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Aries Hunter’s Full Moon Rising October 13th:

The Aries Full Moon on October 13th comes out of the horizon, appearing way bigger than it really is. Be sure to not get entrapped in this illusion, for the Golden Rays of the Moon now is nothing but blessings from the higher realms.

Before it starts, the entire atmosphere would be extremely satisfying, pure and crisp. And indeed, this is necessary. For, the Full Moon requires us to get into the right mood, which will help us.

The event is, Archangel Camael is blessing us. The Golden Rays of the Moon are his blessings on us. For some, using these blessings would bring about a fresh perspective to them. Apart from making us optimistic about the coming years, it would allow us to connect the higher realms to our projects and ideas.

So step in and ask the Archangel to help you out of life’s perilous journey. Also, use golden lights or candles to help you bring about the Full Moon in all its glory. Don’t forget the Archangel- he deserves all the credit.



October brings about the late afternoon of the year. It is not really a secret that October can get pretty spooky – the veil between fact and fiction tends to get diminished. Spiritual energies affect us, and so do our ancestors.

This veil being thin would allow us to remember our ancestors, loved ones, or even pets very closely. In case you do want to remember them in a symbolic way, never forget to offer them a tribute- food, poem, letter anything. This is the perfect time for prayer and ceremonies. Don’t waste it.

Let go of things that are useless or dragging you down. Write them on a piece of paper and burn them to a crisp. Throw them into a bonfire and watch as they are released into the great realms.

You can also have the bonfire after your desires are met. But don’t forget to dance around the bonfire after you are done!

The October Full Moon has been historically considered to be the Hunter’s Moon for this usually signalled the hunting season. The Native Americans charted their seasons according to the Full Moon.

The October Full Moon, with leaves falling and game fattening, symbolised the season for hunting. This is in relation to the erstwhile Harvester Moon, which led to the fattening of game in the first place.

This Full Moon is also considered to be the Blood Moon, and when the night falls, one can actually see the smoldering Blood Moon in the autumnal sky.


She shines like a beacon, highlighting a change in energy. Since thoughts would usually be beautiful around this period, it makes it easier for us to connect with the Eternal Spirit.

This period should see you be grateful to things, animals and plants around you. For, their death leads to your survival. And in fact, this shows the circle of life- to eat or be eaten.

The Full Moon is always filled with lessons and moral guidelines on how to live. It displays the very continuity of life, and how it goes on.

Despite the many obstacles we find in our path, we can still stop and stare at the glorious Moon shining in the night sky. Soak in its beauty.


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