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10 Signs Your Partner Is A Real Gentleman In Your Relationship

Whenever you think of the idea of a gentleman, who comes to mind? You might have an image of a true gentleman on your mind. He might be a lead character in some romantic comedy that you really like. He might be the protagonist in one of those romantic novels that you keep going back to. He might be a close guy friend that you have in your life. Whatever the case, you are always going to have certain ideas when it comes to gauging a man’s gentlemanliness.

But you shouldn’t be deluded. A man isn’t going to be a gentleman just because he wears a suit all of the time. A man isn’t a gentleman just because he drives a fancy car or he has slick hair every time you see him. It’s so much more than just how a guy might look. A true gentleman is someone who espouses a high-quality character – one that is beloved by all and envied by most.

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And once you have a real gentleman fall in love with you, then you need to do whatever it takes to keep that man in your life. You have to do what you need to do to keep him close. And how do you know for sure if your boyfriend is a real gentleman? Well, just keep on reading on until the very end of this article. If a lot of these signs apply to your guy, then congratulations! You have a real gentleman in your relationship.

1. He always stays honest and real with you.

He always stays honest and real with you about everything. He never wants you to doubt his sincerity or his realness. He always makes sure to stay open with you so that you never have to be in the dark about what he’s thinking or feeling.

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2. He keeps the private aspects of your relationship to himself.

He makes sure to always respect the privacy and intimacy of your relationship. He always keeps the most intimate aspects of your relationship to himself. He doesn’t air your dirty laundry out in public. He keeps your intimate details sacred all of the time.

3. He puts emphasis on the little things.

He doesn’t disregard the importance of doing the little things in the relationship. He always makes it a point to do all of the simple things that give you joy and happiness on a consistent basis. He understands that it’s not just about the grand gestures. It’s more of the little efforts he puts into the relationship every day.

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4. He always keeps his promises.

Whenever he makes a promise or a commitment to you, he always follows through. At the very least, he tries his best to fulfill his promises. He knows that he is only as good as his word. He knows that the key in making sure that you maintain the mutual trust in your relationship is that he follows up on what he says.

5. He apologizes whenever necessary.

He apologizes to you whenever he screws up. He is humble and mature enough to acknowledge that he isn’t always going to make the right decision or do the right thing. He is still prone to occasional mistakes and he owns up to them whenever he makes them. And he also makes it a point to learn from his mistakes as well.

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6. He listens to you whenever you talk.

He always listens to you whenever you talk to him. He understands the importance of communication in a relationship and he knows that communication isn’t just about saying what’s in his heart; it’s also about making sure that he listens to you whenever you try to converse with him.

7. He doesn’t act co-dependent.

He never makes you feel like he is dependent on you. He always makes it a point to make sure that he is living his independent life and that he doesn’t have to rely on you to support him as he makes his way through this world.

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8. He acts kindly to everyone he meets.

He always espouses kindness to the people that he meets. He never acts rudely towards the people that he meets regardless of what they mean to him. He is always going to treat everyone he knows with kindness and respect.

9. He never sees himself as above or below anyone else.

He doesn’t see himself as someone who is above everyone else. Yes, he is confident and he understands that he has a lot of redeeming virtues. But he doesn’t feel entitled to better treatment from the people around him. He always sees himself as everyone’s equal regardless of social status or position.

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10. He makes you feel protected.

He always goes out of his way to make sure that you feel safe and protected. He always tries his best to keep you away from any threats or harms that may befall you. He would never make you feel like he doesn’t have your best interests and well-being in mind.



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