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What Makes You Feel Loved In A Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Zodiac signs can tell us what we like and dislike, how we handle stress and anger, and even what makes us happy in relationships! Want to know what makes you feel loved according to the stars? Read on!


You love when your partner makes a promise and keeps it, and you also thoroughly enjoy seeing your partner help others in a time of need. You can’t be with someone who is selfish and only thinks of himself. You love exciting dates and a partner who can keep up with your deep, intellectual conversations.


You don’t like feeling smothered and appreciate a partner who will give you your space at times. You’re really into the idea of traditional romance and are a hopeless romantic yourself. This gentle and wise sign hates arguments and when their partner brings up anything in the past. You like looking ahead and appreciate compassionate and faithful partners. Loyalty means a lot to you.


You’re an energetic sign, and you love a partner who can keep up with you. You love to be taken out and given lots of attention, and you also love some spicy sex in the bedroom. You’re honest and optimistic, and you can’t be with someone who isn’t as equally adventurous and positive. You hate when someone lacks ambition, and don’t like staying home to Netflix and chill. You’d rather be out where the people are!


You’re all about true romance and won’t settle for less. You love to be wined and dined, and you appreciate faithfulness. Any sign of loyalty or trust issues and you’re ready to BOOK it. You don’t like arguing, and you hate change. The key to keeping you happy is having a partner show stability, loyalty, and romantic gestures like cooking for you or buying you flowers.


You love being around others and hate being alone, which means you like to spend time with your partner. You have high energy and don’t like staying home, so a partner who just wants to make a Blue Apron meal and play video games all night probably won’t be your cup of tea. You don’t like routine, and if you feel like your relationship is getting too “comfortable,” you’ll get bored and want to leave. The key to making you happy is keeping you excited and taking you out on adventures.


You like staying home and love your family and friends. If your partner doesn’t get along with your family and friends, it could mean the relationship is a no-go, but if they take the time to win them over, it would make you very happy. You’re a very sympathetic and emotional sign, so you need someone who will tend to that and not screw with your emotions.


Bright and sunny Leo is creative and outgoing and ultimately loves to be adored. In order for you to feel super loved, you’ll want your partner to use his actions and words to make you feel admired, and when they fail to do so, you’ll get upset (and make it known). You HATE being ignored, so the partner who will win your heart will have good communication skills, emotional strength, and won’t have any problem treating you like a queen (and showering you with compliments).


You’re super critical of yourself and of others around you, which can result in you being all up in your head all the time. Your perfect match will be able to calm this aspect of your personality and will give you the loving patience you need to commit and feel loved. You’re very practical and hardworking and want someone equally so. A partner that’s too outgoing, erratic, and turbulent can put you on edge, which can result in you feeling down or wanting to argue.


You love sharing with others, which makes you a very selfless partner. You like caring for others, and also like to feel like they are taking your wants and needs into consideration. You’re social and are very good at keeping arguments or disagreements diplomatic, as well. You love balance, so too much energy, and turbulence can make you feel thrown off, and too much routine and dullness can have you feeling bored. The key to winning your love is finding a person who values harmony as much as you, as well as someone who likes to have a good time. You hate feeling bored!


Scorpio champions honesty and that’s a huge key to making you feel happy. You love being right and will argue to the death over something, and you’re a very passionate person. You’ll feel happy once you find a partner who can take your crude humor and fight you right back when it comes to debates. You’ll never cut it with someone who is passive and stubborn.


Saggitarius peeps love freedom, so someone who tries to keep you confined will never make you happy. You love being able to be your own person, and that makes you super happy. You want someone who equally has an identity, where you both can do things together, and also apart. Clingy and needy partners will drag you down, while generous, adventurous partners will keep your heart full.


You want someone who will use all the traditional romantic tricks to win you over, including flowers, dinners, and being a gentleman. You’re very responsible, so someone who is not can really get under your skin. The key to your happiness is a partner who creates a safe space by offering patience, stability, and loyalty.


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