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Zodiacs Ranked Based On How Much Of An Asshole They Can Be

1. Libra

Libras come in at number one because they are the most petty out of any sign and hold grudges. Even if they say they are over it and they’ve forgiven you they haven’t. To your face, a Libra is going to seem like your best friend but behind your back, they talk the most shit out of anyone and are so fake. These are the people whose relationships revolve around them and what you’re willing to give. Everything is based on convenience to them. Under a pretty big ego is someone who cares you just have to invest a lot of time to get their loyalty.

2. Capricorn

Capricorns come in at number 2 because they take a lot of pride in being an asshole. They consider it almost a redeeming quality and something they are proud of. The thing about them is they might put themselves first but with that quality, they see a lot of success. They drop lines like, ‘I know I’m an asshole but *insert the thing everyone else in the room is afraid to say out loud.* Everyone needs someone like that.  

3. Sagittarius

Sags tend to be low key assholes. Like only until you get to know them and they trust you, you see their true colors. If you are their best friend they are telling you exactly how they feel about people. They are saying things like it is and not holding back. They cover it very well and people don’t notice what they really said wasn’t kind but a jab at them. The thing they are best at is offending people straight up to their face but then walking away with a bit of a smile because the person didn’t notice.

4. Aquarius

This person is a complete asshole and doesn’t even try and hide it or sugarcoat who they are. They own the shit out of who they are and that’s why people love them even in the moments they want to hate them.


5. Taurus

They have the tendency to speak without thinking offending a lot of people with their opinion and how loud they are. They don’t seem to shut up but aren’t saying anything of value. While they might have good intentions they are very rough around the edges even they do have a bark worse than their bite.

6. Aries

An Aries is right in the middle. They have the ability to turn it on and off. If they don’t like you, you know. If they don’t like the way you’ve acted they will call you out. But on the other end of it, they are loyal and will stand by you and be a good friend.


7. Leo

A Leo is caught somewhere trying to be a good person and not say what’s on their mind and being who they really are. They have these moments where people just look at something bold they just said and are shocked. But they get away with it because they play both roles so well.

8. Virgo

A Virgo is probably the most chill out of any sign. They don’t have problems with anyone. They don’t speak much or voice their opinion often but when they do it’s probably right and no one can deny it. There’s a respect people have for people like that.


9. Cancer

A cancer is a little be of sweet and a little bit of sass. They see things and people for what they are not who they want them to be. They hold people completely accountable for their actions and will call you out when you’re wrong. And if you’re offended, you probably shouldn’t have done something wrong in the first place. Out of all signs these are the ones with the best judgment.

10. Gemini

Gemini’s aren’t assholes. They spread themselves too thin trying to make everyone happy. They truly always put people before themselves and want what’s best for you. They are someone who will always be in your corner cheering you on. They aren’t full of drama and address issues head-on looking for solutions every time. A Gemini friend is someone you’ll have for life if you deserve them.  

11. Scorpio

I’m sure you thought a Scorpio would have ranked closer to the top of the list with their blunt nature and heavy sarcasm. While most people take that personally Scorpios are honest and say things like they are. If you have a Scorpio friend you might not like what they say sometimes but they say everything with the best intentions and always look out for you.


12. Pisces

They are the farthest thing from an asshole. They are the kindest most considerate of any sign. The ones who apologize when it isn’t their fault. These are the people who see the best in everyone and get fucked over the most but still try harder. They live in their own world of being good and treating everyone well. They wear their heart on their sleeve but they are the people who change others from being assholes to more decent people.


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