Zodiac Sign

What Makes Your Girlfriend Feel Misunderstood, Disrespected, And Unappreciated (Based On Her Zodiac Sign)


When you interrupt and constantly talk over her while she’s trying to tell a story.


When you discount her feelings and act like she’s overreacting every time she shows emotion.



When you make decisions without consulting her beforehand.


When you belittle her hobbies, her taste, or her career.



When you see her struggling with something and don’t offer any assistance.


When you try to calm her down and make her see reason when she’s upset instead of letting her vent.


When you constantly talk about yourself without stopping to ask her about her and her day.



When you comment on her weight, hair, or overall appearance in anything other than a positive way.


When you ignore her texts, even though you’ve seen them.


When you nit-pick and nag her about every little thing she does wrong.


When you ignore her ideas about restaurants, movies, and music to try.


When you make jokes at her expense to look cool in front of your friends.



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