relationship, ignoring what really matters. If you think that you and your partner can keep pretending that everything is okay, think again.

When it comes to having fun you two are head over heels for each other. Yet, when it’s time to talk about some serious issues you and your lover begin ignoring each other. Unless you want everything that you’ve worked for to come crashing down, begin on bettering your relationship. Only then will everything work out just the way you hoped.

Aquarius + Aries: Communication Builds A Strong Relationship

The basis of your relationship is the strong communication that you and your partner have built. While it took what seems like forever to be able to openly communicate, it was absolutely key in bringing you and your partner together. How to get a Aquarius Man fall for you

Now whenever an issue arises, you and your lover are able to simply talk it through.

The open transparency in your relationship brings you and your partner even closer together. If an obstacle comes your way, you and your lover are able to simply talk it through. While you might not be able to see eye to eye with each other, the two of you will eventually be able to come to an agreement. how to love an Aries and Secrets Things You Need To Know About An Aries


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Scorpio + Capricorn: This Was Meant To Come

While you and your lover were able to experience that movie like romance, it seems like the end is on its way. We completely understand that this is the last thing you ever hoped would happen, but it just seems to be the case that it was inevitable.

Your relationship simply doesn’t have the strength to overcome difficult situations. However, there is still a chance for you and your partner to rebuild your love. If you’re willing to be completely transparent and strip away all of the issues, there is a chance that you and your partner can figure things out. We must warn you that it’s going to take endless time and the truth is guaranteed to be unleashed. If you’re planning on dating a Scorpio then you should know the 15 Brutally Honest things about Scorpios.

Taurus + Scorpio: All Storms Will Pass

Even though you and your lover often feel as if the past issues of your relationship will come back to haunt you, this isn’t the case. Instead, you’ve been able to learn a ton from these past situations in order to not repeat them again.

While it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, we promise that all storms will eventually pass.

Your relationship is much stronger than you think if you take everything that you’ve learned into the future. As long as you and your lover are on the same page, everything will eventually work out. Trust in your lover and your ability to weather storms together. We promise that your relationship has exactly what it takes to make sure that everything will be okay.  Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell

Cancer + Virgo: A Poor Foundation Cannot Withstand Harsh Winds

Deep within your heart, you know that your relationship was founded on superficial reasons. Often you can see the cracks in your relationship when it’s put under hard times. That’s why unless you want everything to come crashing down once you’re really put to the test, it’s time to make some changes.

If you and your lover are willing to come clean on what’s really going on, then you can still change things around. Take the time to figure out if you’re truly willing to put in the work to make this relationship work. While it might be incredibly hard at first, your love for each other will make it all work!

Scorpio + Cancer: The Spark Will Keep Things Going

This couple has exactly what it takes to make sure that everything works out in the best way possible. A lively connection is exactly what you and your partner hold onto when things get a little bit tough.

While you might be a little nervous to find out if your relationship can actually withstand hardship, we promise it can.

You and your boo are exactly on the same page and understand each other completely. Simply keep holding onto that amazing spark that initially brought you together. It will allow you to get through anything in the future. Your love is the key to keeping things absolutely on point!

Sagittarius + Aries: Loose Ends Coming Undone

There has been a major issue in your relationship keeping you up at night. You know it’s only a matter of time before everything comes crumbling down in the worst way possible. If you’re still willing to make things work between you and your lover, then consider tying up this loose end.

Whether it’s hidden facts or a dark past, we promise it’ll be revealed. The best course of action is to simply come clean to your partner about what’s going on. Only then will the two of you be able to truly reconnect and make things work. If you really care about your partner, then consider putting in the work to save this relationship and inevitably strengthen it.  You can also read our another Secrets things that make Sagittarius the most romantic partner ever


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