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Zodiac Combos That Make The Best Friends


A lot of people think about who they should date according to their astrological sign, but have you ever stopped to think about what your zodiac means for your friendships? Sometimes we have acquaintances that we just do not vibe deep enough with to become best friends, and it is actually possible that our astrological signs have something to do with it. Not that you should be choosing your friends based on when they were born, but it can be valuable information to have to understand why some of your friendships are the way that they are. The following zodiac combos make the best of friends for some very different reasons. If you already have one of these pairings then you will get why, and if you are on the hunt for some better friends keep in mind the qualities in a person that might make them an ideal choice.

14Libra And Aries

Libra and Aries are opposites on the zodiac which means that they can balance each other out a bit. The Aries can be a little impulsive and hot headed, but the down to earth Libra is great at pointing out when the Aries should just let something roll off their back to avoid the drama as opposed to letting out all their fury. Both of the signs are up for an adventure, which means that they’re great travel buddies and work well as great bar buddies. Can’t promise that they won’t get into a little bit of mischief while they’re out and about, but that’s what the best of friends do. If these two do end up getting into some trouble, Libra will be able to keep Aries calm enough so that Aries can try and talk their way out of the situation. Libra will also be able to keep things cool on the flip side when they’re reliving their crazy night over the next morning’s brunch.

13Virgo And Scorpio

The Virgo and Scorpio make good friends because they can frequently find themselves on the same page. Both signs like to go out and have fun but they also like to both relax and do nothing at home, so when their needs line up or their moods are influencing one another they can be the perfect buddies. Both of these signs are incredibly loyal, which also means that they have high expectations for their relationships of all kinds. They do balance out in the sense that Virgo tends to see more of the smaller details that the Scorpios overlook when they’re seeing things in extremes. That means that when the Scorpio can’t see any options in a situation, Virgo might come through and point out what they’re missing. When Virgo is overthinking something, (which they tend to do a lot), Scorpio can come through and point it out to them, as well as an alternative thought process.

12Capricorn And Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are great at making each other feel strong and happy even when things aren’t going in predictable ways. Both of these signs are really hard workers but can use some help balancing out their extremes. Capricorn is good at encouraging Cancer to go after their deepest goals and not just what they think they should be doing. Cancer can be sensitive and puts a lot of pressure on themselves to make other people happy, which means that sometimes they can end up having messy boundaries and getting burnt out on doing too much in too many different places. Capricorn reminds them to do their own thing, which is ultimately when they shine and end up being their awesome selves anyway. On the other hand, Cancer is great at encouraging Capricorn to keep some sort of a balance in work and taking care of them themselves so that they don’t burn out.

11Virgo And Pisces

Virgo and Pisces make for a great friendship because they are both problem solvers. That means that they will understand each other’s motives even when other people don’t totally understand why it is that they make the life decisions that they do. These two can be drawn to one another. Pisces can be so easy going that it makes them seem a bit vulnerable, and Virgo responds to that vulnerability and wants to take care of them. Once they get to know them they realize that they aren’t as vulnerable as they thought, but they really enjoy their easy going nature since Virgos can get a bit wound up and over think everything from their sensitive outlook on life. Virgos are an earth sign and tend to be pretty grounded in reality, while Pisces are major dreamers. These two can inspire one another to honor those opposite things in themselves as well.

10Aquarius And Leo

Aquarius and Leo can have some power struggles if they are friends but they also inspire each other very well. Leos tend to be very creative, while the Aquarians tend to have big visions. If these two are being competitive these ideas can come against one another, but when they’re either supporting the same cause of totally supporting one another they can help each other tackle some big things in life. Leos tend to enjoy a lot more social interaction and attention then the Aquarius do, so sometimes they’ll be at odds over the right way to spend the evening or what time they should head home from the bar. But when they accept the differences in their personalities they can form the sort of bond that never ends no matter how far they might end up living from one another some day. These two will pick up right where they left off regardless of what else they’ve got going on.

9Taurus And Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are great at the whole balance thing as well. Taurus can be a bit stubborn which means that sometimes they don’t do things that they should simply because they’re being weird about it. But Scorpio is great at motivating Taurus when they can see where they get into these behavioral patterns. Scorpio, on the other hand, can get a bit carried away with their creative urges and hunt for power, and if they do Taurus will be there to remind them to chill out and just let things happen every once in a while. These two also forge an interesting emotional ground together. Scorpio tends to be a bit mysterious and withholding emotionally even though they are outgoing, while Taurus tends to be pretty straightforward from the gate. This seems like it would be a personality clash, but since Taurus is so grounded they have no problem getting Scorpio to open up to them.

8Gemini And Libra

Gemini and Libra have similar personalities in certain ways and are very different in other ways. Geminis, of course, are known for their double personality thing, while Libras are actually pretty well balanced. When they can appreciate those things about each other they usually find their differences pretty entertaining. These two are the friends that are likely to sit and talk for hours about ideas they have about how to change the world as well as their individual lives. They both tend to be opinionated in their own ways, and when Libra goes off subject on a random tangent or gets distracted by a task, Gemini will be there to make sure that what needs to get done actually gets done. When Gemini is flip-flopping in their opinions about a guy that they went out with, Libra will be able to point out what we know for sure about the person and what’s an imaginary perception.

Cancer And Taurus

Cancer and Taurus are both extremely loyal, so these two are likely to form bonds that last forever. Well, unless something happens where Cancer feels that a line has been crossed, but that’s another story. Cancers love their close relationships and they are always careful to take care of the people that they are closest to. Taurus are extremely loyal in the sense that they make up their mind once and then stay there. Cancers tend to be very emotional creatures which means that they can get a bit carried away with their thoughts from time to time. Let’s just say they worry through things that they don’t even need to be anticipating. Taurus, on the other hand, tend to be pragmatic and reasonable in other ways, so they can be helpful in giving Cancer some perspective when their head is spinning. Cancer can also help Taurus think from a bit of a more dreamy perspective.

6Gemini And Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius make great friends, but they’re sometimes such good buddies that they end up getting into some complex situations. They have good intentions, but the fun can sometimes get the best of them. Geminis tend to love their routines, which means that they can sometimes take things a bit overboard and get a bit caught up in them. Having a Sagittarius friend around means that they can encourage Gemini to think outside of their structured box and live a little when they get caught up in routine. Sagittarius is a very ambitious sign and is always up for some adventure, so together they tend to get into some interesting situations. Gemini is known for having two sides to their personality, and Sagittarius knows exactly how to make use of Gemini’s wild side. These two need to make sure not to get too fired up around each other, but they definitely enjoy their time together.

5Leo And Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius are both pretty active signs, so these two will enjoy hanging out and doing pretty much anything. Leos live their lives in a big way and love to be social and get into the center of attention, while Sagittarius totally feeds off being active physically. Leo is always down for a physical adventure since it gives them an opportunity to show off. These two are likely to wake up for an early morning hike even after a late night out on the town. Followed by getting some coffee, food, and hitting up their favorite shopping spot. Anything that they can do to be on the move and to either socialize or talk about the people in their lives, they’ll be happy. These two generally see eye to eye about stuff, but when they don’t they figure it out. Leo can see where Sagittarius needs to be more open and Sagittarius can point out when Leos ego is getting in the way and clouding their judgment.

4Pisces And Cancer

Pisces and Cancer have similar characters so they can bond over some deep stuff. Cancers love to initiate new ideas and things to do, and Pisces can be very inspired by them in that way. They both tend to be kind and compassionate unless they’re crossed, so they can be patient friends and understand the needs of each other. They’re both water signs and have a lot of feminine energy which means they really get each other, but they also have to be careful not to overwhelm each other with their various needs since being a water sign means that the moods tend to ebb and flow a lot with the moon and the tides. They can learn a lot from each other since Pisces can point out to Cancer when compromising is a good idea, while Cancer can show Pisces how to stick with something and follow it through until the end.

3Capricorn And Aries

Capricorn and Aries have different approaches to life but can have similar goals about what they want to attain. Aries tend to be fiery and outgoing, maybe even ball-busting, while Capricorn might be a little more quiet about the way that they work through their days. But since they have their eye on the same prizes they can show each other new ways to get stuff done. The only thing is that both of these signs appreciate each other’s different ways so much that they might adopt a little too much about the way the other person does things when they are usually on the right track, to begin with. Libra should be careful not to adopt the impatient Aries outlook, while Aries should not slow themselves down when they are influenced by the methodical way that Capricorn chips away at things. Both of them need to keep things balanced.

2Pisces And Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius make super interesting friends because they have very similar interests. They do have their differences, but once they’re bonded, they are likely to enjoy each other’s differences. Both of these signs are up for travel and exploration which means that they can make good travel buddies. They are definitely down for a road trip at a moment’s notice and are always going to be up for planning an extensive trip abroad with some creative stops and places to stay along the way. They’re both pretty idealistic creatures, with Pisces dreaming away and Aquarius coming up with new ideas all day long. When they do have conflicts over their differences in personality, the good thing is that they’re both awesome at letting things go so they get over it quickly. They might end up seeming like sisters since they can be close but bicker from time to time.

1Leo And Aries

Leo and Aries both tend to seek out larger than life stuff, which means that they can really compliment each other in certain ways. They are both very energetic and passionate which means that they’re both always up for some adventure and will do pretty much anything to find it. They will definitely be competitive with one another, so it’s going to be key that they approach this competitiveness with some laughter as opposed to anything serious … or they’ll end up having weird fights about weird things. They’re both very proud and hot headed creatures, so don’t be surprised if things boil over here and there. However, since they’re both so passionate and full of life, it’s likely that the two of them are going to be doing some pretty dynamic things together. Not everyone can keep up with these two, so in each other, they’ve found their match.  



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