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You’ll Be Sorry For Not Appreciating Her Once Someone Else Does

For years, you failed to see how much this girl loved you. You pretended not to notice all of the sacrifices and compromises she was making for your sake and for the benefit of your relationship. You never saw how hard she fought to keep you around and for the two of you to be happy. How selfless she was and how she was always putting you first, even when you treated her like a second choice. You didn’t see how she pushed you forward and how she was the only one who always believed in you, no matter what. How she never judged you and how she saw the good in you, even when there was none of it left. You never noticed that she was the only one around when you were at your lowest. The only one who stuck by your side through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. That she was the only one who kept holding your hand when everyone else turned their backs  on you. The only one who never abandoned you, even though she should have done a long time ago. You didn’t see all the chances she kept giving you because she hoped that eventually you’d change, nor the excuses she was making and all the dreams she had of you as a different man. And the best part was that she didn’t ask for much in return. She never needed your gratitude and she never asked you to spoil her. She just wanted you to love her back and you to appreciate her.   But you failed to do even that, didn’t you? Instead, you took her for granted, thinking that you could do whatever you wanted and that this girl would continue loving you like she always did. You thought that there was nothing you could do to make her walk away from you and that you could continue treating her like crap for as long as you pleased. At the same time, for years, you failed to see this girl’s tears or the sleepless nights she spent alone in bed, waiting for you to come home, while you were out there cheating on her and playing her for a fool. You didn’t notice how humiliated and disappointed she felt every time you backed out on her and every time you did everything in your power to diminish her worth. How she spent years praying for you to start treating her the way she deserved.   You didn’t hear how she begged for crumbs of your love and attention. How she kept telling you that you’d lose her if you continued behaving like that. Or maybe you saw all of this. Maybe you heard her but you simply chose not to pay attention. Because you thought that she would never have the strength to walk away from you. But this is exactly what happened. One day, she left you and she never looked back. And only when you saw that this girl was more than serious did you understand what you’d done. Not until then did you start regretting all the hurt you made her go through and all the harm you were causing her. Well, let me tell you one thing which won’t make it any easier for you. You’ll feel even more sorry for not appreciating this girl once someone else starts doing so. Because there will come a man in her life who will give her everything you never wanted to give. A man who will be proud and grateful for having her. A man who will be ready to do whatever it takes to keep her and a man who will never let her go. There will come a man who will give her the same amount of effort he is getting from her. A man who will know that a healthy relationship is a two-way street and who will be ready to try around her.   A man who will heal her broken heart and who will make her forget that you ever existed. A man who will love her in all the ways you wished you had. And when this man comes along, you’ll wish you could go back in time, to make things right. This is when you’ll be ready to do whatever it takes just to have this girl back. This is when you’ll realize everything you were doing to her and when you’ll understand that letting this girl go was the mistake of your life. When you’ll wish to take this man’s place more than anything. But it will be too late. And you know why? Because you had your chance. And you blew it. And now, you have to deal with the consequences.  


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