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10 Things He Does To Get Her Attention & 10 That Mean He Wants His Space

While it seems like society agrees on the fact that women are the most difficult to read when it comes to love, we disagree. To us, it seems like men are sometimes the hardest people to read as they don’t even know what they want.

Unless he’s being completely upfront with his feelings, we have no clue what he’s thinking. Especially if he’s playing hard to get. We’re more than confused trying to figure out whether he’s completely into us, or if he wishes that we would disappear. Before we make a serious power move, we totally need to know whether our crush wants us or actually despises us.

That’s why we here at made a detailed list of the 10 things he does to get her attention, and the 10 signs that he wants his own space. While we might like to think that we can read absolutely anyone, we may need a little help. We can’t always figure out if our crush is into us or whether he couldn’t care less.

Unless we want to embarrass ourselves by pursuing someone who isn’t interested or let an amazing guy get away because we weren’t able to read the signs, we better make note of these signs. If there is one person who isn’t about to play games when it comes to love, it’s definitely us women.

Get ready to figure out if it’s true love or if he’d rather be left alone.

20Wants Her Attention: Is Always Having A Fun Time

If he’s trying to give the illusion that he’s constantly having a good time with other people when you’re around, then he is totally interested. He’s trying to give off the vibe that he is the life of the party and everyone absolutely adores him.

This might also be his way of making you jealous. He wants you to know that he has endless options as he’s incredibly adored. This is his way of getting your attention as you’re sure to fall for someone with such a lively vibe to them. If you catch him always laughing and having fun when you’re around, he’s totally trying to give off a good impression.

19Wants His Space: Isn’t Willing To Open Up

If your find yourself pressing him to open up and express himself but he just isn’t willing to, he simply isn’t interested. Don’t even bother wasting your energy trying to convince someone that you’re the perfect person for them when they just aren’t willing to accept it.

Instead, he has his own life going on and isn’t willing to let you in. If he wanted you to take part in his life, he would open up and let you know exactly how he feels. Don’t take it personally that he wants to keep to himself. There is a huge chance that he is just not ready to start up something new with someone.

18Wants Her Attention: Has Mutual Friends Bring Him Up

If he’s trying to catch your attention, he will surely find a way. If you notice that his friends are always bringing him up, it’s probably because he asked them to. He wants you to know how amazing he is, but isn’t about to bring that up himself.

Instead, he has his friends ready to always throw in a good word for him whenever you’re around. If you notice that his friends are constantly telling you what a cute couple you two would make, it’s probably because they know that he likes you. Don’t just ignore his friends talking about him—this is a major sign that he’s into you!

17Wants His Space: Isn’t Scared To Prove A Point

He’s willing to compromise with you if it means keeping you happy. However, if he isn’t scared to completely disagree with you on something tiny, it’s probably because he needs his space and is trying to anger you. He couldn’t care less that this conflict will push you away as he isn’t scared to back down.

If you notice that he’s acting this sensitive on issues that aren’t even important, it’s best to give him his space. You shouldn’t feel forced to constantly have to deal with his problematic behaviour. If he’s irritated enough to start a conflict, let him do his own thing.

16Wants Her Attention: Accidentally Bumps Into Her

While he might want to pretend that he accidentally bumped into you, he totally didn’t. Instead, he’s looking for a way to talk to you that doesn’t seem too up front and forced. If you actually thought that you two ‘accidentally’ bumped into each other, you thought wrong.

Your boo definitely planned for this moment to happen and couldn’t be happier that it did. Don’t underestimate his power to figure out how to make things work between you two. He’s totally looking for ways to catch your attention, and if staging an interaction is the key to talk to you, then he’s all for it.

15Wants His Space: Stirs Up Conflict

If he’s being a little more problematic than usual and is stirring up conflict, he isn’t interested. Instead, he’s completely irritated and wants his own space. For him to stir up conflict simply proves that he is not in a good place in his life right now and needs to be on his own to figure things out.

However, this doesn’t mean that he’s going to disappear forever. Instead, he needs some space to find out what he truly desires, and what to do to get there. We all can get a little intimidated with everything going on and absolutely need our space. Don’t take your frustration out on him, and instead give him some space.

14Wants Her Attention: Romantic Gestures

If he’s showering you with romantic gestures, it is because he is head over heels for you. He is so over trying to grab your attention in a low-key way and isn’t scared to put himself right out in the open. There is basically no point in hiding how he feels and he’s more than ready for the whole world to see how much he adores you.

If you’re adoring him right back, don’t be scared to throw in a romantic gesture here and there. If he’s willing to put him feelings on a silver platter for you, you should be willing to return the favour, as long as you’re interested.

13Wants His Space: Constantly Stressed Out

If he’s constantly complaining over how stressed out he is with everything, he probably needs his space. The last thing on his mind is trying to figure things out with you when his life is a complete mess. While you might want him to know that you’re here for him, it’s best to actually give him some room to breathe.

The last thing you want is to try and prove how much your adore him, which will only push him further away. Instead, give your lover some space to figure out his own business and what he wants. In time, you’ll be able to see exactly what he desires and what he’s looking for.

12Wants Her Attention: Sends Mysterious Texts

If you catch him trying to keep a few texts hidden from you, it’s because he’s trying to put up the facade that he has much more going on than he actually is. If he wasn’t interested, he would show you exactly who he’s texting for you to get out of the picture.

Instead, he’s trying to get your attention by showing how desirable he is to other people. He’s trying to get you to make a move before his fake lover steals him away. While it’s kinda funny, it’s actually incredibly cute. He might be a little shy to make the move himself, and is hoping to get a vibe of whether you’re feeling him or not.

11Wants His Space: Just Doesn’t Seem Interested

If you have to question whether he’s interested or not, he probably isn’t. If he was into you, he would make it known. Instead, he’s just keeping you along for the ride while he does his own thing. However, if it’s literally been forever and he hasn’t made a move, he probably won’t any time soon.

This little show obviously tells you how he feels and that he’s not willing to change his ways. While he might’ve been the exact guy you’ve been looking for, this just proves he isn’t for you. Let him do his own thing and maybe the future will bring you two lovers back together.

10Wants Her Attention: Plays A Little Hard To Get

If you’re getting the vibe that your boo is playing a little hard to get, he is totally trying to get you to fall for him. He doesn’t want to come off too strong and wants to figure out if you’re feeling him or not. While you would much rather have him make a move, it might be time for you to give it a shot.

You can’t expect him to do all of the work while you sit down and relax. If he wants to play a little hard to get while you put in the work to make him feel wanted, then maybe he deserves that. It’s time to show him how you truly feel, once you get the vibe that he’s trying to seize your attention.

9Wants His Space: Falls Off The Grid

If you notice that your man has completely fallen off the grid, it’s best to give him his space. The last thing that you’re about to do is chase him around and try to figure out where he is. If he decided to just disappear, then let him stay lost. You’re not about to be running after a guy who doesn’t want to be found.

This might actually be the best thing that can happen for him. There is a huge chance that he simply needs his space before he jumps back into the swing of things. However, if you think that you can change his mind in any way, think again. Let him figure things out for himself.

8Wants Her Attention: Asks Interesting Questions

If you’re getting the vibe that your lover is genuinely interested in you and how you’re doing, then he’s probably really feeling you. He wouldn’t be asking all of these in-depth questions if he didn’t care. Instead, he’s trying to get to know you in order to figure out if you’re the girl he has in his head.

This is always a wonderful way for him to prove that he wants your attention. He isn’t scared to let you know that he’s willing to truly get to know you, even at the cost of seeming a little nosey. If you notice him really trying to figure you out, then he is more interested than you could have ever imagined.

7Wants His Space: Only Wants To See His Friends

If the only person that he is giving attention to are his friends, you better let him go. He obviously needs some time away from you if he isn’t willing to express himself. It’s not like he’s going through a major life change as he’s still able to fit his friends into the picture.

Instead, he isn’t about to deal with you and would much rather do his own thing. You shouldn’t be chasing someone who doesn’t want to be chased. Instead, let him do his own thing while you focus on yours. He might eventually enter back into the picture and declare his feelings for you. Until then, don’t bother trying to change his mind.


6Wants Her Attention: Steps Up His Style Game

You totally know that he’s into you if he steps up his style game. This only proves that he’s trying to get your attention by dressing like the best version of himself. If you notice that he picked up a few new pieces, then he is truly trying to impress you.

This means that he is so into you that he is willing to improve himself to get you to fall for him. While he might be doing it for himself as well, you were totally the spark that got him to step up his game. The best thing that you can do is compliment his new look. He’ll feel incredibly appreciated and will be sure to make a move.

5Wants His Space: His Life Is A Complete Mess

You shouldn’t even be interested in a guy whose life is a complete mess. That is something that he has to figure out on his own without your help. Instead, focus on doing your thing without stressing over someone who has other issues to deal with.

It simply isn’t time for you and him to be together. He has to take some time for himself and figure out what he’s doing. While you might be desperate to be with him, it wouldn’t be healthy. Your relationship would fall to pieces due to all of his issues. However, there is a huge chance that once he gets his life in order, things might just work out between the two of you.


4Wants Her Attention: Posts About His Awesome Life

If you notice him start to post way more on social media than he usually does, it’s probably because he’s trying to get your attention. He wants you to know that he lives an iconic life and isn’t scared to show the world. He’s hoping that you start to thinking highly of him as he showcases how popular he is.

While it might not be the best plan, it’s definitely something to grab your attention. You’ll feel even more inclined to check up on him and see what he’s up to. Plus, you’ll start to have an even greater desire to actually be a part of his fun life. Don’t underestimate the power of social media!

3Wants His Space: Talks To Other Girls

If he’s talking to other girls right in front of you, then he just isn’t interested. Rather, he’s looking to see what other people have to offer as you simply don’t cut it. While you might be thinking that this is his way to make you jealous, think again.

He doesn’t care that you catch him talking to other girls as he’s simply not interested. If you think that developing an attitude towards him because of this will win him back, think again. The best thing that you can do is let him go and do his own thing. You’re so much better than that and don’t need to prove it to him!

2Wants Her Attention: Pretends He Doesn’t Care

If you catch him sometimes pretending that he doesn’t care about what’s going on between you and him, he’s totally lying. He’s trying to give off a chill attitude that he doesn’t care what’s going on, when he is actually deeply invested. He’s trying to catch your attention by pretending that he doesn’t care about your attention.

While this is incredibly confusing, that’s his plan. He thinks that you’re going to step up your game even more once you’re convinced that he isn’t interested. Then he’s going to sweep you off your feet when you least expect him to. While it would be so much easier for him to just come clean about how he feels, it seems like he’s doing things a little differently.

1Wants His Space: Seems Annoyed

Just let him have his space. Don’t try to push him into anything that he simply doesn’t feel ready for. While you might want to try to change his mind, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to do so. Instead, it’s best to let him do his thing without putting too much pressure on him.

If he’s giving you the vibe that you’re only annoying him, you probably are. Whether you mean to or not doesn’t matter. The only thing that you should come to terms with is that he needs some space. It’s just that he needs to figure things out. However, if he thinks you’ll be there waiting when he’s done, that so isn’t the case.



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