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You Deserve Way More Than A Passionless Relationship



“Do it with passion or not at all!”  ( Rosa Nouchette Carey)


This goes for all things in life, especially relationships. When you do things with passion, you do it with that sense of joy and fulfillment and incredible ease.

Why would you want to do it any other way?

When you think about the perfect relationship, probably the main things that come to your mind are love, honesty, commitment, and passion. The best thing would be harmony and balance between these components. Somehow along the way, relationships started to lack some of the components, and passion seems to be the one that most people seem to disregard so easily.

Why is that so?

They are over-rationalizing. They are settling for less.

They enter a relationship or stay in one because he is good to them; he is generally good; they will never find someone to treat them quite as well as he does; he loves them more than anything etc.

The mistake here is that they are overly-concentrated on what someone can do for them and not so much on their side of the story. They enjoy the benefits and not having to return much from their side because another side is giving more. So, they end up stuck in the yucky situation.

They are satisfied with good instead of looking for great.

They confuse “love” and  “in love”.

We can love somebody without being in love with them. That “in love” feeling is made from our passion. And love is what you can feel toward your friends and family, too. When it comes to relationships, it is a different, more consuming kind of love.

We strive to have that feeling of true, selfless, unthought-of love. Love and being in love must go side by side or we have nothing. We end up in relationships that give us comfort and a sense of security but never that feeling of sky-illuminating fireworks and that sensation of being madly in love.

Even though we may give more emphasis to security and emotions, we shouldn’t exclude passion. Passion in the sense of attraction and sex drive is a crucial part of the relationship.


We can’t exclude that drive that pulls us to another person. At least, we shouldn’t exclude it. Without it, you might start regarding your partner as just your friend, when in fact, he should be both your friend and your lover.

Over time, people who settle can feel incomplete and dissatisfied. They start wondering, “What would happen if I waited for something real?” 

All in all, it is difficult to generalize. Aspects of love and passion are different for each individual. For some people, passion is a vital part of the love relationship, for others not so much.

Only you can decide what is it that you really want and don’t settle for anything less.


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