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12 Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Admitting that you actually like someone is one thing, telling the person you like is another thing. And it’s really easier said than done. We live in a society wherein it is embedded in our minds that the guy should always make the first move and that girls just have to patiently wait for it. But as time goes by, more and more women out there are breaking this stigma and actually making the first move and expressing what they feel, and I tell you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Yes, it’s hard, but with the right advice and encouragement, you’ll definitely have the strength to do these tips. So here are 12 ways to tell a guy that you like him:

1. Assess your feelings for him.
Distinguishing if what you feel is infatuation or not can be a bit tricky but it’s better to do it than to act on it immediately. Your feeling for him may change over time and you might regret admitting your feelings straight away.

2. Start simple conversations with him.
Talk about the things you have in common. Ask him about his hobbies, the movies or music he likes, or his stand on certain issues. Communication is not only important in keeping a harmonious relationship but it is also essential once you confide your feelings to someone. By having these small conversations, you will get to know the person that you like even more and eventually him as well. This will also show how interested you are with him, and not just on his physical appearance.

3. Don’t build up the experience in your mind.
Imagining the experience when you tell him that you like him can hurt you. No matter how amazing your crush is, he is still a human being with his own emotions. He might be nervous or hesitant to discuss what he likes on a person. Also, if you think that your crush is perfect, think again. We all have flaws so don’t get too intimidated on him. Avoid being too emotionally invested in a relationship where it hasn’t even started yet.

4. Show interest on the things he’s passionate of.
Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself into liking what he does, the act of asking him about it is one thing to do to take interest in that matter. This will somehow encourage him to do better and would even make him notice you.

5. Do something thoughtful.
Show that you’re interested in him by doing sweet and thoughtful things. Things like buying his favorite coffee or giving a book that reminds you of him. It doesn’t have to be so expensive or grand, it’s the thought that counts.

6. Ask for help.
Men, most of the time like to feel needed. Yes I know, you are a “strong independent woman who doesn’t need a man” but sometimes asking for help is not bad.

7. Just be yourself.
Don’t try to pretend something that you’re not. You want someone who will accept all your flaws and imperfections, and that wouldn’t show if you’re hiding it. This will also help you see if he’s worth the confession or not.


8. Open up to him.
I know that this is a bit hard since it’s very hard to trust someone. You can just share your personal experiences that you’re somehow comfortable sharing or you can talk about your hopes and dreams. He’s not going to take you opening up to him lightly. He will surely feel honored for the opportunity and hopefully reciprocate it with his own vulnerability

9. Compliment him.
If you are thinking of something nice to tell him, say it! All of us at some point loves being complimented and the person you like is definitely not an exception.

10. Change your mindset.
This is true on many levels. Most of the time, the hardest part about confessing your feelings with someone is worrying that they won’t like you back or that you’ll be exposed because you said it first and when they don’t reciprocate you look stupid for it or you’re somehow worth less. It never feels good to be rejected, remember that it doesn’t mean anything other than he wasn’t interested. Don’t let it ruin your life, and remember that you’re still worth it despite such rejection.

11. Be bold.
When you are finally ready to tell a guy how you feel, take courage. After all the pep talk, it will still be scary, but you just have to do it or you’re back at square one. Sometimes you just have to do it or otherwise, you will always be wondering what could have been if you just took the risk.

12. Accept rejection.
With every risk you take, the odds will not always be in your favor. Here, you can’t always get what you want. And when that happens, all that’s left to do is be civil and tell him that you want to keep being friends and really mean it.

Tell him that you feel much better for getting everything off your chest, and you are ready for whatever comes after. Being frank with our feelings is something we’re told to do, but we are never taught how. Even once you are used to it, it’s still not easy. The best you can do is tell how you feel and just hope for the best. And when things don’t work out, then try again next time.

Trying to tell a guy you like him is easier said than done, it will definitely take time especially if you have little to no experience in expressing your feelings to others. We all fear rejection, and that fear always results when you care about someone and putting yourself out there. Always remember that expressing your feelings to someone is a brave thing to do and that you should be proud for taking that risk. Whether or not the odds are in your favor and, take it as a lesson for you to learn in the future.



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